How to Get Cash App Cards For Kids 2023?

Cash App provides its users with a VISA-powered Debit Card. Do they offer Cash App Cards for kids? Can you get a Cash Card for your teenage son? Let’s find out.

Cash App is one of the most popular online P2P payment platforms with over 37 million active users. Kids don’t wanna miss out, and they also want to enjoy the cashless payment era.

Can you get a Cash App Card if you are under 18? Well, yes you can. Cash App allows users who do not have SSN to apply for Cash App Card and use it. Cash App cards for kids are available.

In this article, I am going to explain everything that your need to know about Cash App Cards for kids in 2022.

Let’s dive in…

What is a Cash App Card?

Cash App gives a free debit card that is powered by VISA. This prepaid card is linked to your Cash App account and you can use this card to make online payments. You can also use the Cash App Card to withdraw money easily at any ATM.

Cash App Card for Kids

You can open a Cash App account with your email, so it doesn’t matter if you are a kid or an adult, all you need is an email address to open a Cash App Account. However, opening a Cash App account is just not enough.

You will have to connect your bank account if you want to use Cash App for payment. To do that you gotta verify yourself boy.

Verification on Cash App for kids is not possible as they do not have SSN or driver’s license. There is a method though that you can use to set up an account for a minor.

How to Set Up Cash App Account for Kids?

Cash App allows anyone from the age of 13+ to set up and use a Cash App account. Kids can enjoy all the features of Cash App including P2P transactions, online purchases, and money withdrawals.

Cash App for kids needs only one thing that is slightly different, For Cash App Kids account approval of parents or guardians is required. Once your Guardian approves your account. You can unlock the powers of the Cash App.

Cash App Cards for Kids

How to Get Cash App Card for Kids?

Once you have got the approval from your parents or guardian. You are ready to apply for Cash App Card. Kids can use this card to withdraw money and pay at stores.

follow these steps to order Cash App Card for Kids

1- Launch Cash App

2- Tap on the “Cash” tab 

3- Choose your Card style, customize if you like

4- Enter your Name

5- Provide your DOB

6- Provide the information of your guardian

7- Tap “send”

How to Customise Cash App Card for Kids?

For us adults, a black debit card is enough we usually don’t care if the card is stylish or attractive, we just need it to do transactions.

But teens or kids love to test their creativity. They just want to make things look, attractive and beautiful. Cash App Card for kids should be colorful. Kids can customize their cards as they like. Here is how you can customize Cash App Card for teens.

1- Launch Cash App

2- Select the Cash Card Tab

3- Tap on “Get Free Cash Card”

4- Choose Base Color, you can choose from Black, white, glow in dark or Cash App x HBA and tap Continue

5- Add your $cashtag. Here are the unique $cashtags that you can choose from.

6- Customise your card (add doodles or graffiti) 

7- Enter the mailing address and submit.

After submission Cash App will detect that the account belongs to the kid and they will require some details about the guardians. You will then have to provide the email, name, and $cashtag of your guardian or parent.

A customized Cash App Card for your kid will be sent to your mailing address and you will receive it in 7-10 days.

How to Approve Cash App Card for kids as a guardian?

Once the card request by the kid or the teen’s Cash App account has been generated. Cash App will contact the guardian through the details provided at the time of submission of the Cash Card request by the kid.

To authorize the issuance of Cash App Cards for kids, The guardian or parents have to be verified cash app users and should have a Cash App card. Once the parents approve the request Cash App card for the kid will arrive within 2 weeks.

How to send money from Cash App Cards For Kids?

Kids can also use P2P payment methods available on Cash App. They can send money to their friends or family. Parents can also send money to their kids. Here is how you can make a P2P payment if you are a kid and new to Cash App.

1- Launch Cash App

2- Check the amount available to your account. It will be displayed on the home screen of your Cash App.

3- Enter the amount that you want to send

4- Tap “Pay”

5- Enter the email address or $cashtag of the receiver. You can also use Cash App QR code. If you don’t know how to send money from Cash App using QR code, read this guide.

6- Enter the purpose of payment.

7- Tap “Pay”

As a kid when you will make your first payment, Cash App may ask you for proof of identity. You can then ask your guardian to authorize the account by giving their own details. You will have to enter the name, email, phone number for the approval of the payment. Cash App will then contact the guardian and confirms the approval.

Features of Cash App Cards For Kids

Once the Cash App card for Kid is approved and received. It can be used as follows.

1- Teens or kids can send and receive payments. They are free to send money to other Cash App users.

2- They can pay for online purchases

3- Kids can withdraw cash from ATM.

4- They can add cash to their Cash App Card and wallet.

5- Cash App also gives the option of Direct Deposit to the accounts of teenagers.

6- Cash App Card for kids also is eligible to get boosts, like Cash App Doordash Boosts.

Cash App Card for Kids Limitations

Cash App restricts some of the features on the account of a teenager.

1- Cash App account for kids can not be used to invest in stocks or bitcoins.

2- Kids can not use the Cash App Borrow feature.

3- You can not deposit checks through a Cash App Account for kids.

4- No cross-border payments.

Cash App Kids- Merchant Restrictions

Cash App account for kids can also not be used everywhere, it is basically restricted at places that are not meant for kids.

Kids can not use Cash App to pay at:

  • Bars, Clubs, Cigar stores
  • Package stores
  • Hotels
  • Dating services
  • Lottery
  • Casinos
  • Betting
  • Bail
  • Car rental


Cash App Card for kids is a great option that you can use. Give a customized Cash App card to your kids and they can use the money easily. It is also convenient for you to send money to your kids in their hour of need.

You don’t have to worry about your kid not having money for the lunch. You can also check the spending of your kid on the Cash App by checking the recent payment activity. You have the option to get the monthly statement of your kid’s Cash App Cad.

I have tried to explain everything that you needed to know about Cash App Card for kids. If you still have questions, please write in the comments below. If you are already using Cash App for teens, then share your experience with us.