How Can I Have More Than 1 Cash App Card? My Favorite Trick

Looking at VISA and MasterCard, and seeing the types of cards they offer and the perks associated with them, Cash App users also start to wonder ” How can I have more than one Cash App card?

Can I have More Than 1 Cash App Card? well, the answer to that question is a little complicated because the answer is No, if you see the terms of Cash App but there are ways that you can use it to get your second card. Which I am going to discuss in detail in this article.

Cash App is a very popular online P2P payment platform with more than 30 million active users. Cash App allows its users to have a VISA-powered debit card that they can use to buy things both online and offline.

Cash App allows only one Cash Card to its user. It is for the security of the customers and also for some other reasons. If you are thinking Can I have another Cash App card? well, yes and No. Let me explain what do I mean by this, read on to understand the concept so that you can use the trick to get two active Cash Cards.

What is Cash App Card?

Cash App Card is a debit card that is issued by Cash App to its verified Cash App user. So the first thing is to get yourself verified. If you don’t know how to verify yourself on Cash App just follow these simple verification steps.

What? you are not 18 yet, don’t worry you can also have your Cash Card and there is a way you can get your Cash App account verified.

So Cash Card is not linked to your bank account, it is only linked to your Cash App account. You can use this card to shop online and withdraw money for ATM. If you want to More Than 1 Cash App Card you must really like shopping.

What are the Pros and Cons of having 2 Cash App Cards?

As we all know that everything has its pros and cons, so does having 2 cash app cards.


  1. You will have more withdrawal limit
  2. If you forgot one at home the other stays
  3. Two cool custom designed cards


  1. There is no easy way of getting one
  2. You will have to carry more cards in your pocket
  3. More risk of unauthorized usage

More Than 1 Cash App Card

Why Cash App doesn’t allow two cards?

Cash App is not a bank it is only a platform that facilitates payments so it doesn’t allow its users to have more than 1 Cash App Card. Cash Card is basically issued by Suton bank. You can not have two active cash cards at a time because Cash App only allows one active cash app account for a single user.

Secondly, Cash App can not replace your bank because of the payment limits. You can only send $7500 per 7 day period so if your transaction exceeds this limit you will again have to turn back to your traditional bank card. In this case, even if you have two Cash App cards, they are of no use.

Then if you have 2 cards there is more security risk. You have more cards it is hard to manage them. Should you have two Cash App Cards? Your call mate.

How many Cash App Cards can I have?

If you just want to know the numbers, you can have unlimited numbers of Cash App Cards. But if you want to know about the active cards that you can use, it is limited to just one. There is a way around to that which I will explain in a moment.

If you lose your Cash App Card you can order another card from Cash App. Cash App will send you your new Cash Card within 7 business days. You can also change your Cash App card if you don’t like the custom design of your card.

How Can I have two Cash App Cards?

Here comes the trick. You can have two active cash app cards at the same time. All you have to do is create a second Cash App account. Once you have another Cash App Account you can order your new Cash App card from there.

Now you might be wondering Does Cash App allows two Cash App accounts? No Cash App only allows one cash app account per user. But you can create two accounts and use them simultaneously

How To create two Cash App Accounts?

To create another Cash App account you will need

  1. A phone number or Email that is not associated with your previous Cash App account
  2. A bank account that is not linked with your other Cash App account.

If you have these two things you can create another Cash App account and then you can order another Cash App Card. You will then have 2 Cash App Cards. Enjoy using more than 1 Cash App Card.

Both cards will be active and you can use them simultaneously. Cash App doesn’t allow it’s users to link one bank account to two Cash App accounts so you will need to different bank accounts if you want to have two Cash Cards.

Get a 2nd Cash Card

How many Cash App Accounts Can I have?

Officially you can have only one Cash App account. But you can have another Cash App account without even having a bank account. That is you sign up for a second unverified account.

Then you can have multiple verified cash app accounts if you have multiple bank accounts. Link different bank accounts to new Cash App accounts and you can have as many verified cash app accounts as you want.

If you have two Cash App accounts you can have two Cash App Cards. Remember you do not need to have another SSN for the creation of 2nd Cash App account.

Can I have Two Debit Cards on Cash App?

Well to tell you the truth you cannot add two debit cards to one Cash App account. Cash App only allows one user to attach only one debit card to his account, however, you can change your card details and replace your old card at any time with a new debit card.

Cash App provides you the option to replace your debit card in a few simple steps. You can also replace your bank account this way.

Can I have 2 Cash Cards?

It is not possible to have two Cash App cards from one Cash App account. Cash App has a policy that clearly states that one Cash App user can only have one cash card. You are also limited to one Cash App Account.

Your Cash Card is limited to a monthly withdrawal of $1000, you can either withdraw $1000 in one day or in parts in a 7 day period. Each withdrawal is subjected to an ATM fee, but there are ways you can avoid fees and use Free Cash App ATM.

Cash app cards

Can I have 2 Cash Apps?

Yes, you can have two Cash Apps. If you have a new Android phone it comes with an option to clone any app. You can clone your Cash App and sign in to both apps using multiple accounts.

If you don’t have a clone option you can download an app called parallel world and use 2 Cash Apps at a time.

How to order a second Cash App Account?

If you want to have 2 Cash App cards or you have lost your old card here is how you can order a second Cash App Card:

  1. Launch Cash App
  2. Tap on the Card icon
  3. Select the problem that you are facing
  4. Click on lost/stolen card
  5. You will be asked to provide some details
  6. Verify your request by entering PIN
  7. Report the Card

Your card will be instantly blocked and you will be sent a new card to your mailing address within 7 business days.

How many cards can I link on Cash App?

One Cash App account, one debit card. Cash App only allows one debit card to be linked to one active cash app account.

If you want to switch between the cards you will have to change the information and add a new card. Having multiple Cash App cards definitely is a good thing and we all would love to have another cool cash app card.

Cash App does it for the security of users. It is easy to block one card and keep track of all the transfers and transactions than to look after multiple transactions.

How to have Cash Card for an Unverified account?

You need to be a verified user if you want to possess this cool custom-designed cash app card. Even if you have two Cash App accounts with 2 different emails. If they are not verified you can not get any Cash App card.

Cash App has a very strict policy regarding the verification of accounts. If you don’t verify your account you won’t be able to get Cash Card.

To verify your Cash App account simply follow this guide, you can also verify your Cash App Account even if you don’t have an SSN or Drivers license.

get 2 cash cards


Your cash app card is not linked to your bank account. It is a card that withdraws funds from your Cash App account directly. It is not allowed by Cash app to have two active cards at a time.

If you want to have 2 Cash App cards you will need to have two cash app accounts.

I hope this guide has explained everything that you were searching for. Please share your great ideas in the comments below as they are always helpful.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.