How to Unlock Netspend Account- 2023 Guide

Is your Netspend account locked? Do you know how to Unlock Netspend Account? If you are looking for the answers to these questions, then worry not, I have got your back.

We all know that to use any online payment platform we are required to connect it to a standard checking or savings account. However, Netspend is the option for people who can not have a bank account for some reason.

In this article I am going to explain everything that you need to know about a locked Netspend account, What are some reasons for your suspended Netspend account, and how to unlock your Netspend account.

Let’s dive in…

Reasons for Locked Netspend Account

Before you try any solution randomly, I believe that you should know the reason for which your Netspend account is locked. Once you figure out the problem it would be much easier to find an answer to the “How to Unlock Netspend account”.

Following are the reasons that may cause your account to get temporarily suspended or permanently locked.

1- Incorrect Login Credentials

This could be the primary reason for which you can get your Netspend card locked. This is by far the most common reason which causes this issue.

Netspend makes it clear that if you enter the wrong PIN 3 consecutive times, your Netspend account will be locked. It is not the case with Netspend only, almost all online payment platforms have this security measure.

The software considers multiple wrong password entries as an attempt to hack the account, so it denies access to the account. I will explain how to unlock Netspend account in this case in a moment.

2- Lost or Stolen Card

Your Netspend Card will be locked by the company if it is reported lost or stolen. It is again for the safety of the customers. If you report your Netspend card lost, then your card will be locked.

Sometimes, this also gets applied to the Netspend account, your account might also get blocked by Netspend in order to keep your money safe. However, his locked account is temporary and you can easily unlock it.

If your card is lost or stolen, it is recommended that you immediately lock your Netspend account, otherwise you may lose money to a hacker, who might be able to crack your PIN.

3- Expired Card

If your Netspend card is expired, and you are trying to use it, Netspend will automatically lock your card and in some cases your Netspend account too. That is nothing to worry about, All have to do is apply for a New Netspend card.

It usually takes up to 7 days for a new Netspend card to arrive. Meanwhile, you can use your virtual card after unlocking your Netspend Account by simply contacting the support center.

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How to unlock netspend account

4- Flagged Account

Online payment platforms are vulnerable to hackers and scammers. They are always in search of loopholes. Netspend may lock your account if you have made a transaction with other flagged accounts.

Flagged accounts are the ones involved in fraudulent transactions and scams. Once flagged Netspend will carefully notice the activities of the account. If you are dealing with such an account repeatedly your Netspend account will be locked.

It is recommended to never deal with the merchants and people that you don’t know, never login to unknown websites offering sweepstakes. Do not use your Netspend credentials to sign up for unknown websites.

This will be considered a suspicious activity by Netspend and you might get your account suspended for such activities.

4- Using VPN

Sometimes when you are using a VPN, and you forget to turn it off before logging in to your Netspend app, this can cause problems.

VPN changes your country location to some other country, Netspend operates in the U.S and if you are trying to log in from Cambodia, chances are that your Netspend account will be suspended by Netspend.

To avoid such situations always turn off your VPN before using Netspend.

5- Mulitple Device Login

Netspend will lock your account if you are trying to access it from multiple devices. You are only allowed to use your Netspend App from one device at a time.

Accessing it from multiple devices at one time will result in a suspicious login activity and Netspend may block your account in this case too.

If you want to use Netspend on different devices make sure that you first log out of any other device that you were using your Netspend account from.

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6- Violation of Terms of Service

Netspend is very strict about its Terms of Service. If you have violated the terms of service, chances are that your account will be locked permanently. You won’t be able to access it again.

It is recommended that you understand the terms of service very well to avoid the permanent suspension of Netspend account.

Why did Netspend lock my account

How to Unlock Netspend account?

Now that we know the reasons, let’s see how to unlock Netspend account.

1- Customer Support

To unlock Netspend account, contacting customer support is by far the most common and easiest way. You can contact Netspend customer support. You can call at 1-866-387-7363 to explain the problem and seek help

You can also contact Netspend Customer support by emailing them at

2- Contact through Social Media

You can also reach out to Netspend through their official social media platforms. Twitter is the most active platform that you can use to contact Netspend.

3- Apply for a New Card

If your Netspend card is locked and it is because it was expired, you can apply for a new debit card from Netspend. It is free and you will receive it in your mail within 7 days. Just contact the Netspend team and explain your problem and apply for a new Netspend card.

Once you have received your Netspend card you will have to activate it first and then you will be able to use your account as usual.


I think now you know the reasons for which you might get your Netspend account suspended and how to unlock Netspend account easily.

Netspend only blocks your account if the activity associated with your account is suspicious and if you request to lock your account yourself.

I hope this article was helpful and you have got all the information that you were looking for. I am sure you now know how to unlock Netspend account. Please share your thoughts in the comment sections below.

Your thoughts are valuable to me and to other users reading this blog.



Frequently Asked Questions


Can you Unlock Netspend account?

Yes, you can easily unlock your Netspend account. All you have to do is contact Netspend customer support and inform them about the issue. They might ask you for some personal information for identity verification and then unlock your Netspend account.

Why is my Netspend account locked?

Your Netspend account can be locked for various reasons. If you are trying to log in to your account using a wrong PIN, or if you have reported a lost or stolen card.

Netspend will also block your card if it is expired. You can contact customer service to unlock Netspend card easily, or you can apply for a new Netspend card which will arrive within 7 business days.

What do I do if my Netspend account is locked?

Contact Netspend Customer Service center. You can get your Netspend card unlocked if it is on temporary hold, if your Netspend card is permanently you can apply for a new card.

Why Netspend won’t unlock my account?

If your account is permanently suspended, Netspend won’t unlock your account. You will have to apply for a new account. Accounts can be permanently suspended if they have violated the terms and services of Netspend.