Cash App Won’t Scan Back of ID- 2023 New Guide

Does your Cash App Won’t Scan Back of ID? Well, then you are not alone my friend. This issue is faced by many and people are looking for a way to fix it.

Cash App allows its users to send up to $7500 per week if you have verified your Cash App account. For verification, you will have to provide your personal details to Cash App like your SSN and you will be asked to scan your ID.

This is where people face problems, you will be able to scan the front of your ID but Cash App won’t scan the back of ID.

Here in this article, I will discuss the “Cash App Won’t Scan Back of ID” issue and some fixes that you can try to solve this problem.

Let’s dive in…

Why Cash App Requires you to Scan ID?

Cash App is an online P2P app and is used by millions to transfer funds from one account to another. To comply with the federal laws Cash App requires to verify its users so that problems like money laundering or fraudulent payments can be avoided.

For the verification Cash App requires its users to submit personal details like Full name, Date of birth, street address, and government-issued ID.

You can type in other details while verifying your account but for your government ID or Driver’s license, you will be asked to scan the front and the back of your ID. The problem occurs when Cash App won’t scan the back of your ID.

How to Fix “Cash App Won’t Scan Back of My ID”?

Cash App won’t scan the back of your ID for various reasons. Some reasons are related to hardware issues while others are related to software problems, we will discuss each one by one.

Hardware Issues

Hardware issues that may cause Cash App won’t scan my ID are related to the device that you are using to scan your ID.

Many users over the internet have reported that they are unable to scan their ID from Samsung s10+. Users report that they were able to scan the front of the ID but Cash App won’t scan the back of the ID.

However, one of the users reports on Reddit that when he changed the phone to Pixel 3 he was able to solve the problem.

Here is another thread on Reddit that shows Cash App won’t let users scan the back of their ID.

Not able to scan back of driver’s license from CashApp

Now, these issues clearly show that one of the problems is device-related.


If Cash App won’t scan the back of the ID, you should try switching the device. I am not saying that you should buy a new device. Try to log in to your account from another device and then scan the back of your ID with Cash App.

If you are unable to scan the back of your ID from an Android device try using an iPhone and if you can’t scan the ID from iPhone try switching to an Android phone.

Software Issues

Sometimes the Cash App won’t scan your ID because of software issues. If switching devices didn’t fix the issue you should look into the software issues related to Cash App that may cause this problem.

1- Outdated Cash App 

If you are using an outdated Cash App application you won’t be able to scan the back of your ID.

It is a normal practice that most of us turn off the automatic updates of apps. So you might be using an outdated application which is causing this problem.


Check for the latest updates and then try scanning your ID again.

Outdated Software

Cash App responded to a user on Twitter about this problem and has asked the user to check for the device’s software update.

This shows that if your device is using an older version of software you won’t be able to scan the back of your ID.


Check for the software update of your device and here is how you can do it.

For Android 

  • Connect your phone to WiFi
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Scroll all the way down and tap “About Phone”
  • Wait for your phone to check for the updates
  • Tap on the “Update” button which will appear if the newer version is available.

For iPhone

To check and update the software on your iPhone follow these steps

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Then tap on “Generals”
  • Now tap on “Software Update”.

Cash App Servers Are Down

You can also face “Cash App won’t scan back of ID” if the servers of Cash App are down. Submission of ID completes when both front and back are scanned, but if the servers are down you won’t be able to submit your ID.

Cash App handles millions of transactions and these transactions are carried on the back of hundreds of servers used by Cash App.

Sometimes the server can get overloaded and crash. In this case, Cash App won’t be able to provide all of the services.

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Check Cash App server status by clicking here or simply contact Cash App Support to get the updates. Learn more About Is Cash App Down?

Cash App Down


Cash App might not scan your ID if you are using a VPN, as we all know VPN changes your location which may affect how Cash App works. Also if you are connected to unsecured or public WiFi you will face problems and Cash App won’t scan the back of your ID.


Disconnect your VPN and unsecured WiFi. Try submitting your verification information when you are connected to your mobile data or any safe WiFi.

Miscellaneous fixes

Cash App Bugs

Sometimes Cash App won’t scan the back of your ID if it is buggy. Your application will not be able to perform all of the tasks in this case.

Try force-stopping the application and then try scanning your ID again.

Clear the Cache

Try scanning the front and the back of your ID after clearing the cache of the app. This also affects the different functions of the application.

Points to Consider when Scanning your ID

These are some good practices that you can follow when scanning your driver’s license or ID.

1- Make sure that the place where are you are taking the photo is well lit.

2- Align the ID and the scan area on your app correctly.

3- Try not to use Flashlight while scanning the back of the ID.

4- Make sure that the area is glare-free and there are no reflections.

5- Try scanning your ID in a dark background.

6- Make sure that your ID is not expired.

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Cash App requires you to submit your government-issued ID to verify your account. Here is how you can verify your Cash App account in case you don’t know.

If the “Cash App won’t scan back of ID” issue persists after applying these fixes, I would suggest that you should contact Cash App Support for further assistance.

I hope this guide was helpful and your problem is solved. Please share your thoughts in the comments section as they provide insights and guidelines for me as well as for many other readers.



Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Cash App Not Accepting My ID?

Cash App may not accept your ID for various reasons

1- Your Cash App is outdated

2- You may have a hardware issue on your device

3- You are not following the correct scanning practices

4- Your device is affected by a malware

5- You are connected unsecured internet connection.

How do I verify my ID on Cash App?

To verify your ID on Cash App you will have to provide your personal details to Cash App like SSN, DOB, Street address, and scanned ID or driver’s license. Once you have all of the information you can verify your ID on the Cash App.

How do I Verify my Cash App without an ID?

If you are under 18 and you do not have an ID, You can still use Cash App. You can use the ID of your parent’s or guardian’s ID to get your Cash App account approved. If you are over 18 and you do not have a government-issued ID you can use your Alien Residence permit to get yourself verified.