The No.1 Answer to Can You Deposit a Check on Cash App? Complete Guide

Can You Deposit a Check on Cash App? If you are a user of Cash App, particularly a new one, you must be wondering if it’s possible for you to fill up a check and just deposit it on your Cash App? Here’s the Good News, You can Deposit Checks on Cash App, Just the way you can in any bank.

It is simple and straightforward, You can take a snap of your check using Cash a Check option in the app. If you have CashApp on your mobile device you need not worry about tax returns, Payments, or paycheck deposits. Your funds from a mobile check deposit will directly transfer to your Cash app wallet.

Many users of Cash App, whether new or old, often come across these common questions:

1- Can you mobile deposit a check on Cash App?

2- Can I Cash a check on Cash App?

3- Can Cash App cash checks?

4- How can I deposit Checks on Cash App?

The simple answer to these questions is, Yes, you can deposit a check on Cash App. How it works exactly will be discussed in depth within this article. I will explain what makes your checks eligible for the Cash App deposit and steps on how can you mobile capture and deposit check electronically on your Cash App.

What if you received a money order? or just got a payroll check from your employer, or you got some sort of paper refund and you don’t use those kinds of old ways of money transactions. Do you start to wonder if you can deposit those funds right into your mobile app of Cash App? Yes, you can, but keep in mind that Cash App holds the right to decline or reject your check.

To avoid that you should know the exact process on how to deposit checks on cash app properly.  Let’s start by answering each question one by one and in-depth.

Can you deposit a check on Cash App?

Yes, it is possible to deposit checks on Cash App. You can also deposit money orders or other sorts of funds into your cash app or cash card. However, this feature is not available to all cash app users. The reason might be that it is in the testing phase and is not rolled out for the masses. Yet, we are positive that it will soon be available for everyone.

If you don’t have the functionality, you might want to contact the support team but, Their response is never clear, you won’t get any clear explanation as to why you don’t have the feature while the guy next to you with no money has this functionality. 🙂 All we can do is wait.

Can You Deposit a Check on Cash App?

Another thing that has been repeatedly reported on the internet on different forums is that if you upgrade your cash app account from personal to business account you will get this feature where you can deposit check on Cash App. It works for some and it doesn’t for others.

How to transfer funds to Cash Card?

The electronic transfer allows you to transfer money, funds, or transactions on your cash card. To do this follow these steps.

  1. Open you Cash App application
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click on Funds
  4. Connect your bank account
  5. Transfer Money from your bank to Cash App.

Once you have received the funds in Cash App, you can now use them through Cash card or Cash App.

Cash App also allows you to attach your Credit Card, This makes it easier for the user to transfer money from credit cards into CashApp and then use it through the App or Cash Card.

How to deposit a check on Cash App? Step by Step Guide

Let’s assume my friend that you are the lucky guy with the feature and the money in the form of a check to deposit on Cash App. All that’s left is that you don’t know how you can do it. Let me take the charge from here on. I am listing the steps under.

  1. Open Cash App.
  2. Tap on the balance on the left corner of Cash App.
  3. Now scroll down and tap on “deposit a check”. (here if you don’t see this option, means your Cash App doesn’t have that functionality yet, you need to wait till it rolls out for masses).
  4. Add the amount that you want to deposit. (the amount that is written on the Check).
  5. You will be asked to take a snap of the front and the back of the check.

Note: Always write “For Deposit Only” underneath your signatures before taking the snap.

Your Electronic Check will be considered as “successfully submitted” if you get a confirmation email from Cash App. If the check is not accepted, you will not receive this email. Cash app can reject your check for any reason.

Cash App Check Eligibility Requirements

Before submitting the check on Cash App you need to make sure that your paper check meets the eligibility criteria of Cash App. If it doesn’t, your check on Cash App will not be deposited and you will have to go through the process of submission again. To avoid that hustle read this criterion carefully. There are many scams going on these days of Cash App, like people are using fake Cash App payment screenshot generators to create false payment receipts. Scammers are also forging fake checks to deposit in Cash App. That is why the criteria is pretty strict.

  • The check needs to be written by you, for you, or jointly with you and the other party.
  • The check has to be with you or within your reach.
  • It should be acceptable or payable by the bank or any other depository.
  • Must be paid in US Dollars.
  • Make sure that you have signed the Check Correctly.
  • The check has to be Certified by the manufacturer.
  • The amount on Check shouldn’t exceed the limit set by square.
  • No signs of alterations on the check.
  • The check should be within the due date.
  • The check should have not been previously cashed.

Are there fees for Depositing a Check with Cash App?

The question is valid, Cash App charges nothing for standard deposits, but for instant deposits, it charges a 1.5% fee. As long as Check deposits on Cash App, there was no information given by the customer service and is, therefore, no valid information on the internet too. So it is fair to assume that mobile check deposits are free of charge on the cash app.

Cash App Check Cashing Warranties

For an electronic check to be deposited on Cash app, it has to fulfill the following requirements

  • Your electronic check must be valid, eligible, and not tampered
  • The images have to be from the original paper check and not from any photocopy.
  • The check must be legible
  • Pictures must represent the clear name of the person
  • MICR data must be clearly visible before submitting the Check on Cash app.

Limits for depositing Checks with Cash App

Cash App has set some rules and limits when it comes to depositing checks.

  1. You can deposit up to 5 checks in a month
  2. Your money can not exceed a total of $3500 per check
  3. Check deposits can not exceed $7500 per month
  4. Failed deposits or attempted check deposits will be added to the total number of check deposits per month.

Cash App Check deposit limits


How long does the electronic check deposit to cash app take?

Once you have submitted the electronic check on cash app, and it is approved, money will be credited from the U.S treasury in the first business days.

Sometimes, Checks are held for 1-15 business days. The hold begins once you submit the electronic check on Cash App.

Typically Mobile Check deposits before 7 PM eastern working days will be credited to your cash app account in 4 business days.

Cash App Check deposit problems

It is not uncommon to face problems in a relatively new feature of cash app or any other app in that sense. Some users repeatedly face problems while depositing a physical check on CashApp. It is only because the feature is new and probably in the Beta version yet.

So if you are facing a problem depositing a check on cashapp, you can do a few things.

  1. Make sure your information on Check is correct.
  2. Make sure that you are taking snaps correctly.
  3. Check your device’s internet connection.
  4. Make sure that you are using the latest version of Cash App.

If the problem persists, Contact the Customer support center of Cash App. To do that

  1. Click on your profile icon in Cash App.
  2. Click on Support
  3. Tap on Chat with support.
  4. Type the problem that you are facing and wait for the Cash App representative to get back to you.

What to do After submitting a Check on Cash App?

Once you deposit the check on Cash App, you might not get the email of successful submission right away. So there are things that you should consider while waiting for the response from Cash App.

Keep your check safe with you for 15 days after depositing the electronic check on cash app. Customer Support can contact you anytime to get further information.

You also need to check your contact information, because the email address or the phone number in your contact information is not valid. Cash app team can not contact you. Update your contact information if required.

Wait for the email of “submission successful” and keep the paper check safe until the Cash App team gives you further instructions.

You can also try to contact the customer team first after the submission of the check. In this way, you will stay in touch with the latest updates regarding your deposit of check on cash app. Keep checking your email and messages during these days.


If the Check deposit feature on cash app rolls out for everyone, it definitely will help us a lot. For now, the mobile check deposit feature is limited and is rolled out for a few users. Some of you will have access to it while others won’t. It is slow, and sometimes it rejects a check for no reason.

We hope that it will be soon available for everyone and will be more efficient than it is right now.