Cash App Canada 2023- A Complete Guide

I love using Cash App for my everyday transactions. It works great in the U.S. However is Cash App Canada available? This is what most users ask online.

Cash App is owned by Square Inc. and is a U.S based company. It is used to send and receive money online. You can also get your paycheck on Cash App through direct deposits. I really like the cool features of Cash App like getting your signatures imprinted on Cash App Card and having a cool $cashtag.

In this article, we will discuss how to use Cash App in Canada and if it is officially available in Canada. What are some other alternatives for Canadians than Cash App.

Let’s dive in…

Is Cash App Canada Available?

Unfortunately, Cash App Canada is not available, and if you are a Canadian you can not use Cash App. Cash App is a U.S based platform that only operates in the U.S with an exception of one country.

Currently, Cash App operates in the U.K and the U.S. It is not available in Canada. I know it is disappointing not to have such a great application for P2P payments. It is what it is.

Does Cash App Work in Canada?

No, Cash App does not work in Canada, however, there are some ways that you can use it, although not recommended but there are some workarounds for the Cash App Canada.

I will discuss the workaround in a moment. The cash app doesn’t charge any fee for cross-border payments. You can send money from the U.K to your friend in the U.S. Cash App will convert the GBP to the USD based on the mid-market range.

Cash App Canada can not be used in a direct way, you will have to use a trick to use Cash App in Canada.

How to Use Cash App in Canada?

If you are able to use Cash App in Canada that would be great. You can send money to other users with Cash App and you can also make cross-border payments.

I am sure if Cash App is not operational officially in Canada, there won’t be many users to make transactions with. So it is basically useless to use Cash App there. However, you can still use it.

All you need to do is use a VPN. Yes, with a VPN you can use Cash App Canada. You can sign up for Cash App outside the U.S. All you have to set your VPN location to the United States and then create your Cash App account in Canada.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only, We are not responsible for any action taken by the user.

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Alternatives to Cash App Canada

There is nothing to be sad my Candian friends, There are many alternatives to Cash App in Canada and I think they are better than Cash App in many aspects.

Let’s have a look at some of the alternative apps that you can use for online payments.


A great way to enjoy the cocktail of reloadable prepaid cards and an app. Just like Cash App KOHO offers both, you will get a prepaid card that you can reload and you also get the KOHO app to make online transactions.

Features of KOHO

1- Cashback

A great feature and a lot of savings. KOHO doesn’t limit the cashback only to some purchases. You will be getting 0.5% cashback on every purchase that you will be made through a free KOHO Visa Prepaid Debit Card.

It just doesn’t stop there, you can earn up to 2% cashback on all the purchases if you have KOHO premium card.

You can even earn more cashback if you are buying at selected KOHO partner stores. So there is a lot of saving going on through KOHO prepaid cards.

2- Free Transactions

First Cashback and now free transactions. You can send and receive money through KOHO to other users without paying a cent. These transfers are instant and free of charge to other KOHO users.

3- High Interests

KOHO will be giving you 1.20% interest on every dollar if you set up a direct deposit to your KOHO account.

4- Paycheck access

If your paychecks are being deposited to your KOHO account, you can access $100 of your paycheck 3 days early free of cost.

Check out What time does your paycheck on Cash App hit?

5- KOHO Credits

Get a better credit score on KOHO by subscribing KOHO credit building service.

6- CDIC Protection

You don’t have to worry about your money in case things go wrong at KOHO, your money is CDIC insured.

7- Sign Up Bonus

Once you sign up for the KOHO for the first time, you also get a reward for this. Your KOHO account will be credited with a $20 bonus after you make your first purchase.

Does Cash App work in canada

WealthSimple Cash

Why worry about Cash App’s availability in Canada when you have Wealthsimple Cash app in Canada.

These are the great features that Wealthsimple Cash app offers in Canada.

1- Free Withdrawals

There is no fee for sending or receiving money on  Wealthsimple Cash app in Canada. You can also withdraw money for free.

2- Instant Transfers

You don’t have to wait for money, all transfers through Wealthsimple Cash app are instant in Canada. You can instantly send or receive money to anyone in your contacts using Wealthsimple Cash app.

3- Wealthsimple Cash Card in Canada

This Cash Card is just like the Cash Card by Cash App in the U.S. However the Cash Card by Wealthsimple is still in the developing and testing phase. It will work just like any other Visa debit Card.

You will also get Cashback whenever you will use Wealthsimple Cash card in Canada.

4- Unique username

Just like Cash App’s $cashtag, Wealthsimple allows its users to create a unique username too. This username can be used to make payments. Wealthsimple Cash is an alternative to Cash App Canada.

5- Sign Up bonus

When you first sign up for Wealthsimple Cash App in Canada you will get a sign-up bonus ranging from $10-$25.



Another awesome platform and I think it is much better than Cash App because Cash App doesn’t work internationally but Wise does.

Wise operated in over 80 countries and with more than 10 million users it is one of the most popular payment platforms.

Cross-border payments are the specialty of Wise, you get to pay a low fee and the money transfers are instant. You can check all Cash App fees using the Cash App Fee calculator.

Cash app alternatives in Canada


Who doesn’t know this payment platform? It is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives of Cash App in Canada. It also beats Cash App when it comes to international payments.

PayPal owns Venmo, which is Cash App’s competitor in the U.S. Sending and receiving the money to your friends and family through PayPal is free, however, your transactions will be subjected to small fees when you make cross-border payments.

Will Cash App Come to Canada?

The most relevant answer to this question is, “Who Knows”. As Square has not formally announced anything yet. So we can’t make sure that cash app Canada will be available anytime soon.

There is already huge competition in Canada among other platforms. If Cash App decides to jump in, it would really be interesting to see what strategy they’ll have to beat their competitors.

Until then you can not use Cash App in Canada.


Cash App surely is a great online P2P platform and it would be great if it works in Canada. However, Cash App is not the end of the world. There are many great platforms that are providing the same or better services than Cash App in Canada.

I hope this article was helpful and if you are a Canadian, let us know what Cash App alternative you use in Canada and why do you like it. Also if you are not a Canadian, I would still appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Cash App work in Canada?

No, Cash App does not work in Canada, it only operates in the U.S and the U.K so payments from the U.S to Canada are not possible. Although Wise and Wealthsimple Cash is a great alternative to Cash App in Canada.

Can I send Money to Cash App in Canada?

Cash App only operates in the U.S and the U.K. Its services are not available in Canada, so it is not possible to send money to Cash App in Canada. However, you can use Wise to transfer money to your friends in Canada.

Is Cash App available in Canada?

There are many Cash Apps available in Canada that you can use to send or receive money. Wealthsimple, PayPal and Wise are a few of the leading cash apps in Canada.

Does Canada have Cash App?

Square Inc. Cash App can only be used in the U.S and the U.K. Canada doesn’t have Cash App.