What Is Venmo Suspicious Activity Text?

Have you recently received Venmo suspicious activity text? Do you know that this message is very harmful and you can lose all of your money?

In this article I will explain what is Venmo suspicious activity text messages and how can you stop hackers from ripping you off of your hard-earned money.

What is Venmo Activity Text?

Venmo is a very popular P2P payment app, it is owned by PayPal. You can use Venmo to send and receive money instantly to other Venmo users and to make online purchases.

Venmo allows users to set up notifications and alerts for each transaction. Now, whenever you make a transaction you get a notification through email or text message about that transaction.

This text message is referred to as Venmo activity text, as it informs users about the most recent activity that took place on their Venmo account.

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Venmo Text Message Suspicious Activity

As the popularity of the app is increasing it is becoming a breeding ground for hackers and scammers. Hackers use different tricks to steal money, one of which is Venmo suspicious activity text.

Hackers use the already established system that users trust to scam them. They send text messages to users, and the users think that this text message is from Venmo itself and they fall into the trap.

Venmo Suspicious Activity Text

How Does Venmo Scam Text Work?

Venmo suspicious activity text notification is basically the scam text sent by the hackers, this is a very popular type of scam known as smishing or phishing through SMS.

Hackers send a scam text on your phone number, telling you that Venmo has noticed some suspicious activity on your account, and you might lose your money if you don’t take quick action.

This text message also includes a clickable link that will take you to the login screen of Venmo, now you will have to enter your credentials to log in to your Venmo account.

However, the link sent to you is being monitored and the credentials that you will enter using that link will be recorded and then used by the hackers to steal your money.

That is how hackers use Venmo scam text to get your personal information and then use your credentials to transfer your funds. If you have not activated Venmo sign in attempt alerts, you will not even notice that you have lost money.

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What Does Venmo Suspicious Activity Text Look Like?

Venmo scams text usually has a sense of urgency, it will tell you that your account is at risk, you need to take quick action, and that is where users take the bait.

Suspicious activity text will also include a link, and if you look at it closely you will notice that this link is not from Venmo, however, it will include the word Venmo followed by some suspicious weblink.

Here is an example of a Venmo scam text of suspicious activity

How To Spot A Venmo Suspicious Activity Text?

Now that you know that you will be receiving scam texts from hackers, you must by thinking how can I differentiate between a real text from a scam text message.

Well, here are some of the tips that you should know in order to differentiate between a real and a fake text message.

  1. Venmo will always address you by your first and last names or by your business names, Venmo will never send you an email or a text message using “Dear User“, “Venmo Customer” or “Dear Customer” etc.
  2. Venmo tells its users to never click a link if they are on a mobile device.
  3. Always check the real destination of the link that is sent to you in text or email by moving your mouse on it.
  4. You should always log in to your Venmo account using the Venmo app. Check if there is a notification there, if not contact Venmo support as the message could be from hackers.
  5. If you have received the scam text message asking you to click a link, take a screenshot of it and email it to support@venmo.com

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How To Avoid Venmo Scams?

You should be very careful when it comes to your P2P payment applications, remember that no one can hack your account with half or no information. Hackers usually use social media platforms to steal your information.

Always be careful when you are making a purchase on social media, never buy anything from unknown sellers, and never share your Venmo credentials with anyone.

Do not sign in using your Venmo credentials on unknown websites.

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What To Do If You Have been Scammed?

When it comes to P2P payment applications, you can never be too careful, scammers use so many different tools to cheat people. If you are scammed these are the steps you should take immediately.

  • Change your Venmo password
  • Contact your bank and credit or debit card issuer and let them know what happened
  • Review your recent Venmo activity to make sure you authorized all the payments
  • Report any unauthorized payments or activity to Venmo


Venmo is a great P2P payment platform, used by millions of users. The safety of this platform depends on how careful a user is. Scam text messages are a way to steal your credentials and then used them to hack your Venmo account. Never click the link in the message and always check your activity using your official Venmo account.

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