How to Get Bank Statement from Cash App?

I am a Cash App user just like you. I use it daily, Cash App is a core part of my day. Lately, I was asked by a friend if Cash App shows on Bank statements? Me, being a proud Cash App user, provided him a quick answer that yes you can see your transfers to Cash App on your bank statement.

But it was not enough as I thought that there has to be many others who must be looking for the same answer. So I have to come up with the 7 simple steps that you can follow to get the Cash App statement.

So guys whenever you get your bank statement you will see the funds transferred to and from your cash app on that statement. There are basically two types of statements, One that you get from your bank, and the other one is generated by Cash App.

Let’s understand how does Cash App show on Bank Statement? and how to get a Bank statement from Cash App.

I will explain everything in detail so you won’t forget it.

Let’s dive in…

How do Cash App and Banks work together?

Cash App is not a bank as we all know, Cash App is a P2P payment platform that only facilitates payments. If you are looking for the answer to How does Cash App Show on Bank statement? you need to understand this concept first.

Cash App is linked to your Bank account, so whenever you transfer money from your Bank Account to your Cash App this transaction will be recorded by your bank. The bank keeps this record as your transfer history.

Once the money is in your Cash App wallet, the bank has no longer has the authority to monitor your transaction.

To manage your transactions and to keep an eye on your spending in Cash App your data will be maintained by Cash App itself. So you can have a separate statement from Cash App too.

How Cash App keeps your Bank Statement?

As we all know that money transferred from Cash App to other Cash App users is not monitored by Bank. The reason for this is that you have already transferred the funds from your bank to your Cash App account.

The bank will no longer monitor those funds. It will then be monitored and tracked by Cash App.

You also can get a VISA Powered Cash App Card that you can use to spend money from Cash App, that card has no link to your Bank Account. So the spending from your Cash App Card can also not be tracked by your Bank.

So the question here is if there are so many things that your bank can not monitor how does Cash App show on your Bank Statement? How will you get a statement for your Cash App Spending?  You can get a bank statement from Cash App, Let’s find out how?

Below is a picture of the Sample Cash App Bank Statement.

cash app bank statement


7 Simple Steps to Get Bank Statement From Cash App

Here are the simple steps that you can follow to get Bank Statement from Cash App

Step 1- Launch Cash App

Step 2- Tap on your Profile

Step 3- Locate and tap on Personal

Step 4- Scroll down to the Documents

Step 5- Tap on Monthly Statements

Step 6- Select the month to view its statement

Step 7- Tap on Download to get the file to your device.

This is how you can get your monthly statement from Cash App. Within the first 5 business days of any month, your bank statement for the previous month will be available for download.

How To Check Transaction Statement?

If you want to check your transaction history through a web browser, follow these steps

  1. Open Web browser
  2. Go to
  3. This will take you to the website
  4. Log in to your account
  5. Tap on statements
  6. Select the month that you want your bank statement for
  7. Click on Export CSV

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How Long Does Cash App Bank Statement Take?

After the initiation of the request for a Cash App Statement it usually takes 24 hours for the bank to generate your Cash App Bank statement. Sometimes there may be a delay, in that case, you should better call your bank or Cash app customer support.

What is the Cost to Get Cash App Statement from Bank?

You will be subjected to a small amount of fee for getting a Cash App Bank Statement from your bank. This fee may vary from bank to bank. You should better check the website of your bank for this or call them to ask for the charges of generating the Cash App Bank statement.

Cash App statement

Cash App Bank Statement

If you are using a traditional Bank App for your daily transactions, chances are you spend a lot of time doing that especially when you have to send money to new and different people.

Traditional Bank Apps require a lot of details before you can send money to someone. Whereas if you are a Cash App user you can send or receive money just by entering the $Cashtag of other users. What is $Cashtag? Gosh, you better check out this article.

Cash App takes money from your bank account that is linked with your Cash App. If you don’t have a balance in your Cash App, the money will be automatically deducted from the bank card that you have linked with your Cash App.

When Cash App uses money from your Debit Card that is linked to your Cash App account this transaction will be recorded by your bank and will be shown in your Bank Statement.

Are Transactions from your Bank to other Cash App users Direct?

No, these transactions are not direct at all, that is why you will be getting two different Bank Statements. Let us understand this, Cash App basically acts as a middle man, any transaction from your bank first lands in your Cash App account and then from that Cash App account to other users Cash app.

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How Does Cash App Show on Bank Statement?

After the explanation above I am sure now you know that your Cash App history is a different thing than your Bank Statement. Your bank statement is only gonna show you the money that you have transferred from your account to your Cash App.

The rest of the transactions that were made through Cash App will be shown in the statement generated by Cash App.

Cash App gives its users every right to check their account history. You view 12 month and 24-month account statements of the Cash App by simply going to

How Does Cash App Show on Bank Statement

Can I Download Cash App Cash App Transaction History?

You can easily download your transaction history to keep a record of your financials.

  1. Visit from your browser
  2. Go to statements
  3. Tap on Export CSV

You should be downloading your account statement regularly and keeping it safe on your personal computer. This helps you better manage your funds.

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Does Cash App Make Transactions Public?

Cash App transactions are not public.

Cash App is quite safe unless you are sending money to a scammer who is unknown. If you have sent money to the wrong person, you are not getting it back. Unless that person is a really good guy and he sends you the money back.

Cash App app deals money as “cash” once sent, there is no way of getting it back. There are so many scammers out there who use this to their advantage. There are so many ways that they can scam you, it is always better to understand how these scams work so that you can stay safe and don’t let those losers steal your hard-earned money.

Can I Get Cash Card Transaction Statement?

Cash Card is a VISA-powered debit card issued by Cash App to its verified users. You can use this card to shop online and also pay at stores. Cash App Card is connected to your Cash App account and it takes funds directly from your cash App wallet.

You can also use Cash Card to withdraw money from ATM. As your cash card is connected to your Cash App Account the transaction record will be maintained by Cash App. So your transactions through Cash Card will be mentioned in the statement that will be generated by Cash App.


You can view your Cash App Bank Statement and your Cash App transaction history. You can align them to see how are you spending money. Your bank will provide you the statement for the money that you have transferred from your bank to your Cash App.

Your Cash App statement will show the money that you have sent to other cash app users or that you have used through your Cash App Card.

You can not delete Cash App Payment history nor can you alter it. All the payment information is private between the two users and is not public at all.

I hope this article was helpful and informative. Please share your beautiful thoughts in the comments below. Your suggestions are always helpful.



Frequently Asked Questions


Can I request a bank statement early?

Bank statements are only available at the end of the month because the transaction history of the whole month is issued together. If you want to get your bank statement early you can get your mini statement from ATM.

What is a statement of a bank account?

It is a document that contains all the transactions for a bank account over a given period of time. Statements include all the deposits, transfers, withdrawals, etc.

Will Cash App mention my name on a bank account?

Cash App keeps the information private. Bank statements will include the transaction history but no personal information.

Can I Delete the Cash App transaction history?

No, Cash App transaction history can not be deleted nor altered. Your transaction history is private and only you can see it.

Can my transactions on Cash App be tracked?

No, Cash App keeps all the data safe and private. Your Cash App transaction history is only viewable to you. Unless your account is associated with some fraudulent transactions, in that case, the authorities may be given access to your transaction history.