9 Simplest Steps to Find Someone on Cash App by Username

Square Inc has created a marvel. Cash App with more than 7 million active users is one of the most loved apps in the U.S and Great Britain. Cash App is preferred by millions when it comes to online payments.

Cash App has a great interface and easy-to-use design which makes is it popular among its users. You can pay your bills and transfer funds to your family and friends instantly. To send or receive the money you need to add that person.

You can use one of the following methods.

1- You can use the Cashtag or Cash App username to add someone.

2- You can also send money to someone if you have their Email

3- You can send money to someone if you have their phone number too.

Looking for how to find someone on Cash App by username?

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How to find someone by Cash App user name?

If you want to find someone on Cash App through the username or $Cashtag all you have to do is go to any non-mobile browser and search cash.app/$someones_$cashtag and hit “Enter”, You will then see the information of the recipient on the screen.

If you want to send the payment to a person you have to add their $Cashtag which is their Cash App username, email address, and their phone number.

Remember that you need to set up your Cash App account first in order to send or receive money.

9 Simplest Steps to Find Someone on Cash App by Username

If you are trying to find someone on Cash App follow these simple steps

  1. Launch Cash App on your mobile device.
  2. Type in Cash App user name or $Cashtag.
  3. Give Cash App access to your phone’s contacts
  4. Tap on the “Profile” icon
  5. Tap on the “Person” logo on the screen
  6. Click on the “Invite Friends” and get the $5 option.
  7. You can also manually search by entering the phone number, or email address.
  8. Cash App will search the contacts and those with a green alert sign have Cash App.
  9. Select the contact and send the money.

How to use Cash App username search?

This is a very easy process you can easily search for the person in the Cash App by typing in the $Cashtag username of the person.

Simply go to the App and search the contacts from within the app, type in the username and Cash App will search the users with the same $Cashtag.

Why I am getting an Error searching for that $Cashtag?

You might sometimes get an error message stating “Error searching for that $Cashtag”, this is a common error that you get if you are entering the wrong Cash App username or $Cashtag. Recheck the spellings and enter the $Cashtag again in the search.

If it still gives the same error, try looking it up a different way, go to cash.app/$cashtagoftheperson and it will bring all the details of the person. If you still can’t find the person and you are sure that you have just done a transaction with them, chances are that the person you are trying to search for has blocked you.

Do you know about Cash App Carding?

How to find someone on Cash App by Username

If you can’t find someone on Cash App by username then the person could be a scammer, people on Cash App who try to scam others usually do this, once they are done with the scam they block the other user so they can not find them by username.

In that case, if you have not sent the money already, you are safe. If you have already fallen for the scam and you have transferred the money then the chances are that you are not gonna get the money back.

You should still contact the Cash App customer support but most probably you are not gonna get your money back because Cash App is not a bank, it is just a P2P payment platform and it doesn’t provide any payment protection in case of a scam.

That is why I personally recommend Cash App for small payments and for larger transactions Direct Deposit via bank. It is okay to send money to people that you know well but for the unknown receiver, it is better to avoid Cash App.

How to find someone phone number on Cash App?

It is not possible to find someone’s phone number on Cash App. It is for the protection of the customers. Cash App doesn’t share the private information of its customers with others. Even if you have someone’s $Cashtag the only information displayed would be the name.

Cash App doesn’t give any details on can you find the contact information of the particular person. So it is pretty much impossible to find someone’s phone number on Cash App.

How to send money with a Cash App username?

If you are a new Cash App user and you don’t know how to send money just follow these simple steps, it is very easy and you don’t need extra information other than an active linked bank account and the $Cashtag of the recipient

  1. Launch Cash App
  2. Tap on the dollar sign “$” which you will see on the home screen of the App
  3. Enter the amount that you want to transfer
  4. Tap on “Pay” at the bottom right corner
  5. Add the recipient’s details. You can choose to enter email, $Cashtag, username or phone number.
  6. You can also choose recipients from the contacts by giving Cash App access to your contacts.
  7. Enter the reason for payment in the “For” field
  8. Finally, tap on “Pay

Follow these steps to send money to any Cash App user account. Make sure that you check your daily Cash App limits before sending money. Cash App verified accounts get the freedom of sending huge amounts of money.

How to find someone on Cash App by Phone Number?

It is very easy to find people on Cash App. You can simply go to your Cash App phone book and search for the contact you are looking for. You can also find someone by simply allowing Cash App access to your phone book and then searching for the contact from the Cash App itself.

You will see a green sign with the contacts that are using Cash App.

cashtag tip

How to Cash App username lookup?

To use the Cash App username lookup feature, the first thing you need to do is to give permission to the Cash App to have the access to your mobile contacts. Don’t worry your contact information is safe with Cash App.

After giving permissions now you can find any contact by using Cash App username lookup. All you have to do is type in the username and it will search and bring up their $Cashtag. If you are looking for unique Cash App usernames, I have custom made coolest $Cashtag list for you, it is unique and the latest. Check it out.

Sometimes you search for the name and Cash App gives an error that it can not find the contact, in that case just wait for a moment and try again. If the problem persists I would advise contacting Cash App Customer support.

You can also add new contacts directly from your Cash App. If the person is one Cash App whether he is currently active or not he can be added. You can also win free money as a referral bonus which is $5 if you refer someone and they join Cash App using your referral.

To invite someone to Cash App simply tap on the “invite” written next to their contact. Cash App will then send the contact a message and that message will contain a unique referral code that they can use to join Cash App.

Each person that joins Cash App using the referral code that you have sent will give you a reward of $5 on Cash App. You can also win a lot more rewards and add free money to your Cash App account. Here are the Top 13 Methods to add free money to your Cash App account legally.

Can I search someone on Cash App?

Yes, searching for someone on Cash App is very easy. You can search for someone on Cash App by simply entering their username in the contact search section. You can also search for someone by entering their phone number.

Search for someone who is in your contact lists. If some are not in your contact list and you want to search for them, you can look them up by using their $Cashtag. You can also search for them on the web by visiting cash.app/$cashtagname and it will search the person for you.

If you are planning to use Cash App as the primary gateway of payment then to send or receive the money you need to know a few things before you can send or receive funds, you will need to know the $Cashtag or the phone number.

how to send money on cash app through $cashtag


Cash App is a great application and is a very secure platform. If you were looking for the answer to How to find someone on Cash App by username, I am sure you have found the right solution.

You have to add the contact to your contacts list, you can search for the contact form within the app by giving the Cash App access to the contacts.

You can then search for the name of the person from the App or Add them manually from the contact list. Make sure you enter the right information about the person. Always make sure that you are sending money to a trusted person.

Never share your contact information with anyone. Stay safe

I hope this information was helpful, please share your thoughts in the comments below.



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