How can you get scammed on cash app sugar daddy- Sugar Daddy Scam Debunked

If you are wondering Can you get scammed on Cash App sugar Daddy? The answer is “YES”. If this leads you to the next question, “How does Sugar Daddy scam work?”, then keep reading.

Who exactly is Sugar Daddy?

This term is not new, It’s been around for quite some time now. Sugar daddy is referred to a person, usually, a middle-aged man, who wants to pay or spend money on young girls for dating and/or friendship. It was not considered a bad thing until the scammers jumped in.

Your Sugar Daddy could be real

There are so many many people out there who are genuine and are actually willing to spend many for some quality time and appreciation. Loneliness has taken its toll. I know some gentlemen who are paying for a nice dinner and helping young girls in return for some good time.

Sugar Daddy Cash App scam

New systems and technology are always vulnerable to artists. Cash App started to get popularity as a main online payment gateway. Cash app is an application that works differently than bank transactions, which can be tracked and the fraudster can be hunted down.

Cash app works like giving each other paper money, it is instant but online. So the scammers found a loophole, as the money once transferred can not be retrieved. The sugar daddy scam can leave you with no dime in your pocket.

How does Cash App sugar Daddy scam work?

Sugar Daddy Cash App scam involves transferring of funds from the account of the victim’s Cash App to the Cash App or bank account of the fraudster. Now that we all know how online payment apps work, the money when transferred from the victim can not be reversed if there is a problem.

It is not just related to the cash, Sugar daddy can ask the sugar baby to send online gift cards, this mostly happens once the relationship is established. But once the gift cards are sent, you are not gonna hear from your sugar daddy anymore. He will block the baby because the con artist was never the real sugar daddy.

Having a sugar daddy or Sugar mommy for financially weak people was never uncommon, so with the rise of Cash App, the scammers started to take advantage of the already established system. They show themselves as to take carers of young and naive people who need financial aid and then vanish in thin air with the little funds that those people have.

You don’t want to lose your hard-earned money to a sucker like that.

3 Common Methods of Sugar Daddy Cash App Scam

1- Sugar Daddy Scam Email

Let’s say you found someone who wants to be your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy through Instagram and both of you agreed to it. Now that person is gonna ask you one or two things:

  • Your Email Adress
  • Your Cash App

Now if you are gonna give them these details. The thing that’s gonna happen immediately is, That you are gonna get an email from Cash App. It will look something like this:

Cash App sugar daddy scam

Now this email will look pretty official to you. You have seen the money, it is right on its way to your Cash App balance. All that’s left is the small clearance fee.

You may go ahead and ask your sugar daddy about the email and they will respond that they have already sent the money and you only have to pay a clearance fee. Now, before you go and pay that fee and fall for the scam I want you to hold on for a moment.

I want you to click on the email bar, and check the email address it would probably be something like Stop right there, Now that’s a scam. The Cash App name or $Cashtag would definitely be genuine, so if you send the clearance fee, the scammer will get the money and you will be blocked.

2- Sugar Daddy Scam Credit Card information

These kinds of scammers are patient and they wait for the fruit to ripe. They will nurture the relationship first with their sugar baby and may send some money to your account as an investment to build trust. Once they make sure that you are ready, they will ask you for your credit card information just to test your loyalty.

You will give them as you already trust the sugar daddy or sugar mommy, but there you will be scammed as they will use it to their will and leave you bankrupt. You are never gonna see the sugar daddy anymore.

3- Cash App Sugar Daddy Gift Card Scams

We all know that gift cards can be redeemed remotely. The scammer will ask you to give your credit card information and then transfer some funds to your credit card, sometimes from genuine accounts and sometimes from fraudulent accounts.

You will get excited to see your credit card bills being paid off. Once they earn your trust, they will play the next decisive move. They will ask you to buy gift cards like Apple iTunes cards, Google play cards, etc.

Can you get scammed on cash app sugar daddy

As you trust them you will accept the bait and will purchase cards for them and send them happily. The scammer will then redeem the cards remotely and enjoy a great meal with your money.

But let’s say you are smart and you are not gonna buy them gift cards with your honest income, well then you will be blackmailed, the worst case threatened because the money transferred to your credit card was from a fraudulent bank account, and once that has been figured out by your credit card company, those funds will be taken out and you will be left with time-consuming inquiries.

General Sugar Daddy Scam Scenarios

Con artists evolve through time, there are so many new ways people are scammed these days but the general pattern remains the same. There are a few same excuses used by the con artists, in this case, Sugar daddy that will be repeated over and over again with some minor changes.

Here are some tricks that a sugar daddy or sugar mommy will try to play out:

  • I will pay your debt baby, but I need to know that you are loyal to me and you won’t ditch me after getting the money.
  • I can send you a check for $2000 to pay your bills. (After that) how about a token of appreciation (a $100 gift card).
  • Baby! unfortunately, my cash app has reached its limit, can I pay through some other method, for that I might need your Cash App login credentials to fun your account.

Can you get scammed on Cash App Sugar Daddy?

After reading this article, the possibility is much less. But there is still a chance that you fall for this trap as it has many variants. Scammers have developed many ways, they might even send you a fake Cash App Payment sent Screenshot just to lure you into their trap. I will discuss them in-depth too. The sugar daddy will always try to convince you that he will take you out of your financial crisis and will help you pay your debts.

When someone is under huge financial pressure and a sugar daddy appears out of nowhere and is willing to pay all of your debts, It does sound fantastic and even the smart ones are likely to fall for it.

If you are not facing a financial crisis you would definitely say that It’s too good to be true.

Cash app sugar daddy scam

Things are different for everyone. So this article is to help those who are facing difficulties deciding whether to trust sugar daddy or not.

Now let’s discuss most common Cash App scams and How to Avoid them?

1- Fake Cash App customer support

2- Fake #CashAppFriday offers

3- False COVID-19 programs

4- Nigerian Prince scam

5- Sugar Daddy Check scam

6- Flip your money

7- Bargains on Cash App

1- Fake Cash App Customer Support

Cash App is a pretty safe platform. Still, it is being used for many scams. It is not because Cash App has some loopholes but it is mostly because of the lack of information out there that people can use to avoid such scams.

There is no live support by Cash App. This means that you will not receive any text message, phone call, or any other social media contact from Cash App. Scammers create fake websites where they put false contact information, phone numbers, and social accounts.

Once you use these fake numbers to call Cash App support, these thieves will try to steal your personal information and then your money.

How to Avoid Fake Cash App Customer Support Scam?

  1. Any call from Cash App is a SCAM. Cash App doesn’t give you any live calls.
  2. Only use the official Cash App website to avoid scammers.
  3. Do not try to contact Cash App support using the information on third-party websites.
  4. Always check the Email address if you receive an email from Cash App.
  5. Cash App will never ask you for any personal information, PIN, or Account Information.
  6. Cash App Customer support will never ask you to download any application, make a purchase or send payment.

If any of the above is happening, it’s probably a SCAM, AVOID IT AT ALL COST.

Here is a nice piece of information by phishingtackle that you can use to avoid falling in to email traps.

Social Engineering Infographic

2- Fake #CashAppFriday Offers

Cash App organizes official contests where users get a chance to win cash prizes. That is really good. Until you get scammed by someone and lose your money. Scammers create false accounts on social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and associate them to Cash App.

They then hold sweepstakes and create sham posts asking users to share their login details and get a chance to win cash prizes. They might also ask you to transfer some amount via Cash App and win #CashAppFriday prizes.

How to Avoid #CashAppFriday Offer Scam?

  1. Never share your login credentials with anyone
  2. Always trust the news from Verified Cash App Accounts
  3. Check the “verified” blue tick on Cash App Twitter account.

3- Cash App False COVID-19 Programs

Pandemic has affected our lives to a great deal. We suffered a lot, and during this time of turmoil, cybercriminals flourished more than ever. Cash App was one of the most targeted applications by fraudsters. Cash App sugar daddy scam, #CashAppFriday offer scam, and many others left victims devastated.

COVID-19 was also used by Scammers to steal money from Cash App users. They will create false donation programs, fake grants, or Aid programs for people and ask them to pay the fee in advance to receive the benefits.

They will even capitalize on vaccination by starting faking prize scheme. You will receive a fake email from a fake Cash App email address that you have won the prize in Cash for being vaccinated. All you have to do is pay the clearance fee.

How to Avoid?

  1. If anyone asks for identity credentials, it’s a fraud.
  2. Do not pay any upfront fee.
  3. Cash App doesn’t capitalize on your private information like vaccination.
  4. Always contact the organization if it seems doubtful.

4- Cash App Nigerian Prince scam

It is another advance fee scam. you will be contacted with someone unknown, the scammer, the thief, and he will promise you a huge share of the money, IF, you facilitate the transfer certain amount of money. You will have to pay something, probably a very small amount to someone upfront.

How to Avoid Cash Nigerian Prince Scam?

  1. Do Not Trust unknown people.
  2. Do Pay any upfront money to anyone if you don’t know them very well.

5- Sugar Daddy Check Scam

This one is quite interesting and will be considered legitimate at first. Consider you receive a Fat Check from your sugar daddy. Does it mean it’s not legitimate? Probably, but it can also mean that it’s not. Yes! because there is no way of knowing it instantly.

A counterfeit check may lead you to a troublesome day. You get the check. It might be 11 at night. The check is enough for you to survive this month. You are happy that your sugar daddy loves you. And then he says, Baby, I want to buy something online but I don’t have money in my Cash App right now, or “Babe, Does your sugar daddy does not deserve a small token of appreciation”, can you transfer me $100. Excited as you are, There goes the money, there goes your sugar daddy.

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How to Avoid Sugar Daddy Check scam?

  1. Do not send the gifts if you really don’t know your sugar daddy.
  2. Do not accept checks (just to stay safe)

6- Cash App Flip your money

This seems too good to be true. I mean how can someone give you money for nothing. No one is that crazy. People for it too. This scam has worked for many. There are many victims who lost a huge sum of money by cash flipping.

How it works is simple. A scammer will ask you to send him a small amount of money, let’s say $10 and in return, he will give you $100. Sounds good, no? even if he doesn’t send anything back, it’s just 10 dollars. Most of these hustlers will send you $100 just to develop trust.

You will then be asked to send a hundred and in return, he will send you $1000. It keeps going until the scammer thinks it’s enough to bail out. He vanishes and you lose your money.

How to Avoid Cash Flipping schemes?

  1. Do not participate in these schemes at all, They are designed in a way that you will never get money.
  2. Never send money to someone you don’t know.

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7- Bargains on Cash App

There is something you should know. “Cash App doesn’t provide Buyer protection”. You should know it because the scammers do. They will try to sell you expensive items through Cash App. Sometimes they will show you something that values more than they are asking. You will think it’s a bargain. You will be asked to pay quickly because the item is, they will accept Cash App only.

Once you buy the item, it will turn out to be a scam. you were handed out a fake item. Also, Do not buy expensive items through Cash App that you see on the internet from someone who is not an authentic seller. People sell fake concert tickets on social media pets etc.

How to Avoid?

  1. Do Not buy Expensive items like apartments or sold-out ticket shows via Cash App.
  2. Do not buy from an unknown seller.
  3. Contact Cash App Support if you think you were scammed.

Is Cash App Safe?

Cash App is as safe as any other only payment gateway. It depends on how you use it. Your interaction with the app makes it safe or unsafe.

What are the risks of using Cash App?

Money transferred through Cash App is not protected in case of fraud or theft. As Cash App treats money like Cash, it’s almost impossible to get money back after a Cash App scam.



Cash App inherently is not an unsafe means of online transactions. If you stay informed and be careful while sending or receiving money, you can definitely avoid Cash App scams like “Cash App sugar daddy scam”. You should also share the information with people you love so that they stay safe from scammers and cybercriminals.