Shantell Martin Cash App Card- A Complete Guide

Are you looking for a new addition to your Cash App Arsenal? Then Shantell Martin Cash App Card is for you. Awesome signature style, that you can use as your own.

Cash Cards are widely used and loved by Americans for their unique, personalized designs and awesome features. Now Cash App has collaborated with Shantell Martin, A British Visual artist to bring you a unique Cash App Card.

Keep reading to learn more about Shantell Martin Cash App Card.

Who is Shantell Martin?

Before going deep into the features of the Shantell Martin Cash Card, you should first know who the person actually is, so that you can decide whether you need this card for yourself or Not.

Shantell Martin is a British visual artist, who is known to the world for her inspiring and unique art contributions. She is a philosopher, a teacher, a songwriter, and more.

Shantell has collaborated with many brands like Nike, Puma, Tiffany, and Co, etc. and now she is collaborating with Cash App and designed a unique Cash App Card, which is now known as Shantell Martin Cash App Card.

Shantell Martin Cash App Card

How To Order Shantell Martin Cash App Card?

Cash App gives a free debit card to its users, however, if you want to customize your Cash App card you will need to pay some extra money. Earlier Cash App only has a few design options.

Now you can customize your Cash App cards as you want, you can choose from multiple background colors and you can also add your $Cashtag on your Cash Card. If you don’t have a $cashtag, check out these cool Cash App usernames.

Here are some of the best Cash App Card Designs

Cash App has now introduced Shantell Martin Cash Card, which has the signature Shantell Martin Design, you can not alter the design, but you have the option to get your own $cashtag printed on the Shantell Martin Cash Card.

Here is How to Order Shantell Martin Cash App Card:

Step 1- Launch Cash App

Step 2- Select Cash Card tab at the bottom of the screen

Step 3- Choose “Select Free Cash Card”

Step 4- Choose Shantell Martin Cash App Card Design

Step 5- Tap on the toggle button to show your $cashtag on your Cash Card

Step 6- Write your $Cashtag

Step 7- Now write down your mailing address on you want your Cash App card to be delivered.

Step 8- Confirm your first and last name

Step 9- Check your Shantell Martin Cash Card details again and hit “Continue”

Step 10- If you want you can now add the money to your Cash App Card.

Learn How To Track Your Cash App Card?

Just like a normal Cash Card, the Shantell Cash App Card will also be delivered to your mailing address within 10 business days.

Shantell Martin Cash App Card

Can Anyone Order Shantell Martin Cash App Card?

This offer is for a limited time, so you don’t want to waste time thinking about whether you should or you shouldn’t. Anyone with a verified Cash App account can get the exclusive Shantell Martin Card from Cash App.

If you are not a verified user you can not avail this opportunity. Make sure you first verify your Cash App account. Here is how to get your Cash App account verified.

What is the Difference Between a Normal Cash Card And Shantell Martin Cash App Card?

If you want to know about the difference in the features, there aren’t any differences. A Shantell Martin Card has the same restrictions as any other Cash App Card.

It is also a Visa-powered Cash Card, with the same limits. The only difference here is in the design, Shantell Martin Cash Card comes with the signature design of Ms. Shantell.


Shantell Martin Collaborated with Cash App to bring the users a unique Shantell Martin Cash App Card, This card can be ordered through Cash App and only the verified users can get it.

Shantell Martin Card is available only for a limited time, so if you want it, go ahead and order now.