Web PayPal Prenote Scam- Your Account Is At Risk

Have you received a recent notification about a transaction stating “Web Paypal Prenote”? You must be thinking about who initiated this transaction as you surely didn’t.

PayPal is one of the popular P2P payment platforms, people use it every day to send and receive payments, all P2P payment platforms are vulnerable to scams, and PayPal is no different.

In this article, I will discuss what exactly is Web PayPal Prenote, and how scammers are using PayPal prenote to hack users’ accounts and steal their hard-earned money.

Let’s dive in…

What is PayPal Prenote?

Web PayPal Prenote or PayPal prenotification is basically a test that is conducted by PayPal officially to make sure that the user account is properly linked with the checking bank account.

PayPal Prenote test is conducted periodically to make sure that your bank account is linked, active, and operational. This test doesn’t indicate any unauthorized activity as it is a $0 test.

PayPal does not deduct any money for this test, you may or may not see this test in your online activity with your bank. However, you should worry if the PayPal prenote test deducts money from your account.

What Is Web PayPal Prenote Scam?

Web PayPal Prenote is a legitimate test conducted by PayPal, but this test doesn’t charge any money, it is a $0 test, however, Prenote scams can leave you bankrupt.

Also, there is something worth noting that the PayPal prenote test is only for the people who are using PayPal, but Prenote scams are happening to everyone, and people only find out that they have been a victim after they get the notification from the bank about the transaction.

So scammers, use PayPal to link it to victims’ bank accounts and then withdraw the money under the note “PayPal Prenote Test”.

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How Do PayPal Prenote Scams Work?

Scammers are creating PayPal accounts and then linking those accounts to users’ bank accounts. Now you might be wondering how do they get your bank information?

If you are not careful about your financial information your data might get leaked, scammers use this leaked information and test.

After connecting PayPal accounts to Victims’ leaked banking information, scammers will make several test withdrawals first, just to make sure that the leaked information is correct.

This also doesn’t stir any disturbance among the users, like when you see, a $1 test withdrawal by PayPal you might not notice too.

Once, it is confirmed that the leaked banking information is correct, all of your money will be withdrawn and you will see this transaction on your bank statement as Web PayPal Prenote Test.

What To Do After Receiving PayPal Prenote Test Notification

What confuses many users is that PayPal prenote test is actually a legitimate test by PayPal itself and they conduct it periodically. So users normally think that it is okay if they are getting the notification.

If you are getting this prenote testing notification by PayPal then it is fine, but if you are getting a text by your bank about $0 PayPal prenote test, you should be worried.

if you are using PayPal then Contact PayPal Customer service immediately and ask them about it. If you are not a PayPal user immediately contact your bank and inform them about the unauthorized transaction.

Change your account login credentials immediately.

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Web PayPal Prenote Test For PayPal Users

You shouldn’t worry if you are a PayPal user and you have received a notification from PayPal about the $0.00 Prenote test. It is a regular test that PayPal conducts just to verify that your PayPal account and your Bank account are in line.

Simply ignore it, or send an email to PayPal Help Center to confirm that the test was conducted by them.

PayPal Pretnote Test For Non-PayPal Users

If you are not using PayPal and your account statement shows PayPal Prenote Test transactions, you must be alarmed by the situation. You should take immediate action.

Contact your bank about it and inform them about the scam. File a report in the fraud department. Also, change your password to your banking apps and email immediately.

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What Do Users Say About Web PayPal Prenote Test

One user shares his experience

I got in touch with a customer service rep at Paypal and they said this:

“Please be informed that a Prenote is just to verify your bank and there is no money movement.
Also, bank accounts cannot be linked to multiple accounts. We use the latest technology and encryption methods to keep your account secure.
I also did a thorough review of your PayPal account and see that your account is safe and secure.”
So I think it was just Paypal reconfirming that the account I had linked is active. Probably not the smartest thing for them to do without informing us it would happen but it is what it is. 

Here’s what another user experienced

I woke up this morning stating that my online bank account had been blocked overnight. After getting into my bank account, I found an unknown transaction type titled “DIRECT DEPOSIT PAYPAL PRENOTE (Cash)”. I did not initiate a paypal transfer recently. Additional background is that I did recently receive a notification from Apple stating that my email and passwords were recently discovered in a “data leak.” I subsequently changed all my passwords. 


In summary, I absolutely believe this to be an attempt to take my money. Take care everyone. 

How To Stay Safe

So if you have received “Web PayPal Prenote” on your bank statement you should immediately contact your bank, they might advise you to immediately close your bank account.

You should also change your login credentials to all of your email and banking apps immediately, and use a two-step verification method for every transaction.

Never share your financial information with anyone on the internet.


For users of PayPal, the prenote test is a normal thing, it may or may not appear on their bank statement, but for those who don’t use PayPal and see PayPal prenote Test on their bank statement, it is an alarming situation.

You should immediately take protective measures to secure your bank account, even if it means closing your bank account permanently.

I hope this article was helpful and you have got all the information that you were looking for. Please share it with the people you care about so that we can keep others safe too.