Does Chase Bank Use Zelle? A Complete Guide

Does Chase bank use Zelle? Yes, chase bank uses Zelle, in fact, Zelle is a P2P platform offered by Chase Bank itself. Zelle was formerly known as Chase Quickpay.

So if you were looking for the answer to Does Chase Bank use Zelle? Then the answer is Yes, however, if you want to learn more about Zelle, how it works and what are the payment limits on Zelle, then you must read on, as in this article I will discuss everything about Zelle in detail.

Let’s dive in…

What is Zelle?

Zelle basically is a P2P feature by Chase Bank, It is a feature that means it is not a stand-alone platform. Chase Bank offers this feature to compete with other P2P platforms like Venmo, Cash App, PayPal, etc.

You can use Zelle to send and receive instant payments from your friends and family, and other Zelle members from within the banking apps of Zelle member banks.

There is a huge network of banks participating in the Zelle Network. Among them are Bank of America, Wells Fargo, U.S Bank, and Capital One. This List contains the names of all participating banks.

With this massive Network over 100 million customers can enjoy the services of Zelle, from their mobile banking apps.

Does Chase Bank Use Zelle?

Chase bank allows its users to send and receive money through its P2P feature known as Zelle. It connects banks and credit unions all across America for its consumers to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions.

Chase uses Zelle to make sure that the transactions are fast, secure, and protected against fraud. Zelle is supported by VISA and MasterCard Network.

How Do I Use Zelle?

You might think how I can download Zelle and start using it? But to your surprise, there is no need of doing it. It is a feature offered by Chase bank, and you can use it from your Chase Bank App. Still, if you want to have the app, you can download it here.

Chase bank uses Zelle as a feature in its own Chase banking app, you do not have to download an extra app to use Zelle, this is one of the best features of Zelle.

Zelle is also included in all of the banking applications of partner banks of Zelle. Chase bank has made it easier for users to use Zelle, instead of downloading and trusting your data to a third-party app, you can enjoy P2P features from your Chase Bank App.

How to Start Using Zelle?

If you are new to this platform, then you should know that you will have to have a standard checking or savings account with Chase Bank. If you are not a Chase bank customer you can still use Zelle to send and receive money.

To start using Zelle with Chase you will first have to sign up.

Follow these steps to sign up for Zelle

1- Log in to your Chase banking app

Does Chase Bank Use Zelle?

2- Tap “Pay & Transfer”

Does Chase Bank Use Zelle?

3- Next, tap on “Send Money With Zelle”

Does Chase Bank Use Zelle?

4- Hit “Get Started”

Does Chase Bank Use Zelle?

5- Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions

6- Select the Account that you want to use with Zelle

Does Chase Bank Use Zelle?

7- Enter your Email or Phone Number

Does Chase Bank Use Zelle?

8- Enter the security code that you have received 

Does Chase Bank Use Zelle?

9- Tap Done

Does Chase Bank Use Zelle?

You have now signed up to use Zelle with Chase bank, enjoy transferring money through Zelle and make online purchases.

How to Use Zelle to Send Money?

Chase bank uses Zelle to help its customers to send and receive money online. If you want to learn how can you send money through Zelle then follow these steps.

  1. Sign in to your Chase Mobile App
  2. Hit “Pay & Transfer”
  3. Tap on “Send Money With Zelle”
  4. Select the recipient or add a new recipient
  5. Enter the amount that you want to transfer
  6. Chose your bank account
  7. Tap “Send”
  8. Review details and hit “Send it Now”
  9. Tap Done

Zelle also allows its users to create repeated payments, you can set details of a payment that you want to be sent automatically or repeatedly, choose the contact, add the amount that you want to send, enter the payment details and select the frequency of payment. Your payment will be sent at that particular time.

Is it Safe to Use Zelle?

Zelle is a platform that is backed by Chase Bank, it is safe to use this application, however, you should only be sending money to people that you know and trust.

Chase Bank uses Zelle to add an extra layer of security, you will not be able to see the account information of the receiver as well as your own account number will also be not displayed.

Chase bank doesn’t protect or cover purchases if you use Zelle to pay for goods or services, which is kinda downside of using Zelle.

What are the Payment Limits on Zelle?

Payment limits on Zelle vary from bank to bank, so if your credit union or bank offers Zelle then you will have to contact them to ask about the payment limits.

If your bank or credit union does not offer Zelle support then your weekly payment limit is only $500, which is really low. However, the good thing about it is that you can send money to the platforms that don’t offer Zelle.

Payment limits on Zelle are low and you can not request an increase in the payment limits, other platforms like Cash App have set payment limits but there are ways to increase payment limits on Cash App.

What Are Some Good Things About Using Zelle?

The best thing about using Zelle in my opinion is the feature that involves the instant transfer between banks. Unlike other P2P platforms like Venmo or Cash App, your money stays at the safest place, the bank.

Normally P2P platforms work as a digital wallet, they keep your money with them unless you transfer it to the bank manually. Also, these P2P apps are third-party applications that require sensitive financial data.

I personally do not feel comfortable sharing my data to this payment platform, as your data is always at risk, you might have heard about the Recent Cash App data breach. This is not the case with Zelle.

With Zelle you will receive money directly to your bank account, whether you have a bank account with Zelle member banks or not, there is no third party involved.


Does Chase Bank Use Zelle? You know now, Chase bank uses Zelle as a P2P payment feature that allows you to send and receive money from your friends and family.

You can also use Zelle to make online purchases and pay at stores. Zelle is presented as an alternative to third-party P2P payment apps. You do not have to download the Zelle app if your banking app has an integrated Zelle feature.

I hope this article was helpful, leave your thoughts in the comment section as it helps me and other users reading this blog.