Why is Cash App Asking For My SSN? 2023 Guide

You might have just switched to Cash App, To use Cash App you need to provide your SSN and this makes you wonder Why is Cash App Asking For My SSN?

Cash App is a popular payment platform that allows you to send money, deposit checks, invest in the stock, and even buy bitcoin. All of these features are a great attraction and probably that’s exactly why you are using or are thinking to use Cash App.

Some of us are pretty concerned about our personal information, we don’t want to be tracked by companies. So when it comes to giving your SSN to Cash App most of us ask why does Cash App need my SSN and ID?

In this article I will explain everything that you need to know about SSN, why is it required by Cash App? how to use Cash App without SSN and much more.

So let’s dive in…

What is SSN?

SSN stands for Social Security Number, It is a 9 digit number that connects you to social security. Your SSN helps the government to track and keep a record of your earnings.

You need SSN to get a job and collect social security benefits. This number is specific to you and you can use it as identification when opening a bank account or filling out official documents.

Consider it the second most important document after your ID. Now, why do you need to give such important information to Cash App? Valid question, read on to understand why Cash App asks for your SSN.

How to get SSN?

If you don’t have SSN you should be getting one because it is required for your identification You can apply for SSN at your local SSA office. You will have to submit all of your original documents to get SSN.

SSN Facts and figures

Why Does Cash App Need my SSN?

So now we know what is SSN and why it is important, let’s understand why Cash App asks for your SSN.

As Cash App is a payment platform, and it is used by millions to transfer billions of dollars, it has to be monitored. The government needs to know, how are getting money, and where are you sending your funds.

It is not just to always track your financials but it is for your own protection. Cash App will require you to submit your SSN for the following reasons.

1- Stop Money Laundering

2- Protect customers

3- Track Scammers

4- Follow Local Laws

Let’s discuss each reason in detail.

1- Stop Money Laundering

Cash App is a peer-to-peer payment app, it is used by millions of people daily. People are sending money to each other, businesses, and to online merchants. If Cash App doesn’t take the SSN of its user, People will use this platform for money laundering.

To stop money laundering each user has to verify his identity as well as SSN so that in case of a fraudulent transaction it can be tracked down to the very fraudster.

2- Protection of Customers

Another reason Why does Cash App Needs your SSN, is to avoid confusion. There are so many people in the U.S that have the same name. So let’s say your name is John and then there is another guy who is living next door, also Jhon.

You are a good guy, and he is not, Both of you are using Cash App. If there is no SSN linked to your account, you might end up facing false charges for the wrongdoings of the bad John.

SSN is a unique code that helps authorities to track down any criminal activity. People who scam others can be easily tracked down through SSN.

3- Track Scammers

It is natural that people avoid scams and frauds if their identity is known. A person is more likely to commit fraud if he is anonymous. This is why Cash App asks for your SSN.

It will keep the good people safe on Cash App, and bad guys away from it. If a scammer knows that he can be tracked, he will not use that platform.

Cash App makes it difficult for scammers by asking SSNs to use this platform. You can also avoid scams if you know how scammers operate, here is a guide to begin with.

4. Follow Local Laws

It’s not that Cash App likes to pry on your personal information, Cash App needs your SSN because it is compelled by the law. Cash App is required to collect all personal data by the authorities.

You also can invest in stocks using Cash App, and these platforms are also required by law to collect KYC and AMP from all their customers. This is also the reason why Cash App needs your SSN.

Why is Cash App Asking For My SSN

Why Should You Give your SSN & ID to Cash App?

You will have to provide all of your personal information along with your SSN to use all the features of the Cash App. This information will help you verify your Cash App account.

You unlock advanced features as a verified user once you provide your SSN and ID. I am going to write some reasons to give your SSN to Cash App.

1- Avoid Payment Limitations

Let’s say you decided not to give your SSN to Cash App, you will then be using an unverified Cash App account. This account has its limitations.

  • You will not be able to send or receive money freely. You will have a sending limit of $250 per week and a receiving limit of $500 a week.
  • Cash App needs your SSN to extend your payment limits to $7500 per week.

2- Cash App Boosts

  • You can not apply for a Cash App card, which is a prepaid debit card, and it gives you boosts and discounts like Cash App Boosts on Doordash to save a lot of money.
  • To enjoy Cash Card boosts you will have to provide your SSN.

3- Check Deposits

  • You are not eligible to get paychecks directly deposited to your Cash App account if you are not a verified user.
  • Without SSN you can not deposit electronic checks on Cash App.

4- Stock and BTC investement

  • Cash App needs your SSN because they are required by the stock investing platforms. If you want to invest in stocks and buy Bitcoin you will have to provide your SSN and ID to Cash App.

How to Use Cash App without SSN?

So, Can you use Cash App without SSN? sorta kinda, Yes. Using Cash App is not a problem. You can use it without giving your SSN to Cash App.

You will be able to use the basic features only. These features include

  1. Cash App account.
  2. Connecting a Bank account.
  3. Sending & receiving money.
  4. Making online purchases.

You will be limited to only sending $250 in a seven-day period. If that is all you need, I think you should not submit your SSN to Cash App. Do you know you can also use Cash App if you are under 18 and don’t have SSN? Check out how.

You can use Cash App without SSN if you are fine with the limitations of a basic Cash App account.

Is it Safe To Give SSN to Cash App?

Cash App is a very safe platform. They have added multiple layers of security for the protection of their customers. So all the information that you are giving to Cash App is completely safe and private.

No one can access your information. However, if your account is involved in some scam or a fraudulent transaction the authorities can have access to your personal information like SSN.

So if Cash App Needs your SSN, it is safe to trust them with this information.

why does cash app need my ssn

Can you use Fake SSN on Cash App?

Well, there are many websites from where you can purchase fake SSNs and IDs to register on Cash App or any other payment platforms.

I would not recommend trying it because you might end up losing money for an SSN that might not work. These fake SSN selling websites are usually run by scammers and they will try to cheat you.

Do you know about Cash App Carding? Check this guide out.

How to bypass Cash App SSN Verification?

Unfortunately, you can not bypass Cash App SSN verification. If you want to verify your Cash App account, you will have to provide your ID and SSN.

Once verified you can enjoy all the great features of the Cash App. You can now receive an unlimited amount on your Cash App account as a verified user.

Keep in mind that there are Tweaked Cash App APKs like Cash App ++ that are claimed to have features that let you create a Cash App account without ID and bypass Cash App SSN verification. Learn more about these apps before using them.

Why is Cash App Asking for the Last 4 of SSN?

If you are a verified user of Cash App and you want to apply for a Cash App debit card. You will have to verify your account and identity by providing the last 4 of SSN.

Don’t worry, this information stays safe and it won’t be leaked. you can trust Cash App on this. Cash App asks for the last 4 of SSN so that they can verify that your account is not hacked and it’s you who is ordering the Cash Card.


Cash App needs your SSN for your own protection. They do it with good intentions. Your data is safe with Cash App.

You will be asked for SSN by Cash App only for your verification so that you can enjoy all of the features of the Cash App. You can not bypass Cash App SSN verification and there is no way of getting verified on Cash App without SSN.

I hope this article was helpful and you have got the information that you were looking for. Share your beautiful thoughts in the comment section so that readers can benefit from your thoughts too.



Frequently Asked Questions


How to use Cash App without SSN?

You can use Cash App with limited features without providing SSN. You will have to provide SSN if you want to verify your account. You will be allowed to send larger amounts through Cash App once verified.

How to bypass Cash App verification?

There is no way to bypass Cash App verification, you will have to provide your ID and SSN to verify yourself.

Is it safe to put the last 4 digits of SSN on Cash App?

Yes, it is totally safe to put the last 4 digits of SSN on Cash App. It will be required when you apply for your Cash App Card. Cash App will ask you to put last 4 digits to verify your identity and to make sure that the Cash Card is ordered by you.