How To Contact Cash App Fraud Department?

Cash App users want to know how can they Contact Cash App fraud department in case of scams or fraudulent activity. Cash App does provide your fraud protection to some extent.

Cash App is a popular payment platform that is used by millions of people to send and receive payments, being a popular guy in the market Cash App is always a target of scammers.

Let’s talk about Cash App’s fraud department, and how it helps people in case of a scam or a fraudulent transaction. There are a few things that you must understand about Cash App so that you know when can you get your money back and what type of scams on Cash App are not covered.

Let’s dive in…

Does Cash App Have a Fraud Department?

Online financial platforms are vulnerable to scams, and the number of incidents is rising every year. Cash App has now over 36 million active users, so what can they do if they are scammed?

Maybe you are scammed by someone and you want to contact Cash App fraud department to report this scam, Unfortunately, there is no separate Fraud Department in Cash App that you can contact.

There is, however, support by Cash App that will help you deal with the unfortunate incident. Cash App support, in other words, acts as a fraud department that helps people in case of a fraudulent transaction.

What Kind Of Payments is Protected In Case Of Fraud?

There are a few things that you need to understand first.

1- Cash App deals money as Hard Cash, so if you have given it to someone, it is gone.

2- Cash App is only facilitating your payments and does not take responsibility for who you pay.

3- If you pay someone with consent, Cash App won’t offer fraud protection.

4- You can dispute payments in some cases and you will probably get your money back

In short, payments that are personal do not fall under Cash App fraud protection, however, the payments that are for the purchase of goods and services can be disputed.

Will Cash App Fraud Department Help You In Case Of a Scam?

I will explain it with an example, Let’s say you met someone on Instagram, who is selling a pet. You liked the pet and you want to purchase it. Both of you agree at a price, and you transfer the funds on Cash App.

Now, let’s say that person was a con artist, he doesn’t deliver what he promised. You will for his fraud, now this kind of payment can not be disputed at Cash App Fraud department.

You can only get the money back if the person is kind enough to give the money back to you. Otherwise, you are not protected.

Let’s look at another example.

You were sending money to your friend and you have sent it to someone else by mistake. You can not dispute this payment too, Cash App will not protect you in this case too.

What Kind of Frauds Are Protected on Cash App?

The general rule is that P2P payments which fall under the category of personal transactions do not fall under Cash App fraud protection. If you have bought someone from a merchant, and you have not received the product that was promised, you can dispute this payment.

Cash App allows its users to file a fraud protection case if they purchased something from a merchant and were scammed.

Following are some scenarios in which you can ask Cash App fraud department for help

1- If you never received the promised goods

2- If the goods were not the same as promised

3- If the delivery was not on time

4- If the equipment was broken or faulty right from the box

If you encounter any of the above situations you can contact Cash App Fraud department and file a dispute against the merchant.

How to Contact Cash App Fraud Department?

You can contact Cash App fraud department in 3 different ways. You can contact Cash App’s official phone number, You can contact Cash App Support from within the app using email, or you can use the live chat option.

Here is how you can contact the Cash App Fraud department:

1- Cash App Phone Number

Call 1 (800) 969-1940 to contact Cash App support in order to file a dispute against the merchant, you might have to provide some information related to the transaction.

2- Contact Cash App Fraud Department Using App

You can also contact Cash App Support by following these steps

  • Launch Cash App
  • Tap on your profile icon
  • Select “Support”
  • Select “Something Else”
  • Tap on “Account Settings”
  • Then select “Contact Support”

3- Contact Cash App Fraud Department Using Live Chat

Cash App also introduced a live chat feature recently that you can use to report a scam or dispute a payment. Here is how you can contact Cash App

  1. Launch Cash App
  2. Tap on your “Profile”
  3. Tap on “Support”
  4. Then tap on “Start a Chat”

How Do I Get Money Back From Cash App Fraud?

You can get your money back from Cash App if you have paid for some goods and services but you have not received the goods as promised. Your money is also FDIC insured if you have a Cash Card, so make sure you apply for your Cash Card as soon as possible so that you can get your money back in case of fraud or if the company goes bankrupt.

Here is how you can dispute a payment in case of a fraud

1- Launch Cash App

2- Tap on the “Activity” tab

3- Select the payment

4- Tap on the three dots to open the option menu

5- Select “Need Help and Cash App Support”

6- Tap “Dispute this transaction”

Keep in mind that disputing a transaction doesn’t guarantee a refund.

How to Avoid Cash App Frauds?

You do not need to contact Cash App fraud department if you can avoid the fraud itself, and it is very easy to do that, you just gotta be a little more careful.

Never trust unknown people over the internet, do not fall for schemes like $750 or someone who promises a large amount of reward in the future.

Do not share your credentials with anyone over the internet, you might be asked to use websites like 4inject Cash App $750, such kind of websites ask you to sign up with your Cash App credentials.

Do not respond to emails that are from unknown sources. If you feel that your account has been compromised change your password and contact Cash App fraud department ASAP.


Cash App fraud department or Cash App Support will help you find the best solution that applies to your problem, keep in mind that if you have sent the money to someone, chances are you have lost it.

Cash App will not be able to refund the payment, however, if you have paid for a product or service to the merchant that is using Cash App business account you can then dispute the payment and request the refund.

I hope this article was helpful and you have got the information that you were looking for. Share your thoughts in the comments below.