Why Is Cash App Account Closing- Reasons and Fixes

If you are getting an error message “Cash App account closed violation of terms of service”, you are definitely annoyed and want to Cash App Account Closing Account. One thing that you can do is contact customer support and explain the problem that you are facing, and if you are lucky enough your account will be reopened.

Alternatively, you can definitely open another Cash App account and use it as your primary account. I know you might be thinking that you have not violated any terms of service, but sometimes Cash App suspects an account and flags it for suspicious activity.

It is better to avoid the situation where you get an “account closed violation of terms of service” error, and of course, you can only avoid these situations if you are well informed. This is the purpose of this article to inform and educate you so that you can avoid any possibility of violation of the terms of service.

Cash App New Users

If you are an old Cash App user you are probably well aware of all the rules and regulations, but if you are new to Cash App, chances are you will violate Cash App and end up Cash App account closed for the violation of terms of service much quicker then you think.

You might start wondering what have you done to violate the terms of service of Cash App and why is your account blocked without a warning?

You are not new, many people encounter such problems every day. It doesn’t mean that Cash App is a bad platform it only means people don’t know the reasons why you get the error “Cash App account closed for the violation of terms of service“.

Keep reading man, I got you…

Why did Cash App Account Closing Account in violation of the terms of service

This is not just a usual error, you need to take it seriously. Your account is blocked by Cash App and you have probably no way of getting your money out until you get it fixed. “Cash App account closed in violation of terms of service” happens when Cash App suspects some very unusual activity on your account.

Here are some of the violations that you might have made unintentionally.

Account closed: violation of terms of service

Failure to identify yourself

Cash App has set several terms and policies that everyone must follow. These terms and policies are there for the protection of customers. If you violate those terms and services Cash App has the right to ban your account.

Providing a valid proof of identity is one of those terms and service that if violated will get your account closed without notice.

If you are making regular transactions and have not yet verified your account your account can be closed by Cash App at any time.

Cash App requires that every customer must provide them their social security number and picture of ID or Driver’s License. If you haven’t verified your Cash App account yet please verify your Cash App account right now.

You will also get your account closed in violation of terms and service if you have provided the wrong details of your identity.

Fake document submission

Cash App terms and services include that you must provide original documents at the time of verification of your account. These documents may include the original Government-issued ID, Driver’s License, and your live picture.

If you violate these terms and try to submit documents that are fake, Cash App will close your account in violation of the terms of service.

Sometimes it is not that you have submitted the wrong or fake documents but it is because the documents are not clear in the picture like your selfie is blurry. Cash App will temporarily block your account.

If you are providing outdated documents it is also against Cash App terms and policies as Cash App only accepts up-to-date documents. If you have submitted a document that is about to expire, expect your account to be banned or temporarily closed once the expiry date is passed.

Using Cash App outside US/UK

Cash App is a very popular payment platform but it only operates in the U.S or U.K. If you are trying to use Cash App in any other country your account might get closed in violation of terms of services.

Sometimes we use VPN and forget to turn it off, then we try to login to Cash App with the VPN running, this makes Cash App detects an IP that is from another country and results in the closure of your account.

These cases usually make it difficult to reopen the same Cash App account but there might be a slight chance of recovering your money.

Cash App Account Closed Violation of Terms of Service
Cash App Account Closed Violation of Terms of Service

Detection of Scam

Cash App strictly prohibits any sort of fraudulent activities on its platform. If Cash App detects and scam or suspicious activity they will flag your account and if the fraudulent payments continue to flow through your account you might get banned in violation of Cash App terms and service.

It is not just that you are scamming others, if you are paying to the platforms that are associated with scams your account might also get banned. If you are trying to Cash App Carding which is not allowed by Cash App your account can also be closed in violation of terms and service.

Age Restrictions

Cash App allows teenagers to have accounts so if you are from 13 to 18 years old you can also have a Cash App account, and if you want to know how to make a Cash App account without ID just check this guide.

So if you are below this age limit of 13 Cash App will immediately ban your account as it is against their terms and policies.

Multiple Login Attempts 

This is the most common reason that brings an account to a temporary closure. You might get your Cash App account closed in violation of terms and service too in this case but the chances of account recovery are bright.

Sometimes it happens that we do not have good connectivity and we know that the PIN we are entering is right but because of bad internet we fail to log in. This results in too many attempts and Cash App detects that someone is trying to access your account illegally and blocks your account temporarily.

You might get errors like “unable to sign in on this device too, in that case, stop trying again and again first check out the reasons for this issue and then try again.


Cash App has stated in their terms very clearly that any unlawful gambling could get your account closed permanently. So if you are transferring the funds to businesses that are doing or are linked with unlawful gambling, chances are that your account will be closed for the violation of the terms of service.

Violation of terms

Solutions for Cash App Account closed for Violation of terms of service

Now that you have all the information as that why would you face this error, it’s time for some solutions that you can try to fix these issues.

1- Your Email and Phone number are your rescuer

If you have an email and phone number that is linked to your closed account and you have access to them just try these steps

  • Try to log in to your Cash App account using the email or the phone number
  • Cash App will send you OTP on your phone number or the email
  • Use that OTP to sign in to your account

2- Contact Customer Support

Account Closed in violation of terms and service is a serious problem, so you contact the customer service center as soon as possible. If you have not made any fraudulent payments and you are a resident of the U.S or UK, a Customer Support agent will definitely help you out.

You should know well that this error has happened due to the Cash App policy and as long as you have not violated anything, your account will definitely be recovered.

3- Retrieve the money from Cash App

If you have decided to give up on Cash App and decided not to use it again it is better to take all the money that you have in your Cash App Wallet.

Here is how you  can do it

  • Link your Bank Card with your Cash App
  • Then locate and tap on “Cash Out” in the Cash App
  • Then choose the transaction time
  • Enter your PIN
  • Confirm

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I hope your now know Why Is Cash App Account Closing Account and If you are currently facing the “Violation of terms and service” issue on Cash App and your account is closed by Cash App. You should try to first figure out why it happened in the light of this article. Then Contact Cash App Support.

In most cases you will be able to re-open your account with the help of a Customer service officer If your was account was associated with fraudulent payment chances are that you will not get it back.

In that case, you can try and open a new account. Remember that the new account can not be linked to the same bank account.

I hope this article was helpful and that it help you resolve your problem, if not that it at least provided you with enough information that will keep you safe from this problem in the future.

Let me know in the comments how did you solve the Cash App Account closed violation of terms and service? If you have a different solution we can share it with the world.