Everything To Know About Cash App ATM Withdrawal Limit

You have got your Cash App Cash Card and now you want to know if you can use your Cash Card at ATM? What are the fees and Cash App ATM withdrawal limits?

First things first, you can definitely use your Cash App Card at ATM. Your Cash Card is VISA powered and you can use it at any ATM nationwide that supports VISA. You can use it to withdraw money.

About the limit, Your Cash App ATM withdrawal limit is set to $310 per transaction, $1000 per 24-hour period, and $1000 per 7- day period. These withdrawals are subjected to your balance in your Cash App account.

Cash App ATM withdrawals are not free. You will be charged a fee of $2 per withdrawal by Cash App. But do you know there is a way you can avoid paying this fee? There is a lot more to Cash App Cash Card than you think.

In this article, I am going to explain everything related to Cash App ATM withdrawal, fees, limitations, and how to deposit cash on Cash Card at ATM.

So let’s dive in…

What is Cash App Card?

To know how things work we need to know a little more about them. Cash App provides a free VISA Powered debit card to its users. You can fully customize the design of your card. You have to be a verified user to get Cash Card. You can use this card at any ATM within the United States to withdraw funds.

And one more thing, your Cash Card is NOT linked with your bank account rather it is connected to your Cash App account. So if you are at the ATM and you want to withdraw money but you don’t have a balance in your Cash App account. You won’t be able to withdraw money at the ATM.

Can I use Cash App Card at Any ATM?

Now that we know that Cash App Card is VISA powered so any ATM that supports VISA can be used to withdraw money using Cash App Card. Remember that Cash App only operates in the U.S and U.K so ATMs in other countries can not be used to withdraw money through Cash Card.

Cash App VISA card is not supported internationally.

Cash App withdrawal limits

Cash App Card ATM withdrawal Limit

Let’s talk about the Cash App Card ATM withdrawal limit in detail. Cash App has set the limit on Cash Card the reason could be to keep their customers safe. You can draw up to $310 per transaction. This means the top limit that you can withdraw money from ATM in one transaction is $310.

You can withdraw  $1000 per 24 hour period. So within a day, you can withdraw $1000 at an ATM using Cash Card. you will have to make four transactions to completely withdraw $1000 ($310 + $310 + $310 + $70 = $1000). With each transaction, you will be paying $2 to Cash App as an ATM withdrawal fee.

Cash App has also set a weekly withdrawal limit which is $1000 per 7 day period. Now if you withdraw $1000 at ATM in one day you have reached your daily as well as your weekly limit. You will not be able to withdraw money using your Cash App Card at ATM for 7 days now.

This also makes the Cash App ATM monthly withdrawal limit around $4000, considering the $1000 a week scenario.

I know for some people this limit is very low, but we need to understand that Cash App is not a bank, it is just a P2P platform that facilitates funds transfer for small purchases. It is also not wise to use Cash App for big purchases because Cash App doesn’t provide any user protection in case of any scam.

And trust me you can get scammed on Cash App very easily.

How to reduce Cash App ATM charges?

You can use Cash App at ATM to withdraw money, but you will be paying an extra fee on each withdrawal. There are ways to eliminate or reduce those charges. Remember you will be charged a $2 fee by Cash App at each ATM withdrawal plus the ATM operator Fee (If Applicable)

1- You can get your ATM fee reimbursed by Cash App instantly if you receive a direct deposit in your account that is of $300 or more every month. So if your employer is depositing your paycheck directly into your Cash App account that exceeds the threshold of $300 you will get an ATM withdrawal fee as well as the operator fee reimbursed by Cash App instantly.

You can learn more about Cash App free ATMs and fees if you are interested.

2- If you don’t get direct deposits and you want to reduce Cash App ATM withdrawal charges. You can opt to withdraw larger amounts rather than using Cash Card to withdraw small amounts at ATM.

3- This is not particularly a Cash Card ATM withdrawal but it will also save you some money, which is our ultimate goal. If you need to withdraw cash at ATM and you have money in your Cash App account, I would advise you to transfer it to your bank account first and then use your debit card to withdraw money from your bank’s ATM.

This is a slow process but it does save some money.

How to withdraw money from ATM using Cash App Card?

It is the same process as any other ATM withdrawal

  1. Locate the nearest ATM
  2. Insert your Cash App Card in the slot
  3. Enter your PIN to log in
  4. Enter the amount that you want to withdraw
  5. Confirm the payment
  6. Collect your Card and payment.

Cash App atm limit

How to Deposit Cash into Cash App Card using ATM?

There is no direct method to transfer cash to your Cash App Card using ATM. But you can use a workaround and add money to your Cash App using ATM.

You can first deposit cash to your bank account and then from there, you can add funds to your Cash App account.

How to make a Cash deposit at an ATM

  1. Locate an ATM
  2. Insert your card and enter your PIN
  3. Select “Deposit”
  4. Chose the account that you want to deposit money to
  5. Enter the amount
  6. Insert the cash in the slot of ATM
  7. Follow the instructions
  8. Once completed you will be directed back to the home screen
  9. Collect the receipt

You can then transfer the money that has been credited to your bank account to your Cash App account. If you are a new user follow the steps below to add funds to your Cash App account from the bank.

  1. Launch Cash App
  2. Locate the “Banking” tab
  3. Tap on “Add Cash”
  4. Enter the amount that you want to load
  5. Tap on “Add”
  6. Confirm the transaction using your PIN

Can you increase your Cash App ATM withdrawal limit?

Cash App states, “For your protection your Cash App withdrawals are limited”. Currently, there is no way to increase your Cash App ATM withdrawal limits. However, there is a workaround that you can adopt to have Cash App Cards.

Having two Cash App cards means you will have more ATM withdrawal limits. Two active Cash App Cards that you can use to withdraw more money.

Other than that there is no way that you can increase your limit of withdrawals. You can simply use your bank’s ATM card to withdraw large sums of money.

Cash App Atm


Cash App is a very secure platform, it is inclined towards providing the best services to its customers along with a secure transaction platform. Cash App has set limits on your ATM withdrawals for your protection.

You will be subjected to a withdrawal fee by Cash App at ATM but that can be reimbursed if you get regular direct deposits to your Cash App account. The operator fee of the ATM will also be reimbursed.

It is important to have withdrawal limits in case you lose your card or someone hacked your account and has no access to your PIN. Withdrawal limits will keep your money safe. If you notice any suspicious activity on your Cash App account or you lost your Cash Card immediately contact Cash App Customer Support.

You can also Disable your Cash Card instantly and save it from being misused.

I hope this article was helpful and the information shared on this platform is valuable to you. Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions. Your feedback is highly appreciated.



Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use Cash App Card at ATM?

Yes, the Cash App card works just like any other debit card. It is VISA powered and you can use it at any ATM that supports VISA.

What is the Cash App Card ATM Withdrawal Fee?

You will be charged a $2 withdrawal fee by Cash App on each withdrawal at ATM plus you might be charged by the ATM operator which could vary from bank to bank.

Can I deposit Cash to Cash App at ATM?

No, you can not deposit cash to Cash App at any ATM.

Can I withdraw $1000 at ATM from Cash Card?

Yes, Cash App allows its users to withdraw up to $1000 per 24-hour period. You can withdraw $1000 per week too.