Netspend ATM Withdrawal Limits 2023- Latest Guide

Netspend allows its users to withdraw money at ATMs. You can use your Netspend card at any ATM that supports Master Card or VISA. This guide is all about Netspend ATM withdrawal limits.

Netspend is a financial platform that is helping people who have a bad credit history or are just not interested in having regular banking or checking accounts. You don’t need to have a bank account to get started with Netspend.

In this Guide, I will tell you everything that you need to know about Netspend ATM withdrawal limits, fees,s and some other withdrawal methods that you can use to withdraw money through Netspend.

Let’s dive in…

What are Netspend ATM Withdrawal Limits?

Netspend allows its users to sign up for an online account, and with that comes a free Netspend debit card. This debit card can be used to withdraw money at ATMs, some of the ATMs allow you to withdraw money for free, which means you don’t have to pay any fee on Netspend money withdrawals.

However, you can not withdraw as much money as you want, because Netspend has to comply with the federal regulations, so there are Netspend ATM withdrawal limits.

You can withdraw $325 per ATM withdrawal. The total withdrawal amount per day is also limited by Netspend, you can not withdraw more than $925 per 24 hours. That makes 6 withdrawals per day.

Netspend ATM withdrawal limits are no doubt too low, but it is only to comply with federal law.

Netspend ATM Widrawal Fee

Along with Netspend ATM withdrawal limits, there is also a fee that is applicable on each Netspend ATM withdrawal. I personally think that the fee is high.

On each withdrawal, you will have to pay $2.50 which doesn’t include the ATM transaction fee. So if you withdraw $325 at ATM you will have to pay $2.50 plus $1.5 (Just a guess) making a total of $4 per withdrawal. Netspend ATM withdrawal limit is 6 withdrawals per day, making your ATM withdrawal fee $24. Which is quite high.

If you are not using a domestic ATM, you will have to pay $4.95 per withdrawal excluding the ATM transaction fee. Check out how can you withdraw money for free through Netspend at ATM.

Netspend ATM withdrawal Pros and Cons


  • Lower Netspend ATM withdrawal limits are good in case of a lost card or compromised account.
  • ATM withdrawals are convenient.
  • Netspend card can be used at Moneypass ATM which reduces withdrawal fee.


  • Low ATM withdrawal limits
  • High withdrawal fee
  • The low withdrawal limit per transaction.

Netspend ATM withdrawal

Can I Increase My Netspend ATM Withdrawal Limits?

Well, if you want to increase your ATM withdrawal limits, it is not possible, Netspend ATM withdrawals are fixed and they can not be changed. However, you can increase the withdrawal limits on the whole. You can use the other ways that Netspend has to withdraw more money.

Over-the-counter withdrawals are another option that you can use to withdraw larger amounts. We all know that Netspend ATM withdrawal limits are low and are insufficient. Even Netspend knew this, so they have given another option of money withdrawal.

How to Exceed Netspend ATM withdrawal Limits?

You can withdraw up to $4999.99 per 24 hours from any over-the-counter location that is authorized by Netspend. This is a much higher limit than Netspend has on ATM withdrawal. It is easy to find the over-the-counter locations using your Netspend app.

When it comes to money withdrawal limits, it is pretty clear that over-the-counter or OTC locations are a better choice than an ATM if you want to withdraw larger amounts. Do you want to activate your Netspend All Access card?

Netspend OTC withdrawal Fee

Just like Netspend ATM withdrawal is not free, you will have to pay $5 for every OTC withdrawal. You may also have to pay a foreign transaction surcharge if applicable.

Looking at the withdrawal limits and fees, it is clear that OTC Netspend withdrawal is much better than Netspend ATM withdrawals. You can withdraw larger amounts and pay less fee on the total amount withdrawn.

Where to find Netspend OTC withdrawal Locations?

Thanks to the Netspend App you can locate the near over-the-counter Netspend cash withdrawal points. If you don’t have the app, there is nothing to worry about that too. Just go to any Walmart near you and head straight to their counter to withdraw cash.

Netspend OTC and ATM Withdrawal Comparison

Here is a quick comparison of both Netspend ATM and over-the-counter withdrawal limits and charges.

Netspend ATM withdrawal

 Where Can I Do Over The Counter Withdrawals by Netspend?

These are a few locations where you can withdraw money through a Netspend card.

1- Walmart

2- Banks 

3- Credit Unions

4- Ace Cash Express

How to Find Walmart Near Me for Netspend Money Withdrawal?

You can use almost any Walmart to withdraw money using your Netspend card. However, not all Walmarts do it. So it is better to have some information before heading out.

You can easily use the Netspend location finder available at Netspends official website, all you have to do is enter your zip code and it will show you the nearest Over Counter location that you can use to withdraw money, including the Walmart near you.

What is Netspend Withdrawal Limit at Walmart?

Any over-the-counter location, whether it is Walmart or Ace Cash, Netspend withdrawal limit is set, you can withdraw $4999.99 at any Walmart.

These limits of withdrawal are there for your own protection, if there are no limits you are at risk of losing all of your money, instead of a small fraction in case of card loss or identity theft.

The Netspend withdrawal limit at Walmart is $4999.99 per 24 hours. You can not exceed this limit.

What is the Fee on Netspend Walmart Withdrawal

The fee may vary but in general, you will be charged 2.75% of the transaction. Netspend has different plans too, if you are on a Netspend Pay-as-you-go plan you will be charged $1 to $2 per debit transaction.

If you have any monthly plan activated on your Netspend Card then the Fee is not applicable.

How to Reset Netspend ATM Withdrawal Limits

There is no manual way of resetting your Netspend ATM withdrawal limit, however, you can wait for 24 hours and the withdrawal limit will reset automatically. Netspend has set ATM withdrawal limits to 6 total withdrawals per day. You can not make extra ATM withdrawals.

How to Withdraw Money through Netspend at ATM?

Find a nearby ATM through a location finder on the Netspend website and follow the steps

Step 1- Enter your Netspend card in the card slot of the ATM

Step 2- Type in your PIN

Step 3- Select withdraw Cash

Step 4- Enter the amount that you want to withdraw, Remember the Netspend Cash Withdrawal limit is $325 per withdrawal.

Step 5- Confirm the transaction

Step 6- Take Cash, Card, and receipt.

You will be subjected to a Netspend ATM withdrawal fee.

How to withdraw money from Netspend at Walmart?

If you want to withdraw money from your Netspend account at Walmart, simply go to the counter and ask the person that you want to withdraw funds, Handover the card and let the representative proceed. Provide the necessary information and the amount that you want to withdraw.

The cashier will ask you for the necessary documents too, so make sure that you take your driver’s license or government-issued ID.


Netspend is a great option for people who are unable to open bank accounts. If you have a bad credit history you can enjoy all the perks of online banking through Netspend.

Netspend ATM withdrawal limits are no doubt low, but you can withdraw larger amounts at Walmart. You will be subjected to pay withdrawal fee which may vary a little from place to place.

In my own opinion, it is better to withdraw money from an over-the-counter location through Netspend instead of an ATM.

Please share your thoughts about Netspend withdrawal limits, and fee in the comments below, your suggestions and first hand experience is of great value to me and many other readers.