How to Overdraft Cash App Card? 2023 Guide

Overdraft your Cash App card and buy more. Honestly, I would love this, and who wouldn’t? Having some extra bucks in your back pocket is great.

You will feel that extra bit of financial freedom if you know that your favorite payment platform has got your back. Can you overdraft Cash App Card? Because if you can you can buy that extra-large pack of your favorite snack.

In this article, I will explain everything that you need to know about Cash App overdraft. I will explain how overdraft works, What are the policies of Cash App overdraft and how can you use overdraft on Cash App.

Let’s dive in…

What is Overdraft?

Let’s assume you have $100 in your bank account or Cash App Card in this case. You want to buy something that costs $120. What is it that you can do?

You can either drop the idea of buying that thing or you can use the option of bank overdraft. What it means is that your bank is going to cover the extra expenses.

An overdraft occurs when you don’t have enough funds in your account to cover the purchase and your bank allows you to make the payment anyway.

Most banks do not allow you to overdraft, but some do and don’t think that these banks must be really nice, they allow you to overdraft for a fee. In some cases this fee may rise up to $35, That’s not nice, Not at all.

What is Cash App Card Overdraft?

Your debit card that is issued by your bank can overdraft money, only if your bank allows it. You can overdraft at ATMs, at stores, and at online shopping platforms, It is like using a credit card, where your bank covers extra money.

Cash App is an online payment platform, Once you sign up with Cash App and you link your bank account to your Cash App accountant, You get a free Cash App debit card that you can use to make online and offline purchases.

The question here is, if both Cash App and Your bank’s Card are debit and VISA powered, can you overdraft your Cash App Card too?

The answer to this question is not as straightforward in the case of Cash App as it is for a standard debit card issued by a bank.

Cash App overdraft feature is automatic, You won’t be able to overdraft Cash App at a store, or a shopping mall, You can also not overdraft your own account.


Allow me to explain, Okay, So Cash App overdraft works in a different way, Someone else can make you go overdraft. Let’s say you don’t have money in your account, but you owe $20 to a company for its service.

Cash App will rescue you here, they will pay this money on your behalf. That is how Cash App overdraft works. You can not use it actively, but Cash App got your back. You can overdraft Cash App this way.

Overdraft Cash App Card

What is Cash App Overdraft Fee?

Do you like Cash App? because I do, This App is really great, Let me explain how, if you overdraft your bank debit card, you will have to return the money as well as the overdraft fee.

This fee may vary from bank to bank, Some banks may charge a little percentage, whereas others will probably charge you a very high overdraft fee. It may rise up to $35.

Do you know what is the overdraft fee for the Cash App? ZERO, yes, Cash App doesn’t charge you a dime for over-drafting your Cash Card. All you have to do is pay the funds that the cash app owes you.

No extra cost. So feel free to use this amazing feature, If you don’t have money and you have to pay some extra charges, you can use the overdraft feature of Cash App.

How to know If you Overdraft Cash App?

As I said Cash App overdraft is automatic and it doesn’t need any approval. The funds that you owe someone will automatically be deducted from your account, even if you don’t have any balance.

If you want to know whether your Cash App account is overdraft or not, All you have to do is check your Cash App balance. If your account shows a Negative Cash App Balance, This means you have used the overdraft Cash App option.

Reasons for going Overdraft on Cash App Card

There could be a few situations that may lead to a negative Cash App Balance, showing that you have used a Cash App overdraft.

Here are a few examples of how an overdraft can happen on the Cash App.

1- Hidden Fee

Sometimes you buy things online, and the merchant includes some hidden or additional charges in the contract, You agree to those terms in the contract. These charges often apply after the completion of the service.

Once the service is completed, the merchant will claim those charges, if you have money in your account it will be deducted, however, if you don’t have funds Cash App will allow you to overdraft and pay the dues on your behalf.

This will eventually lead your account to have a negative Cash App balance.

2- Payment After Delivery

This situation is also common and happens a lot, some merchants only charge you after the delivery of goods is completed.

When you make a purchase, the payment is approved by Cash App but the merchant holds the transaction. Once you get the goods, the transaction will initiate, if at that moment you do not have enough funds available in your Cash App account. You can overdraft Cash App Card.

Your balance again will be negative, and Cash App will pay the money instead of you.

3- Wrong Payment

Sometimes people send money to the wrong person by mistake, it can happen to anyone. If you have received a payment from someone that wasn’t meant for you, and you refuse to accept the refund request of the sender, this case will then be disputed.

Cash App will look into the situation and if the sender is right, he will get a chargeback on cash app.

If you have used the funds already and you don’t have money in your account, You can enjoy the Overdraft by Cash App.

Overdraft Cash App Card

What Happens if You Overdraft On Cash App?

I think it is not a big issue, I also think that we should be happy that Cash App has this option and everyone can avail it.

If you overdraft your Cash App Card, you will have a negative balance, showing how much money you have to pay back to Cash App. You can do that in multiple ways.

1- Adding Money to Your Cash Card

Cash App Card is VISA Powered Debit card, that can be customized, here are some Unique Cash App Card designs for you. You can simply add money to this card and fix the overdraft.

You can go to the authorized Cash App retailers to reload your Cash Card. Here is how you can load money to your Cash App Card.

Once the money is added, your negative balance will be no more.

2- Deposit Money

You can use direct deposit to clear the Cash App Overdraft. You can ask your employer to deposit your paycheck directly to your Cash App account.

You can also deposit a paper check on Cash App. What? You didn’t that you can do that too? Well, check it here.

3- Bank Transfer

Simply transfer money from the bank account that is linked to your Cash App account to pay the money back to cash app. This will clear your overdraft.

What does Cash App Charge for Overdraft?

Fret not, You will not be charged interest if you overdraft Cash App Card. Unlike your bank, Cash App has no extra fee if you overdraft, You only have to pay the money that is showing in negative.

No extra fee, no hidden charges. Isn’t that great?

Can I Use Cash App if I Have a Negative Balance?

If you owe Cash App some money, you will have to pay that first. You can’t just go in the negative. You will have to clear the overdraft Cash App dues first.

Once you have returned the money, and your balance is not negative anymore, You can use your Cash App Card as usual.

So you can not use your Cash App account if you do not clear overdraft dues.

Banks that Allow Overdraft with Zero Fee

  1. Ally Interest Checking Account
  2. Discover Cashback Debit Account
  3. Axos Bank Rewards Checking
  4. Betterment Checking
  5. Wealthfront Cash Account
  6. Alliant Credit Union High-rate Checking


Cash App helps its customers to pay their dues if they are short on money. You can rely on Cash App for this. However, Cash App overdraft doesn’t work the traditional way.

Remember that Overdraft on Cash App Card is automatic, you can not overdraft whenever you want, it can only be used under specific circumstances.

I hope this guide was helpful, I am positive that you have got all the information that you were looking for, If you still have some questions, please ask in the comments.

Your questions and feedback help me make these guides better. Share your valuable comments and let us all learn more.



Frequently Asked Questions


Can I overdraft my Cash App Card?

You can not overdraft your Cash App card the way you can overdraft your Bank Card. Cash App overdraft works differently. Cash App will automatically pay money on your behalf if you owe it to some vendors.

How much can you overdraft Cash App card?

There is no fixed amount that you can overdraft. Cash App will pay small amounts on your behalf. However, you can use the Borrow feature on Cash App to borrow $200 instantly.

Can I overdraft my Cash App card at ATM?

No, unfortunately, it is not possible to overdraft your Cash Card at ATM. It is a debit card that you can only use to withdraw cash at ATM and make online and offline payments.

Can your overdraft Cash App card for gas?

You can not overdraft Cash App card, because the cash app is not a bank and it doesn’t allow users to overdraft using Cash App Card.