7 Simplest Steps for Getting Verified on Instagram

These are the 7 Simplest Steps for Getting Verified on Instagram. A step-by-step guide to applying for verification and 5 top reasons for the rejection of Instagram verification.


Getting Verified on Instagram

7 Simplest Steps for Getting Verified on Instagram

That blue verification tick that we see beside the name or the title of any Instagram account is getting popularity, just like the crown of TikTok. This verification tick on the Instagram profile that was once meant to find the real accounts of public figures is now becoming a status symbol. I was just having a conversation with one of my buddies and I asked him, ” What comes to your mind when you see a verified Instagram account?” with thinking for a moment he responded ” A celebrity “. This simple answer elaborates all. Getting verified on Insta these days means that you are famous.

We need to understand what exactly these symbols are meant to represent, Clearly not the status. Tech companies introduced this system to make it easy for people to trust an unknown person. If you see the tick beside an Instagram account this means that the business or the seller is verified and every information coming under this account is trustworthy. The blue verification tick on Instagram makes it easier to trust a brand or a person.

Let’s say You have a shop or a brand and you sell things online. Well of course you will come across the customers and they would be new to your shop, now the problem occurs when people are new and they don’t even know if your shop or business actually exists. The blue verification sign with your Instagram name solves that problem providing you with instant credibility. It gives the customer satisfaction that this business has been verified by the company and can be trusted.

The business or the person instantly becomes an authority in whatever area it operates. Every word from the person has an impact and is taken seriously because now the source is verified. That is the function of getting verified on Instagram and having that blue verification tick mark.

Instagram usually requires people to verify their accounts if they are important personalities in terms of having influence over the community. If their words and actions will have an impact on other people then they are required to verify their account so no one uses a fake account with their name to stir problems in the community. So if that is the case with you then you must consider verifying your account otherwise there is no need to do that.

Let me make it fun for you, I am adding a tool below for you to check what are the odds of you getting verified on Instagram. It is just for fun and is not official on Instagram. So don’t worry if it says you don’t have a chance and yet when you apply you get verified.

Now let’s get down to business. I am going to write down the 7 simplest steps to get verified on Instagram.

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Instagram requirements for Verification:

Instagram has a very clear stance on verification badges. On its official website its states “verification is a tool to help people find real accounts of public figures and brands, and it means we verified this is a notable and authentic Instagram account”.

It also states that “to request verified badge you must be a public figure, celebrity or brand and meet certain account and eligibility requirements”.

If you think that definition fits you and you are eligible for this then Instagram gives you clear steps for Getting Verified on Instagram

  1. Log in to the account that you want to be verified by Instagram.
  2. You would see the famous hamburger icon on your profile, Click that.
  3. Tap on the setting and then tap on account verification.
  4. Then you will see the account verification option right under the original posts.
  5. Once you tap on it, you will see a form.
  6. Write your information on that form and click send.

Getting Verified on Instagram


Now your job is done. Your request has been sent, it is all up to Instagram whether they accept it or not. They made this clear in their policy.


General Requirements:

You need to comply with the basic requirement standard set by Instagram to get verified. that is

  • Your account must be authentic. You cant use any fake name or business to get verified.
  • Your account should be unique and not so general for example @catmemes has no chance of getting verified. But F1 racing will be verified because it represents a unique brand.
  • Your account should have complete information.
  • It must represent a highly searched or notable identity.


Having big Facebook following and Instagram verification:

If you are a celebrity on Facebook that doesn’t guarantee your verification on Instagram. It is true that Instagram is owned by Facebook but it has a different procedure than Facebook. So your Facebook following is not going to help you on Instagram. You should be a real celebrity across the world and then you will be accepted as a verified celebrity.

Getting verified on Instagram is not a piece of cake which is the sole reason of writing 7 Simplest Steps to Get Verified on Instagram. You actually have to prove that you have some authority in your life and you are an actual influencer. When the head of Instagram Adam Mosseri was asked about Instagram verification he explained it in a very simple manner that we verify a person by looking at the amount of press he or she has. So when you will to get verified Instagram will give you an option to provide links to the news or other social media profiles to prove your credibility and then you will be verified.

There are a few things that you can do to achieve that level of credibility. We have summed up those things in 7 simplest steps to get verified on Instagram.

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7 Simplest Steps to Get Verified On Instagram:

  2. Be prominent
  3. Multiple social media platforms
  4. Post according to demographics
  5. Follow Trends
  6. Get Published on High Authority channels
  7. Use unique posts


7 Simplest Steps for Getting Verified on Instagram- Step by Step

1- Followers:

This is one of the crucial parts of becoming a verified Instagram user. It is also easy to comprehend, if you don’t have followers you are not famous. So first of all get a large number following. Getting followers is not an easy thing. Well getting verified also is not an easy thing. If you want more followers, you will have to concentrate on your posts. You have to ask questions about how engaging your posts are? What is the quality of your post? Is the post appropriate?

If you are new to Instagram, first thing is that you have to narrow it down to a point where you can clearly define your niche. What is the brand about? and then you have to start designing quality content. If the quality of the content is high and the niche is unique, you will start getting followers. Then you also have to keep them engaged on your posts. You have to make sure that the followers are constantly engaging with your content.

Getting Verified on Instagram

2- Be Prominent:

Well if you want to stay on top and be visible you have to stay prominent. Yo have to design great posts and then you must use proper ways of posting them. Instagram and Twitter both have the option of hashtags. You should make sure that your content is suitable and comes under popular hashtags. So that people can easily find you. More the people find you the better results you will get.

Now, this is an idea to get a better following too. You engage more people you get more audience under the popular hashtags and this will increase your chance of getting verified by Instagram much quicker. You have to be very careful while using hashtags. They must be relevant to your niche. You can never be popular if you use irrelevant tags in your content.


3- Multiple Platforms:

This is a great way to be verified on Instagram. We all know Instagram verifies people if they are a celebrity or are famous to have influence. So if you have just made an account and you are not worldwide famous. What should you do? Start from other platforms. Exactly.

Build your following on Facebook first. Write great content. Post awesome posts. Make videos, join Facebook groups. Gather a crowd around you. Once they start following you and the number increases, Request them to follow you on Instagram too.

Make a youtube channel, Become a Youtube celebrity. Create useful videos that are helpful to people and the crowd around you will grow. They will start liking you and you will become a youtube celebrity. Same method on Twitter and other platforms. When you start dominating all of these channels you will also have a huge chance to dominate on Instagram. Then you can get verified easily.

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4- Post according to demographics:

It always boils down to the content that you post. If your content is good people will definitely follow you. But there are some tricks too. Sometimes your content is good but you still don’t get followers or views, it is because you are not looking at the data. You need to see when are people most active on a particular platform. When a platform is least active. Which gender is more attracted to your content, and where are they located. These minor details will help you understand the mechanics of the posting.

Then you can set up your posts accordingly on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to get the most out of it. If your pst is reaching more people you are getting the most popular and this will help you get verified on Instagram.


5- Follow Trends:

Okay so if the whole country is talking about the space programs and you are posting about bananas. You are definitely not going to attract anybody. Stay aware of the current trends and affairs and must know what people are talking about what is on their mind these days. What has gone out of date so that you can compose and create accordingly. If you hit the right spot you will be in the spotlight for the times to come. Think clearly. Use tools and news to understand the recent trends. If some app and game is trending in your region that might be the best chance for you to use it to your advantage. You can find the latest trending games here in this article. 

Try to predict what is about to happen or what will be popular. Then mold your post or content according to that. You will see a massive increase in your follower.


6- Get Published on High Authority Channels:

Getting yourself verified on Instagram doesn’t only require having many followers. You have to prove your worth, you have to let people know that you are the talk of the day. Try to surround yourself with celebrities, start small. If you can’t meet Taylor Swift doesn’t mean you can’t meet someone who is popular at the bar. Start from there. Get noticed. Find a local news channel and do something while they record you. Then you will be on local news. So you are becoming popular. Meet with the local influencers. Release a press whenever you can.

Avoid paid or promotional events as Instagram disregards them. Try to be more organic and real. That is why I would suggest starting at a smaller scale and then build yourself up.


7- Use Unique Posts:

You have to be yourself to get accepted as a celebrity. Copy cats don’t get anywhere. Try to create your own content that stands alone. Come up with creative ways to promote your brand or name. Don’t copy others as it will only defame you, Which is the last thing you want. Having your own content will give you your own unique followers. Just like Apple, they have their own cult, it is because they have their own unique brand and products.

You have to follow the same model. Be different and unique when it comes to your brand or niche. Add the content that is warm and has a personality. Don’t just go out taking random pictures of cars and then posting them on your Instagram Account. You won’t be verified like that on Instagram. Make sure that every single post that you create means something to people, and relates them to something bigger than they are.

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5 Reasons for the Denial of Instagram Verification:

There could be several reasons for which you might get denied by Instagram for the verification process, here are they:

  1. Applying again within 30 days of first rejection of verification by Instagram.
  2. Not having or adding links to news articles where you were mentioned.
  3. Submitting news articles in your verification application that are not strong enough to prove your authority.
  4. The article that you mention is not about you.
  5. Applying with a fake Instagram account.

These are the most common mistakes people make when it comes to Instagram verification. If you get rejected don’t be disappointed, wait for 30 days and try again.