2 Ways to Use Free Atm for Cash App in 2023

When I first received my Cash App card, I started to wonder if there are any free ATMs for Cash App where I don’t have to pay a lot of fees for withdrawals. Is there any free ATM for Cash App?

I started my search and found out that there are no ATMs that are free for Cash App.

It was a disappointment so I started to look for other ways to save money using Cash App Card at ATMs. To your surprise I did find two ways of doing that, now I can use Cash Card to withdraw money without paying any fee. Do You want to know how?

I am ready to explain it to you. Let us first understand some of the basic concepts to understand how it actually works

Cash App Free ATM Card

Cash App free ATM card is basically a VISA-powered debit card that works just like any other bank card. You can use it to withdraw cash at ATMs. You can also use it to shop online and swipe at stores to pay bills.

Cash App Card is free to get if you don’t customize it? You didn’t know that, did you? Cash App card is totally customizable and you create amazing designs for your card.

What are the Goods and Bads of Cash App ATM Card?

The cash app card is very convenient, you can use it nationwide. It has many benefits and it also comes with some downsides.

The Goods 

  • It can be used at any ATM to withdraw Cash
  • Cash App ATM card fee can be reimbursed
  • It is customizable
  • It can be instantly blocked or unblocked through Cash App

The Bads

  • Cash App Card has ATM withdrawal limits
  • You are subjected to ATM fees
  • There is no free ATM for Cash App Card

these were the outlines that I thought you should know before we jump in.

Let’s jump in… and discuss them in detail

Cash App Card has withdrawal limits

We all know that ATM limits are not a new thing. Almost every card has ATM limits. They are there for the protection of the customers. Cash App also prioritize the safety of their worthy customers.

With a Cash App ATM Card you can withdraw up to $310 per transaction. In a time period of 24 hours, you can withdraw up to $1000. Cash App also puts ATM weekly withdrawal limit, you can not withdraw more than $1000 in one week.

A little confusing yeah? Let me explain it to you. You can withdraw $250 on Monday and then $500 on Tuesday and then $250 on Friday which makes a total of $1000. Now you can not withdraw money from ATM using a Cash App ATM card.

cash app atm tip

Or if you want to withdraw $1000 from ATM using a Cash Card on Monday then that would be your first and last withdrawal for a 7 day period.

Do you know that boosts also count towards your Cash Card ATM withdrawal limits? Yes, boosts are instant cash discounts or bitcoin earnings on qualifying purchases, and they also are counted as ATM withdrawals.

So if you are shopping for a birthday present and you use your Cash Card to pay $80 dollars for the gift and you get an $8 bitcoin boost, this will be added to your Cash App ATM withdrawal limit. Your new limit is $920 ($1000-$80 = $920)

What are Cash App ATM withdrawal charges?

It didn’t take me long to figure out that Cash App charges between $1.50 to $3.50 in ATM fees for the average out-of-network withdrawals. You are also subjected to a flat $2 fee for each transaction. So there is no free ATM for cash app.

Yet there are two ways you can save money on all Cash App ATM withdrawals. You can get your ATM fee reimbursed.

Method 1: How to reimburse the Cash App ATM fee?

Cash App would return the fee that it has charged you for the withdrawal from ATM. If you top up your account with $300 every month.

Yes, you will get that ATM fee back, Which makes Cash App Free ATM withdrawal possible. As long as you are having direct deposits of $300 to your account every month your ATM fee will be instantly refunded.

Can you load Cash Card at ATM?

Let’s say you have topped up your account with $300 through DD and now you are going to withdraw money at ATM. You withdraw $100 and including the fee, it will cost you $103.50. Cash App will instantly reimburse $3.50 to your account.

Cash App fee reimburse


Is there any fee per purchase on Cash App?

There is no per-transaction fee as a customer but for a Cash App business account, you will be charged $2.75 per transaction.

Method 2: A trick to get Cash from Cash App at ATM for free

There is no direct way of avoiding the ATM fees for Cash App unless you get a deposit of $300 every month. But there is a way to get Cash out of the Cash App at an ATM for free. Just follow the steps below

Step 1:

Get your Bank Account linked to Cash App first. To do this

  • Tap on the “Banking” tab on Cash App
  • Choose you bank
  • Enter your information and wait for Cash App to verify

Step 2:

Once your Bank is linked to your Cash App now is the time to transfer the Cash App balance to your Bank Account. To do that

  • Launch Cash App
  • Tap on “Balance”
  • Tap “Cash Out”
  • Enter the amount that you want to withdraw at ATM
  • Select the deposit speed
  • Confirm the deposit by entering your PIN

Step 3:

After the transfer has been made, you can go to the ATM machine of your bank and withdraw the money without paying any ATM fee.

I know it involves more steps and may take some time. But if you don’t want to pay an ATM withdrawal fee or want a free ATM for Cash App this method will definitely work.

Free ATM For Cash App 5

Can I take money using Cash App Card?

Yes, of course, that is why they are giving Cash App Card. Your Cash App card is a VISA-powered card that you can use at ATM to withdraw cash. Cash App fund withdrawal is not free as we have discussed above.

You will be subject to a $2 flat fee for any withdrawal from ATM. You can also top up your Cash Card so that your shopping goes uninterrupted. If you have a balance in your Cash App Account you can use it to purchase things online.

Cash App Card can also be used at many retail stores to buy things. Remember that Cash App card online uses the money that is in your Cash App Account and not in your bank account.

How to use Cash App Card ATM- Step by Step

  1. Find the nearest ATM
  2. Make sure that the ATM accepts VISA card
  3. Insert your Cash Card in the ATM.
  4. Some ATMs online require you to swipe the card too.
  5. You will then be asked by the ATM to enter your Cash Card PIN
  6. Make sure that you enter the correct PIN
  7. You will then be given the options to chose from.
  8. Select withdraw funds
  9. Then enter the amount that you want to withdraw from the ATM (Keep in mind that there are transaction limits in place)
  10. Once done the Cash will be sent to the lower slot of ATM from where you can collect it.
  11. You can choose to collect the paper receipt too.
  12. Take your card out before leaving.

Is it possible to use VISA Debit Card to withdraw money from ATM?

Yes, it is possible to withdraw money from ATM using VISA Card. All you need to make sure is that the ATM card is VISA powered because outside the US there are many places that do not accept VISA. As long as you are in the USA you don’t have to worry about it. Just enter the card and enter your PIN to withdraw money from ATM

What ATM to use for Cash App money withdrawals?

Depends on where you are, if you are outside the US or UK you will not be allowed to use it. If you are in the US or UK all you have to do is make sure that ATM accepts VISA. You can withdraw money using ATMs nationwide.

The PIN that you have set when you activated the Cash Card is the one that you will be used to withdraw money from ATM.

Cash App Atm statistics

Data source: National Cash


Using Cash Card in ATM Outside the US?

Cash App only works in the UK other than the US. So if you are in the UK you can use Cash App card at the ATM nationwide. But if you are outside of the US and UK then you won’t be able to use the Cash Card at ATM even if it accepts VISA.

Remember that the VISA debit card of Cash App is not international so you will not be able to withdraw funds from ATM that is not in US or UK.

Cash App Debit Card can only be used in the U.S and With the merchants within the U.S., You can not pay international merchants even if you are physically present in the U.S.

Ways to Avoid Paying High ATM Fees

There are ways that you can consider when it comes to saving money and avoiding High ATM fees. It mainly depends on your planning and spending habits.

  1. Your bank gives you the option to withdraw money from Franchise owned ATMs for free. Try to use your own Bank ATM that is close to you to avoid paying extra ATM charges.
  2. Switch to Cash-Back options when paying at stores and shops.
  3. Deposit $300 in your Cash App every month to get instant reimbursements on every ATM withdrawal.
  4. Reduce the frequency of cash withdrawal at ATMs and opt to withdraw bigger amounts.

Can I find my Cash App withdrawal history?

Yes, it is easy to keep track of your withdrawal history whether it is an online purchase or ATM withdrawal. you can simply tap on the activity tab on the home screen of your Cash App. You can check the status of each payment by simply tapping on the individual payment.

Protect unauthorized ATM withdrawals

If you have lost your ATM card or if it is stolen. You should block it quickly. Cash App gives an option to block your ATM Card quickly. If you suspect any unusual activity or any unknown purchase you should quickly block your card.

Good thing is that your can re-enable your disabled card anytime. If you found your lost card you can enable it is again through a few simple steps.


Frequent Asked Questions

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Cash withdrawals at ATMs through Cash App Card are not free. they are charged directly from your Cash App balance. Cash App will charge $1.50 to $3.50 for the ATM withdrawals. There are no free Cash App ATMs but there are two ways that you can use to avoid Cash Withdrawals at ATMs.

Just make your spending habits better, plan well to avoid any unknown or hidden fees that you might have to pay. Always keep your eyes open for unauthorized payments from your card.

I hope this article was helpful, let me know in the comments how do you manage your accounts and avoid paying an extra fee.