How to put money on Cash App Card at ATM? ATM deposit Possible?

Cash App is undoubtedly becoming one of the most popular Online Payment Platforms. It has amazing features that allow users to go through hassle-free transactions. Cash App also issues Cash Card which more or less is a VISA ATM Card.

Now people usually ask How to put money on Cash App Card at ATM? Is it possible to deposit money to your Cash Card through an ATM? Unfortunately, No. You can not add cash to your Cash App Card through an ATM Deposit Machine like you can to a traditional ATM VISA Card.

ATM Machines are generally available everywhere. They have made money withdrawals easier than ever. Now you can simply withdraw money using your ATM Card. There are ATMs that also have a deposit feature. This feature enables users to deposit money into their Accounts.

This is a case with a traditional ATM Card, however, Can you deposit money on Cash App Card at ATM? Not by following the same method. There are workarounds that you can use to transfer money on your Cash App Card. To understand that we need to learn How Cash Card works?

Let’s dive in…

What is a Cash App Card?

Simply put, A Cash App Card is a VISA debit card issued by Cash App. This Card has the almost same functionality as any other debit card. Cash App Card can be used to withdraw funds from ATMs.

You can use the Cash Card for shopping, both online and at different retail shops. Many stores accept Cash Card as a payment method. Cash App card can be reloaded. So it is your little wallet.

If you have a negative checking account history, you can use Cash App as an alternative.

How does Cash App Card work?

Cash App Card works the same way as ATM cards. If your Cash App contains $500. You buy an online Gift card by entering your Cash App Card number. The money will be deducted from your Cash App Account.

How to Apply for A Cash App Card?

Cash App Card is very easy to apply and there are no charges for it. Simply follow the steps below and get your Cash App Card Now.

  1. Launch “Cash App” application.
  2. Tap on the Card Icon in the bottom left.
  3. Tap on “Get Fresh Card“.
  4. Select from multiple colors. (some colors require extra money)
  5. Chose an option if you want to get a Personalized Card, or Skip it.
  6. Tap on the “Order Now” option.
  7. You will be given your credit card number immediately and you can start using it right away.
  8. You will receive your card within 5-10 business days.

Can you Add/Load Money on a Cash App Card?

Yes, Cash App Card is rechargeable. You can add money to your card by simply Adding money in your Cash App Account.

Their multiple ways of adding money to your Cash App Account

  1. You can ask any of your family members to transfer the required Amoun to your Cash App.
  2. You can add money to your Cash App account through Bank.
  3. You can visit the authorized retailers and get your Cash App recharged by them.
  4. You can Deposit Checks on your Cash App.

How to Load Physical Money to Cash App Card?

If you have Cash and you want to add that money to your Cash App, it is also very simple. All you have to do is visit on of the following retail stores:

  1. 7-Eleven
  2. CVS
  3. Dollar Tree
  4. Rite Aid
  5. Target
  6. Walgreens
  7. Walmart
  8. Dollar General

All you have to do is give cash to the cashier and ask him to recharge your Cash App. That way you can also get your Cash App card recharged. Remember you might have to pay a $4 fee for this.

how to put money on cash app card at atm


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Can You Put Money On Cash App Card at ATM?

No, that is not yet possible. Until now you can not make an ATM deposit on your Cash App Card. There are just two ways to Add/Load money to your Cash App Card i.e through Debit Card or through a retail store.

Cash App is a platform that only operates online. So ATM deposits are not applicable on Cash App. Even if there are banks that operate online only do not support ATM deposits.

We need to understand that the organizations that offer ATM deposits generally allow it through their own ATMs. Cash App, on the other hand, does not own any ATM, it is just a P2P payment platform so it is not possible to deposit money on your Cash App Card through ATM.

Ways Money Deposit on Cash App Card

There are ways that you can use to deposit money on your Cash App Card. You can call them workarounds or just the ways to Load Money on Cash App cards.

  1. You can add money to the card that is linked to your Cash App through any ATM machine.
  2. Fund that money to your Cash App Wallet.
  3. Draw funds from your debit card directly that is linked to your Cash App.

Can You Deposit Cash at an ATM?

Yes, if it is not your Cash App card, you can easily deposit money on your Card through any ATM. You need to understand that depositing money through an ATM is subjected to the policies of different banks. You can only Deposit money at an ATM if it has a deposit enabled by the bank.

So it is clear by now that you can not add money to your Cash App Card at an ATM. But you can learn How to make a cash deposit at an ATM for other cards.

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How to Put money on Cash App Card at ATM

Follow these steps to add money to your Card at ATM.

  1. Insert your card
  2. verify your Identity through a PIN or fingerprint.
  3. Click on “Deposit”.
  4. Add the details of the Account that you would like to deposit.
  5. Enter Amount
  6. Insert Cash into ATM.
  7. Confirm the amount.
  8. You might have to answer some questions.
  9. Take receipt once the deposit is done.
  10. Take out your Card from ATM.

Put Money on Cash App Card at ATM


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How Much Money you can Put on Card at ATM?

Adding money to ATM itself has no limit. You can deposit as much as you want, however, there might be a limit on the number of bills that you can deposit at an ATM. That is because of the limitation of the ATM built or designed.

If an ATM allows 50 bills per transaction, that is what you have to follow. You will not be able to deposit more than 50 bills in one transaction. regardless of the amount.

Capital One allows a one-time Cash deposit limit of $5000. Whereas Navy Federal Credit allows you to deposit $10,000 per card per day. Whereas Fargo has no limits at all on their ATM.

Deposit Check or Money?

There are pros and cons to both. One benefit of depositing money at an ATM is that your Money will be credited quickly.

Can you deposit money without ATM Card?

Yes, it is possible to deposit money without a Card. Just follow the steps

  1. Select “Cash Deposit without card” on ATM.
  2. Enter your Bank Account number.
  3. Confirm the Name of the Account Holder.
  4. Type in the Money that you want to deposit.
  5. Then insert the Cash into the ATM.
  6. Confirm the Amount.
  7. Tap on “Deposit
  8. Take the printed “receipt” as proof.


Stores that Load Cash App Cards?

  • 7-Eleven
  • CVS
  • Dollar Green
  • Dollar Tree
  • Family Dollar
  • Rite Aid
  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart

How Can I load my Cash App Card at 711?

Yes, you can load your Cash App Card at the 711 stores. All you have to do is provide the phone number that you use to log into Cash App and hand in the Cash App card. they will charge you a $4 fee.

The same process applies to all Cash App Retail stores for the Cash App Card reload.

How Can I Check Cash App Card balance?

Once you have loaded money to your Cash App Card from a supporting retailer, you can confirm the reload by logging in to your Cash App and checking your balance. Sometimes it may take around 10 minutes for the funds to appear.

How much does it Cost to Add Money to Cash App Card?

You will have to pay a standard Cash App Card recharge Fee of $4 at a retailer.



We all know how great is ATM deposit feature. It skips the trouble of standing queue of Banks to deposit money. All you have to do is visit the nearest ATM and use it to deposit money. We love that feature. I wish like all of you that we can have an ATM deposit feature for Cash App Card too.

I hope Cash App introduces an ATM deposit feature soon. We all know that Lincoln Savings Bank is the official bank partner of the Square payment App. So it would be nice if Lincoln Savings Bank allows Cash App to launch this feature so that users can deposit money on Cash App card at an ATM.

Let us know in the comments if you want Lincoln Bank and Square to launch this feature.