The Latest Guide To Netspend Skylight Card- 2023

Do you want to know about Netspend Skylight Card? How does it work? How to activate your Netspend Skylight? This is the right place to learn everything about Netspend Skylight.

Netspend provides financial solutions to people who have bad credit history and are not eligible for a checking or savings account. Netspend allows you to move cashless.

Here in this article, I will explain everything that you need to know about Netspend Skylight, how to add money to your Netspend Skylight, and many other questions related to this newer version of Netspend.

Let’s dive in…

What is Netspend?

Netspend is a financial platform that is providing solutions to people who are unable to have a standard checking account. You can now have an online account with Netspend without even having a checking or savings account with a bank.

Netspend provides its users with a Prepaid Debit Card that they can use to shop online and pay for their bills. Users can also receive and send funds to other Netspend users. You can also receive your paychecks to your Netspend account.

The Netspend account allows its users to overdraft if they are enrolled in the Netspend Overdraft Protection program. You can learn more about Netspend Overdraft and it’s fee in this article.

What is Skylight One?

Skylight One is also a debit card, it is powered by Visa and Mastercard. Skylight One card is issued by Axos Bank, Regions Bank, Republic Bank & Trust Company, or Sun Trust Bank.

Now you might think what does Netspend has to do with all of this. So Netspend is basically working as an agent here, It is the registered agent of all these banks so it will be handling the cards and operations.

All the funds that are deposited to Skylight One card will be held at these banks.

Is Netspend and Skylight The Same Thing?

As I have mentioned above, the Skylight One card is issued by Axos Bank, Regions Bank, Republic Bank & Trust Company or Sun Trust Bank.

However, Netspend Card is issued by Bancorp Bank, Meta Bank.

Netspend basically is just a financial platform, it is not a bank, so Netspend cards are not issued by Netspend exactly. Also, the money is not held by Netspend.

Netspend Skylight is more oriented towards the business side and for employers, however, Netspend Card is more oriented towards personal finance.

So the answer to “Is Netspend and Skylight the same thing”? is Yes, they are more same than different. Through Skylight Netspend is targetting employers and is more about paycheck deposits and salaries.

Payroll statistics infographic data

What Are The Features Of Netspend Skylight?

Netspend Skylight has tons of features. Some of them are common to Netspend All Access card and some of them are different. Let’s talk about it.

1- Paperless Payroll

Netspend encourages businesses and employers to adopt the Netspend Skylight Payment program to make it convenient for them to send payments to their employees. Through Netspend Skylight they can move towards the paperless payroll system.

2- Direct Deposits

Netspend makes it easier for employers to set up a direct deposit account for their employees so that they can receive their paychecks earlier and easier. They do not have to wait in line to deposit their paychecks in the banks.

Employees can get their checks directly deposited to their Netspend account 2 days earlier.

3- Money Management

Netspend Skylight is more than just a paycheck deposit account. It has tons of extra features. You have more control over your money. It allows you to micro-manage your money.

You can create your monthly budget. This is how you would know about your money spending, you will be getting automatic notifications once you hit your monthly budget. Netspend Skylight gives you more control over your financials.

4- Cash Back 

If you are using Netspend Skylight, you can earn Cash Back on everyday qualifying purchases. You will get the money back from the merchant to your Netspend account.

That’s great, isn’t it? earn for spending. Just make sure that you are using your Netspend Skylight at shops that accept Visa or Mastercard. You will have to enroll for these offers, More on this in a moment.

5- Skylight Check

This is a great feature that makes Netspend Skylight different than Netspend standard prepaid card. You can withdraw your funds from a bank using a free Netspend Skylight Check. All the member banks will charge you nothing for withdrawing funds through the check.

However, if you are withdrawing money from a non-member bank you might have to pay a withdrawal fee.

6- Anytime Alerts

Netspend Skylight keeps you updated through its Anytime Alert feature. You will know exactly what is happening in your account. You will be receiving notifications to your phone number or email, depending on your preference about all of your account activity.

If you have withdrawn funds, you will be notified. If your paycheck has been deposited, you will be notified and if an unauthorized transaction occurred you will be notified too.

This feature is not pre-activated on your Netspend Skylight account, so if you want this feature you will have to activate it manually. Note that your wireless carrier may charge you for messages or data.

Netspend skylight

How to Apply For Netspend Skylight One?

Netspend allows you to Apply for a Visa or Mastercard through the official Netspend website. Your Netspend Skylight Paycard can also be issued given to you by your employer.

This card is basically for paying the employees so you can get your Netspend Skylight One card if your employer applies for a Card for you. Also, you can not receive your Paychecks on your Netspend Skylight Card unless you are enrolled on the Skylight Corporate portal by your employer.

How to Activate your Netspend Skylight Card?

It is very easy to get your prepaid Netspend card activated. All you have to do is follow these steps

Step 1- Go to the Netspend Skylight One website

Step 2- Click on “Activate Card” in the top right corner

Step 3- Enter your Card Number

Step 4- Type in the Security Code

Step 5- Click “Activate”

Your Netspend Skylight Card will be activated in no time.

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How to Turn On Anytime Alerts on Netspend Skylight?

If you want to get notified about all or some of the activities happening in your Netspend account you can turn on the Anytime notification feature. This will let Netspend send you notifications through email or text messages. Here is how you can turn it on.

Step 1- Log in to your Account

Netspend skylight all time alerts

Step 2- Open the “menu”

Netspend skylight all time alerts

Step 3- Click on “Features”

Netspend skylight all time alerts

Step 4- Click on “Anytime Alerts”

Netspend skylight all time alerts

Step 5- Select “Add a new mobile or Email”

Netspend skylight all time alerts

Step 6- Enter your mobile number if you want to receive text messages or email if you want to receive email notifications.

Netspend skylight all time alerts

Step 7- Choose the type of alerts that you want to receive.

Netspend skylight all time alerts

Step 8- Click “Save”

Now you will get notifications about your selected alert types. You can change your Anytime Alert preferences at any time. You can also turn the alerts off.

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How to Set Up Payback Rewards on Netspend Skylight?

  1. Log in to your online account
  2. Click on the menu
  3. Select “Payback Rewards”
  4. Chose the offer from the “Available Offers” list.
  5. You can select one or all of the offers
  6. Once selected the offers will move to the “Active Offers” list.

Once you have selected the offer all you have to do is use your Netspend Skylight card at the restaurant, retailer or online and you will get Cashback for spending money.

How to Add Money to Skylight Card?

Netspend skylight one is a payroll card. Your employer may give you this card because it makes sending paychecks to employees easier. So the way to add money to your Netspend Skylight card is when your employer deposits your payroll.

You can not add money to your Skylight card the way you can to other Netspend prepaid cards. It is not possible to reload your Skylight one card at cashpoints.

However, there is a way to add money to your Skylight one card. As Netspend prepaid debit card and Netspend Skylight, are from the same company. What you can do is add funds to your Netspend prepaid card and then transfer the funds to Netspend Skylight One.

How To Send Money To Netspend Skylight?

If you have your Netspend account, you can easily send money to your Netspend Skylight. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1- Log in to your online account center

Step 2- Enter the name of the person (In this case your own)

Step 3- Enter your Flash ID

Step 4- Type in the amount that you want to send

Step 5- Confirm the transaction

That’s it you have now added money to your Netspend Skylight Card. You can use the same method to send money from Skylight to Netspend.

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How to Activate Netspend Skylight Card?

You need to activate your Netspend card before you can start enjoying all the great features. For activation, you are required to submit your personal information. Netspend requires this information to comply with federal regulations to stop money laundering.

To activate your Netspend card you either call the Netspend helpline or do it from Netspend App. Here is what you will be needing for your card activation.

1- Full Name

2- SSN

3- Mailing address

4- Government-issued ID

5- Recent Picture

How to Check Balance on Netspend Skylight?

There are a few ways that you can check your Netspend skylight balance.

1- Through Online Account center

You can simply log in to your online account center to check your current balance.

2- Calling Helpline

You can on Netspend toll-free number 1-866-387-7363 to inquire about your balance

3- Anytime Alerts

You can turn on Anytime alerts to receive the notifications whenever you spend money, it will also show you the remaining balance in your account.

4- Getting Text Responses

You can use quick text messages to get updates on your Skylight account without having to visit the online account center. Text simple commands to 22622 you can get updates on your account. for example text “BAL” to 22622 to check your balance.

Text “ATM” to find the nearest ATM around you.

Text “RELOAD” to find the closest Reload location.

Text “LAST” to check the most recent transaction.

Text “DEP” to check the last 7 deposits

Text “TAX” to get your tax filing information

How to get the Routing Number of Netspend Skylight Account?

Sometimes you need to send money to your account through a routing number. This number is basically the identifying number for the financial institution that holds your account.

You can find the routing number and the account number of your Netspend Skylight account by simply texting the short command “DIRECT” to “22622” and it will return the information about your account and routing number for skylight one.


Netspend Skylight is a great choice for employers as well as for employees, you can get a lot of benefits if you are using a Netspend Skylight account. You can receive your paychecks up to two days earlier. You can manage your budget goals, and you can also get Cashback rewards.

I hope this article was helpful and you have got all the information that you were looking for about Netspend Skylight. Share your thoughts in the comments as they are very helpful to me as well as many other readers.