How to Fix Invalid Card Number Cash App?

P2P platforms like Cash App are great as long as they are working smoothly, but these platforms become a pain in the neck when they give errors like “Invalid Card Number”, Cash App users often face this problem.

I know it’s frustrating, you have your Bank Card right there in front of you, you know how to use Cash App and you are quite familiar to add a card to your Cash App account. Still, you get the Cash App “Invalid Card Number” error.

You are not alone, This world is full of people who face the same problem every day, I also faced the “Invalid Card Number” issue twice. I applied a few fixes that I am going to share with you and they worked.

Here in this article, I am going to write down all of the possible reasons that may be the cause of the “Invalid Card Number” Cash App error. You need to understand the issue before you can apply fixes.

Let’s dive in…

Why Do You Need To Add a Card to Cash App?

Cash App doesn’t provide you with a checking or savings account, It is not a bank. Cash App is just a platform that facilitates P2P payments online.

To use Cash App you will have to connect it to a bank account using your account details or through a debit/credit card. This can only be done if you have a valid bank card.

Once your credit/debit card is connected to Cash App without “Invalid Card Number” error, you are good to go. You can start sending and receiving funds.

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Will You get “Invalid Card Number” error on Cash App?

Sometimes, bad luck kicks in, and you get errors while connecting your bank card to Cash App. You get annoyed, you might wanna throw a few things and break others, you might even curse Cash App and think that you are never gonna use it again, ever…

Wait, that’s too dramatic, let’s go back to the point where you get the “Invalid Card Number” Cash App error, You search it online, and Good luck kicks in, you land here on this very page.

Don’t panic now, I have got your back. I am going to explain why your get “Invalid Card Number” error and how can you fix it on Cash App.

Reasons for Cash App “Invalid Card Number” error

These are the reasons that often cause this problem

Reason 1- You are Using A VPN

We like privacy, and we don’t want to be tracked all the time. That’s why we prefer using VPN. Now what VPN does is that it changes your location. Maybe it sets your location to Singapore.

You should know that Cash App only operates in the U.S. If your location is set somewhere outside the U.S. You will not be able to connect a card to your Cash App account.

You will receive “Invalid Card Number” error on Cash App.


Turn off the VPN and try adding your Card details again. You might also try rebooting your phone first after turning off the VPN.

Reason 2- Linking International Bank 

Another reason for Cash App “Invalid Card Number” is that you are trying to link a bank account that is not in the United States.

Cash App only collaborated with the banks that are in the U.S. If you are trying to use a credit or debit card that belongs to a bank that operated in Australia, you will be getting an error while connecting it to your Cash App.


You can only link the banks that are operating in the U.S, If you want to avoid Invalid Card numbers on Cash App, you should connect an authorized bank account. If you don’t have an account in these banks, consider opening one if you want to use Cash App.

invalid card numer cash App

Reason 3- Card Is Not Authorized for Online Transactions

If you are trying to link a card that is not authorized for online transactions you will be getting “Invalid Card Number” or “Card Not Authorized” error on Cash App.

For example, if you are trying to connect a card that is only for health care or traveling, you won’t be able to use it with the cash app. If you are trying to add a gift card to your Cash App you will also face the same problem.

However, there are ways to Use Gift Cards with Cash App, wanna know?


Cash App does not accept prepaid cards, like PayPal cards. You can only connect valid debit/credit cards.

Reason 4- Time Zone Issues

You Can also face issues while connecting a debit/credit card to your Cash App if your time zone and date are not correct. If you have traveled somewhere and your timezone is not set to auto, you will not be able to use all the functions of the Cash App properly.

The same thing could cause the Cash App Invalid card number issue.


Go to the settings of your account and set the time zone to automatic. This will reset your time zone. Try entering your card details again.

Reason 5- Invalid Card Providers

Cash App only works with the bank card that is powered by VISA, Discover, Master Card, and American Express. Other than these Cash App will reject your card.

Let’s say you are trying to connect a bank card that is powered by UnionPay, you will not be able to connect it and Cash App will show you an Invalid Card error.


Make sure that your card provider is none other than VISA, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.

Reason 6- Incorrect Card Details

This is the most common reason that causes this problem. I know, I know you can’t make this mistake, but let’s check the details again, maybe Mr. Perfect has overlooked something. Just saying.

There are multiple things that should be checked about the card details if you receive Invalid Card Number Cash App error.

1- Card Number

Let’s start with checking your Card Number. Chances are this is the cause of the problem. Credit/Debit card numbers are long, and we can make mistakes while entering them.

Card numbers are usually 16 digits, so make sure you have entered the correct numbers.

invalid card numer cash App

2- CVV Number

You should also check the CVV (Credit Verification Value) on the back of your card, It is usually 2 or 4 digits.

This has to be entered correctly, it is also called the security or verification code of a card. You will not be able to add a card to Cash App if this number is not entered correctly.

3- Expiry Date

Check that you have entered the correct expiry date in Cash App to avoid an Invalid Card Number error.

4- Name of the Account Holder

You need to enter the exact name that is printed on your debit card to get it accepted on Cash App. If you are entering your Nick Name it won’t get accepted.


To avoid Cash App Invalid Card Number error, double-check the details that you have entered on Cash App. Make sure that everything matches on both Cash App and your Card.

Reason 6- Cash App’s Servers are Down

Cash App has over 36 million active users, and they are using it every day. Cash App stores these transaction data on online servers.

Sometimes the problem could be with Cash App and not you. Their servers could be down. If this is the case Cash App won’t be able to process your card information and might return you with an “Invalid Card Number” error.


You can check the cash app server status by searching it on Google, You can also contact Cash App Customer support to get updates.

Reason 7- Your Bank has Declined your Card

If your account is temporarily on hold by your bank, You will not be able to connect your debit card to your Cash App account. Cash App will give you a card invalid error.

This again is a problem that is not at your end. Your bank is responsible for fixing this issue.


Banks are not that hard to reach. You should call your bank and ask if everything is okay with your account. If they put your account on a temporary hold you can ask for the reasons and try to fix the problem.

Reason 8- Expired Card

Invalid Card Number will be the error that Cash App is gonna show you if you enter an expired card. If your card’s expiry date is passed you won’t be able to connect it to Cash App.


You need to apply for a new debit card mate. Otherwise, this “Invalid Card Number” error is gonna haunt you 🙂

Reason 9- Inactive Debit Card

The doorbell rings, and you get your latest brand-new debit card. In excitement, you try to connect it to your Cash App and an error pops up, “Invalid Card Number”.

You try again, Making sure that you enter the correct details, Pops again the “Invalid Card Number” error. What the Fish…

Man, you are entering credit/debit card details to your cash app account that is not yet activated. You need an active card to use it with Cash App.


Once your excitement is over, Call your bank for the activation of your bank card, and then link it again to your Cash App account.

Reason 10- Outdated Application

If you are using Cash App that you haven’t updated for quite a while. Chances are that you will get an “Invalid Card Number” message. There could be another reason related to App.

If you have downloaded your Cash App application from an unauthorized source, you might be getting this error as many apps downloaded from untrusted sources contain malware that will interrupt the functionality of the Cash App.

Download the latest update from Google Play or Apple’s App store. Sign out of your account, then sign in again and link your card to Cash App.

Reason 11- You’re not in a supported country

If you are trying to use Cash App outside the U.S or U.K you won’t be able to connect any card. Cash App will show you an invalid card number message in this case.


I can’t suggest you move to the U.S. Just to use Cash App. But there are ways that you can look into if you want to Use Cash App outside of the U.S.

You can also think of using other apps like PayPal, Venmo, or Google Pay if they work in your country.

Reason 12- Your Phone contains Malware

If your phone is affected by viruses and malware you might also not be able to connect your card to the cash app.


Download a good anti-virus on your smartphone device and scan your phone first. Enter your Card Details again, I am sure you won’t get Cash App Invalid Card Number error message again.

How to Link A Debit Card to Cash App?

Follow these simple steps to link your Cash App to Your Bank Account.

Step 1- Launch Cash App

Step 2- Tap on the “Bank” icon on the bottom left corner of the home screen. If you have a balance in your Cash App you might see a dollar sign along with the balance instead of the “Bank” icon.

how to link card to cash app

Step 3- Now tap on the “Linked Accounts” option.

how to link card to cash app

Step 4- Tap on “Link Debit Card” and enter your Card details to connect it to your Cash App account.

how to link card to cash app


How to Contact Cash App Support?

If you tried all of the fixes above, you have called your bank too and everything is fine there too. I think it’s time you should be contacting your last line of hope. Cash App Support.

You can contact them and report your problem with the Invalid Card Number problem that you are facing. Cash App representative will contact you and will fix the issue.

Here is how you can contact support

  1. Tap on your profile on the home screen of Cash App
  2. Tap on “Support”
  3. Select “Something Else”
  4. Find your Issue
  5. Tap on “Contact Support”

You can also reach Cash App by calling 1(800)969-1940


Cash App Invalid Card Number can occur for several reasons. It is not just the card number that is causing this problem. There could a number of problems with this single error sometimes you also are unable to sign in on a Device you can fix that too.

That is why I will encourage you to use all of these fixes. Some of them will definitely solve the problem. You might be entering the wrong card details, your card may have not been activated or is blocked by your bank. Even if you have a bad internet connection you may face this problem

I hope this article gave you some insights and you have got the information that you were looking for. Please share if you know any other solution to this problem as it will help millions of other users too.

Also, share if any of these fixes worked for you. Your comments and suggestions are of great value to me as well as others.



Frequently Asked Questions


Why does my Cash App keep saying invalid card number?

This could be because of a number of reasons, a few of them are:

  • Wrong Card Number
  • Expired Card
  • Block bank account
  • Wrong CVV
  • Inactive Debit Card
  • Unsupported Card

Why Cash App not supporting my card?

Cash App will not support your card if you are using a debit card other than VISA, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. Cash App will also not support your card if you are entering the wrong card details. If your card is not supported by the USA banks cash app will consider them invalid and not support them.

Why is my debit card is not linking to Cash App?

This is a common issue faced by many Cash App users. It is because most of the users don’t know the supported Cash App cards. VISA, Discover, American Express, and Master Card are supported by Cash App, if you are using any other card than these, you won’t be able to link them to Cash App.

Also if your Card is not supported by banks in the U.S. You can’t link them to your Cash App account.