How to Get Chargeback on Cash App? 2023 Guide

Chargeback, For some it is a relief and for others, it is a headache. As a buyer you may ask Can I claim chargeback on Cash App? No, You can’t do that on Cash App, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do a chargeback at all.

Cash App reached heights of popularity in recent years, People are using it for P2P payments because of its functionality and ease of use. Small businesses also started to use Cash App as a payment platform.

Chargebacks haunt the merchants because they have to go through the painful process of dealing with the banks and then they lose their profit, they also have to pay the extra fee. Small business owners, who are using Cash App might also wonder if someone can Claim chargeback on Cash App.

In this article, I am going to explain everything that you need to know about chargeback on Cash App as a merchant as well as a buyer.

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What is Chargeback?

Chargeback is basically a demand from a buyer to a seller, in which the seller has to return the money if the transaction is deemed fraudulent or if it is disputed.

If the transaction was through a debit card or credit card, The cardholder disputes the transaction and requests the bank to reverse it. The bank then investigates and if the decision is in the favor of the buyer, The money will be returned.

If the bank rules in the favor of the merchant, the money is not returned.

That is how basically chargeback works. Now the question is can you Chargeback on Cash App? if you can, then how? and if you can’t Chargeback then what to do?

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Can you Chargeback on Cash App?

It is not possible to claim Chargeback on Cash App. Cash App is a P2P platform and they treat the transaction as cash, once given there is no way you can get it back unless the receiver has a change of mind and he decides to give you Cashback on Cash App.

However, Cash App has policies and ways to request a refund and dispute a payment. If you request a refund it depends on the seller if he gives you a Chargeback or not.

If you dispute a payment, you will involve Cash App to investigate the problem.

Chargeback statitics infographic

Do Chargebacks apply on Cash App?

According to U.S. law, Chargebacks are only applicable if the payments involve a card, whether debit or credit.

Now we all know that Cash App is an app and you send money through the app to the app, which doesn’t involve a credit or debit card. That is the reason you can’t file a chargeback to Cash App directly to reverse the payment.

If you are a Cash App verified user you must have linked your Credit/Debit card to your account, so somehow you have involved your card in the transaction. Therefore, you can do a Chargeback through your bank.

How does Cash App Handle Chargebacks?

Cash App chargebacks are handled in two ways

1- Refund Requests of Cashbacks

2- Payment disputes for Cashback

We will discuss each separately so that you understand both ways to get your money back on Cash App.

Refund Requests of Cashbacks

Cash App doesn’t take responsibility for any online transaction that you do. You need to be very careful about to who you are sending money. Once sent you won’t be getting it back. Cash App gives you a shot to “Request a Refund”.

Let’s say you made a transaction and now you have changed your mind. You can request a refund through Cash App. This request has no official value if the person you sent money to has a good heart he might accept your request and return the money.

If he doesn’t want to do that, no one can force him to give you a chargeback on Cash App.

That is the exact reason people are scammed on Cash App.

Payment Disputes for Cashback

Cash App users have the right to file a dispute in case of a scam or fraud. Then Cash App will look into the matter and if the funds are reversible you will get your money back. Cash App also issues a debit card to its users, that debit card is VISA powered. Therefore if you use Cash Card to make a payment, you are eligible to file a Chargeback.

Cash Card is VISA powered so you can claim Chargeback on Cash App through VISA. You can file a case directly with VISA, they will then look into the matter and if the bank favors you, you will get your money back.

Chargeback cash app

How to Request a Chargeback on Cash App?

You need first think if this matter needs to be solved this way. If there is a problem with the purchase you can first talk to the vendor, explain your issue, and hopefully, they will understand if your point is reasonable.

If the merchant agrees you can simply go to your Cash App and request a refund, this refund will be instantly transferred to your Cash App balance.

If the merchant doesn’t agree and you think that your stance is right then you can contact Cash App, explain your problem and file a dispute. Cash App will then look into the issue and see what can be done.

In some situations, Cash App will also suggest you file a Chargeback through your bank.

You should have some supporting documents to support your claim. You might need to show proof of payment as well as receipts from the merchant. You will need these documents if it comes to a Chargeback.

Valid Reasons to Request a Chargeback.

It is not easy going through all the processes of Chargeback. It could be a hassle for both parties. Before filing a Chargeback on Cash App you should think carefully about the reason for which you are filing a Chargeback.

Here are some of the valid reasons that make you eligible to claim a Chargeback.

1- Product not delivered

If you have used an online store and purchased a product. Normally the item will be sent to you and will be delivered in time. However, if the product has not been delivered and the merchant is not giving a satisfactory response or not responding at all.

You have a valid reason to file a Chargeback on Cash App.

2- Payment processing error

If the website of the merchant has some internal problem and it is not processing the payments correctly you might face a problem. Maybe the payment that you have tried the first time was not properly processed and you try again.

This time the website deducts the money from your account for both transactions. You end up paying twice for the same item. You can first explain the issue to the merchant and ask for a refund. If they agree, great but if they don’t you have the right to file a Chargeback dispute case.

3- Scams 

Cash App takes serious actions against frauds and scams. If you fall victim to a scam you should request a Cash App Chargeback. Cash App will undergo a thorough investigation of the problem and if it goes in your favor you will get your money back.

Cash App will also take action against fraudsters and scammers, Cash App will block the account of a scammer and freezers their funds.

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how to Cashback Cash App

Invalid Chargeback Requests

Cash App doesn’t guarantee a Chargeback so you should be very careful before filing a Chargeback because it is a time taking process. If your reasons for a Chargeback are not valid, your request can be declined.

1- Unnecessary returns

If you have ordered something and you have got the same item exactly the way you wanted but the merchant won’t accept the return, this is not a valid reason to file a Chargeback on Cash App. You will not get your money back.

It is better not to file a chargeback in this case.

2- Fake Chargebacks

If you have bought something using Cash App and then later you deny the purchase stating that it wasn’t you who made the purchase. This is a fake chargeback. You might get a penalty for doing this. It is a serious crime.

How Cash App keeps its users Safe?

Cash App also provides its user with a few choices when it comes to online payment and transactions.

1- Payment Cancellation

2- Refunds

3- Cash App Chargeback

How to Use Payment Cancelation on Cash App?

You can use the Cash App payment as long as it is pending. When you make a purchase, funds from your account are deducted and are instantly transferred to the other account. They can’t usually be canceled.

But if the payment is pending, for some reason you can quickly cancel your payment by following these steps.

Step 1- Tap on the “Activity” icon, it’s that little clock icon in the bottom right of the Cash App home screen.

Step 2- Select the payment that is pending

Step 3- Tap on the three dots “…” on the top right corner of the screen to open more options.

Step 4- Now tap on “Cancel Payment” if the option is available.

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If you are unable to cancel a payment it means that the payment is no longer pending and is already been received by the merchant. So now you can request a refund.

Step 1- Tap on the “Activity” icon

Step 2- Select a payment

Step 3- Tap on three dots “…” to open additional options.

Step 4- Tap on “Refund”

Now the refund request completely depends on the merchant, if they have a good heart they will probably return your money. They are not legally compelled to do so

Cash App Chargeback

This is the last option that you can go for if the merchant doesn’t agree to refund the money. You can simply apply for a Chargeback on Cash App by following these steps.

Step 1- Tap on your “Profile” icon in the top right corner of your Cash App.

Step 2- Tap on “Cash Support”

Step 3- Choose “Something Else”

Step 4- Select “Relevant Issue”

Step 5- Tap on “Contact support”

Your request for Chargeback on Cash App will be sent, and a representative will contact you through your email soon. Make sure that your contact details on Cash App are up to date.

You will have to provide a valid reason for filing a Cashback and you should also have supporting evidence.

chargeback cash app

Cash App Chargeback for businesses

If you are the owner of a small business and one of your customers files a Chargeback against you. Cash App will first contact you regarding the issue. You will be investigated by Cash App which is time-consuming.

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You will be required to respond to emails regularly. After the investigation, if Cash App determines that you failed to deliver the services or the product and the customer is right, the money will be automatically deducted from your account.

This money will be added to the customer’s Cash App account who filed the Chargeback.

As a business, you should consider a valid refund request first. If you think that the customer’s demand is not impractical. It is better to simply give them a refund and save the time that will be wasted on the Cash App Chargeback investigation.


Cash App chargebacks are not very well developed. It is not the solution that you should rely on. Cash App’s transactions are mostly irreversible, once the funds left your Cash App account they are probably never coming back.

That is why I always advise users to only send money to people or online shops that are trustworthy. Cash App charge disputes may help sometimes but still, you won’t be getting money back most of the time.

I hope this article was helpful, I tried to provide all the relevant information regarding Cash App Chargebacks. If you got what you were looking for, please leave your valuable comment.

Let us all know if you ever filed a Chargeback dispute on Cash App and how did it end. Your first-hand experience will guide a lot of readers.



Frequently Asked Questions


I got scammed on Cash App what do I do?

Cash App transactions are usually irreversible and chances are that your money is gone. There is little hope if you file a Cash App funds dispute. Cash App will look into the problem and they might be able to retrieve your funds.

How to get money back on Cash App if Scammed?

If you have been scammed on Cash App, you can contact Cash App Support and file a chargeback dispute. Cash App will look into the issue and they may be able to help you out.

Cash App transactions can not be reversed. If you have lost your money to someone, you are not gonna get it back.

How long does a Cash App dispute take?

It will take a minimum of up to 10 business days, sometimes it may take much longer than this as Cash App tries to settle the dispute between two parties.