Netspend All Access Activate Card 2023- A Complete Guide

Netspend All-Access account is the best choice for people who want to enjoy multiple flavors of prepaid cards and a checking account. It’s a double treat.

Netspend is a very popular financial platform committed to providing financial freedom to Americans. If you don’t have a bank account, you can enjoy all the perks of it through a Netspend prepaid debit card.

In this article I will explain everything related to Netspend All Access account, How can you use Netspend All Access Activate Card option, What are the pros and cons of the Netspend All Access Card and so on.

Let’s dive in…

What is Netspend?

Something about Netspend first, for readers who are new to Netspend. It is a company that helps people an alternative who are not qualified to have a checking or savings account.

So Let’s say you have bad credit and you are not eligible to open a bank account, which is a necessity these days. Netspend offers an alternative way. You can enjoy all the facilities or almost all of the facilities that a traditional bank account offers.

Netspend provides a prepaid debit card as an alternative, you can send or receive money online through this card, you can also make online purchases and deposit paychecks.

What is an All Access account?

AllAccess account is an “All in One” kinda thing. It’s a combination of a savings and checking account. You can get a passbook, checkbook, and debit card. AllAccess account also offers free life insurance.

All Access accounts also come with mobile banking, use AllAccess Activate Card option on your mobile app to instantly activate your debit card. So it is a great choice for people to have everything combined.

 What is Netspend All Access Card?

Now that we know the features of both Netspend and All Access accounts. Let’s talk about Netspend AllAccess Card.

Netspend has combined all the best features of All Access account with their Netspend Debit Card. You will get your early deposits, you will have access to a savings account.

You can also choose to have overdraft protection. Free renewal of debit cards after expiry and much more. Netspend will also not check your credit, so you will have all the financial freedom that you want.

However, you will have to pay a $5 monthly fee to use these features. So Netspend All Access account is not completely free.

How to Open Netspend All Access Account in 2022?

You can easily open your Netspend Account, Just follow the steps to get your Netspend All Access Activated account.

Step 1- Click Apply Now

Step 2- Click “Sign Up Now” on the Netspend official website.

Step 3- Enter your personal details.

Step 4- Chose your deposit method.

Step 5- Select your Card Design

Step 6- Click Sign Up

Once you have entered all the information correctly your Netspend All Access account will be activated. You will also receive your Netspend All access card in the mail within 7-10 business days.

Once you have received All Access Debit Card you will have to use Netspend Allacess Activate card method to activate your card.

Netspend All Access Activate Card 2022

What Information Do You Need For Netspend All Access Account?

To use Netspend All Access Card you will have to provide your personal information. Netspend will require your full name, street address, and DOB.

You are also required to provide your SSN and government-issued ID.

What are the Pros and Cons of Netspend All Access Account?

Let’s talk about some good things first

Pros of Netspend All Access account

1- No Bank Account is Required

If you have a bad credit history and you are not eligible to open a regular checking or savings account, you can go for Netspend Allaccess activated debit card. Netspend All Access debit card doesn’t require you to have a bank account.

2- Quick Direct Deposits

NetSpend makes it easier for its customers, if you are tired of waiting for your Paycheck every month, Netspend All Account got a solution for you. You can now receive government benefits and your paychecks 2 days earlier in your Netspend All Access activate Card.

3- Overdraft Protection

This is optional, As we know by now that Netspend All Access is a prepaid debit card, and usually prepaid cards don’t have overdraft protection at all, However, you can get an overdraft on a Netspend All-access debit card.

It is optional, and you have to pay an extra fee each time you overdraft. You will have to pay $20 every time you overdraft more than $10 instead of declining the payment.

4- Payback Rewards

It’s really great to get money for spending. With Netspend All Access com card you will earn cashback for qualifying purchases.

5- Purchase Cushion

Another great feature of the Netspend All Access account. If you receive a direct deposit to your Netspend All Access account every month you qualify for an overdraft for free if the amount does not exceed $10.

6- Massive ATM Network

Netspend All Access card can be used to withdraw money for free at any MoneyPass Network, which has more than 32000 ATMs across the United States. Here are the 3 Free Netspend ATMs for free money withdrawals.

7- Saving Accounts

Netspend All Access savings account offers a high yield return. You can earn up to 6% APY on the first $2000 and 0.5% on any amount above it.

8- Virtual Cars

Having a virtual card is great, it gives you peace of mind, you don’t hesitate using it online, because you don’t have to give the information of your actual Netspend All Access card, you can get up to 6 active virtual cards from Netspend with the expiry of one month.

9- Mobile Check Capture

You don’t have to go to banks now to deposit your check, With Netspend All Access account you can simply capture your check through Netspend Mobile app and deposit it directly to your account from anywhere. Do you know how to use the Mobile Check Check feature on Cash App?

10- Zero Liability

Netspend has a zero liability policy to protect your funds in case of any fraudulent activity.

11- Quick notifications

You can sign up for text alerts for all of your transactions. You will be instantly notified by Netspend after every transaction.

Netspend All Access Activate Card 2022

Cons of using Netspend All Access Debit Card

Now let’s also talk about some downsides of Netspend All Access Card.

1-  Monthly Charges

This is what you can not avoid, all those good features come at a cost. You will have to pay $5 per month for your Netspend All Access Account.

2- Wire Transfers

If you are a person who receives regular wire transfers, Netspend is not for you. You can not receive wire transfers on your Netspend All Access account.

3- Netspend Limits

Spending limits on Netspend are also not high, you can spend up to $5000 per transaction and your withdrawal limits at ATM are $1000 a day.

4- Fees

You will also have to pay fees other than the unavoidable monthly Netspend All Access fee. I

  • If you withdraw money from an ATM other than MoneyPass you will have to pay $2.50 on each withdrawal.
  • If you check your balance you will have to pay $1.
  • Overdraft fees can reach up to $20.
  • If you transfer money from your Netspend All Access account to international accounts, you will be charged 3% on each transfer.
  • Replacing a Netspend All Access card is also not free, expect to pay $3.95 for your new card.
  • Get a paper statement and pay $5.95.
  • You can get a customized Netspend All Access card for $4.95.

Netspend All Access Activate Debit Card.

Once you have received your Netspend All Access Debit card you will have to activate it before you can start using it. You can do it following one of the two methods listed below.

1- Netspend All Access Activate Card Online

2- Netspend All Access Activate Card from Phone

Netspend All Access Activate Card Online

You can activate your Netspend All Access card by visiting the official website of Netspend. there you will have to click on “Activate Card”. You will then be asked to enter your Netspend All Access card number and the security code, that is also written on your debit card.

Then tap “Continue

That’s it, your Netspend account is ready to use.

Netspend All Access Account Activate Card From Phone

To activate your Netspend All Access Card from your phone simply dial 1-866-387-7363 and request the customer support representative to activate your Netspend All Access card.

You will have to provide relevant information like your Card Number, your name, DOB, etc.

How to Deposit Money On Netspend All Access Activated Card?

There are many ways to deposit money on Netspend All Access card.

1- Direct Deposit

You can ask your employer to direct deposit your paycheck to your Netspend All Access card. You can also deposit checks to your Netspend All Access Debit card from your mobile phone as well as at a bank.

2- Retail Locations

You can add money to your Netspend All Access card from any authorized retailer. Some of the retailers are Walmart, CVS, 7-Eleven and Walgreens.

3- Bank Transfer

You can add money to your Netspend account through the bank too.

4- Netspend transfers

All users who have Netspend Accounts can send and receive money through the mobile app. You can ask other Netspends users like your friends and family to send money to your Netspend All Access account.

How to withdraw money from Netspend All Access account?

1- ATM

You can withdraw money from any ATM using Netspend All Access Activate card. Remember if your debit card is not activated you will not be able to withdraw funds.

2- Bank Transfers

You can use your Netspend account to transfer money to bank accounts

3- Other Netspend Accounts

You can send money to other Netspend users.

4- Cash Back

You can also take cash back at retailers.

Netspend All Access Activate Card Without SSN

Netspend requires all of your details to activate your account. Many users are not comfortable with sharing their personal details like SSN, or maybe you don’t have SSN.

Do these customers often ask if they can activate Netspend All Access card without SSN? If you are from the U.S and you have SSN then there is no way to activate your Netspend account without providing your SSN.

However, if you are an immigrant you can provide another source of identification like your Alien Registration Number. Why does Cash App Need my SSN? Check out.


Netspend All Access account comes with great benefits and just like other banks it also has some cons, You can enjoy all those great features if you think the fees that Netspend charges are reasonable.

Netspend is helping customers who do not have bank accounts or are unable to open a bank account because of bad credit history.

I hope this article was helpful, I have tried to cover everything related to Netspend All Access account. If you are a Netspend user, please leave your review in the comments. Your review helps other readers to make better decisions.



Frequently Asked Questions


Why did Netspend All Access send me a Card?

Netspend usually sends free cards to people who are not their customers, this is probably a marketing tactic. Don’t worry if you have received a Netspend All Access Card, It is useless unless you activate it.

How to Netspend All Access Activate Card?

You can activate your Netspend All Access card by simply going to Netspend’s official website and then clicking on Activate card. You will be directed to a page where you will be asked to enter your card details. Provide your card number and CVC, click continue, and your Netsend All Access Activate Card process is done.

Can I use Netspend All Access Activate Card Myself?

You can do it yourself as well as you can call Netspend on their official toll-free number and ask them to activate your Netspend All Access debit card.