Raven Ross Cash App- $500 Free Cash App Money

You must have heard about Raven Ross Cash App Giveaway. Apparently, You can get free money by Raven Ross on Cash App just by adding Raven Ross to your Cash App contact list.

Cash App is a very popular platform and social media stars and other popular celebrities often give free money on Cash App to gain more popularity and attention.

In this article, I will explain what is Raven Ross Cash App giveaway and does it actually work? How can you get a free $500 prize on Cash App from Raven Ross?

Let’s dive in…

Who is Raven Ross?

If you search for Raven Ross on Google, you will get multiple results that are pretty confusing, you will come across multiple profiles by the name of Raven Ross.

Some of the profiles belong to TikTok stars, while others are about some advertisement company. So it is hard to differentiate which Raven Ross is related to Cash App.

There are also some fake profiles and you will see promotion codes for Cash App to get free money by raven ross. These fraudsters have created Raven Ross Cash App accounts so that they can steal your money.

What Is Raven Ross Cash App Giveaway?

Cash App giveaways are a normal thing, many social influencers often give away free cash prizes on Cash App. They are legit and you can actually win some money.

Amongst the genuine giveaway offers, there are scammers who will disguise themselves as influencers and will try to cheat you by stealing your money.

Cash App Raven Ross is another scam attempt by the scammers, Someone has created a fake account on the name of Raven Ross and is using Cash App to get an initial subscription fee from users for a $500 giveaway.

Is Raven Ross Cash App A Real Deal?

No, Raven Ross Cash App is a scam and is used to get money from users, You will be deceived by scammers and they will cheat you by asking you to deposit a fee.

Cash App scams have usually the same pattern, scammers will ask you to deposit a small fee to receive a grand prize, the fee could only be $5 to $10, and the prize money can reach up to $750.

Users normally think that $5 is a very little amount and they have nothing to lose, as it doesn’t hurt the budget by simply giving away $5 for a $500 prize money in return.

Raven Ross Cash App

How Raven Ross Cash App Work?

So, a group of scammers has created a fake TikTok profile by the name of Raven Ross, and they have purchased many followers and likes online to make the profile look real.

After that, they started promoting the content on TikTok which gave them quite a lot of audience. Once people started watching the content, they started Cash App giveaways.

So, To receive Raven Ross Cash App giveaway money you will have to first subscribe to their giveaway offer, and you will be asked to deposit a small fee. Once you give that fee on Cash App to Raven Ross, you will be blocked on Cash App.

Your money will be lost forever, although you will be asked for a small fee, imagine hundreds of people giving a $10 subscription fee. This will definitely make Raven Ross richer.

Can You Claim Your Money Back?

Cash App treats the transactions as giving away hard cash, just like you can’t get the Cash that you have given to someone back, you won’t be able to get your money back if you are scammed on Cash App.

So if you have sent the money to Raven Ross on Cash App, you will not get it back, there is no legal way of getting this money back unless Raven Ross himself has a change of heart.

Cash App Raven Ross scam is increasing, and more and more people are falling for the trap, and it is only because people have very little to risk. But It is still your hard-earned money, so don’t give it to some scammer.

How To Avoid Raven Ross Scam on Cash App?

It is very easy to stay away from such scams, first of all, you should keep yourself informed about the latest scams, you can check Google or other news articles to do that.

You know about the Raven Ross scam now, so I am sure you will not fall for it, but do you know about Cash App Government Grant and Cash App 22.com scams?

Never trust anyone who is unknown to you. If something is too good to be true, it is too good to be true. Never trust people who promise to flip your money. Cash App giveaways are always from known and famous people and these people will never ask you for advance money, these giveaways are for free.


Raven Ross Cash App giveaway is not legit, you will not get $500 by Raven Ross on Cash App. Avoid such scammers at all costs. If you want to win giveaway Cash prizes on Cash App you can look up at official Cash App Twitter account.

Cash App gives free cash prizes every Friday and is called Cash App Friday. You can participate in Cash App Friday giveaways by simply commenting under the thread.

I hope you now know about Cash App Raven Ross scam and you will not fall for it, if this article was helpful please share it with others. If you have any questions leave them in the comments section.