Best Blogs About Personal Finance- Latest Guide

I have improved my financial situation by educating myself about personal finance. Reading books did help me but it is not convenient all the time. So I turned towards blogs about personal finance.

It is not easy to filter out the best blog about personal finance in a short period of time, it took me months as I kept following many personal finance blogs and reading articles about personal finance.

I am going to save you from all of this trouble. After reading many blogs and cross-checking the information I have filtered out the Best blogs about personal finance for you. Instead of going through all trial and error all over, you can simply go through these blogs and select a few blogs that you like.

All of these blogs have advice for personal finance which will definitely help you improve your financial situation. They have helped me a lot. If you have any personal finance goals and you want to save, invest and track your expenses accurately check these blogs about personal finance. I am sure you will gain a lot of knowledge.

These are the best blogs about personal finance in my opinion.

Best Blogs About Personal Finance

1- Financial Samurai

Blogs About Personal Finance

If you are interested in investing and career planning, then this is a must-follow blog. This blog was launched in 2009 right in midst of a financial crisis, you will get valuable advice on personal finance in this blog.

The great thing about Financial Samurai is that this blog about personal finance is based on the first-hand experience of Mr. Sam Dogen who is a financial veteran.

This guy has also written blogs about personal finance for CNBC, Business Insider, and Yahoo Finance. Financial Samurai has also been mentioned in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal Online, The Consumerist, The Sydney Herald, The Chicago Tribune, and The Los Angeles Times.

There is no doubt about the quality of this Personal Finance advice.

You can also get in-depth reviews and guides about personal finance tools on this blog. You can also contact the author through email and you can get a free newsletter too. Without a doubt, Financial Samurai is one of the best blogs about personal finance.

2- Afford Anything

Blogs About Personal Finance

Podcasts, Blogs, Books, courses, and whatnot. Paula Pant has one of the best blogs about personal finance. She has escaped the 9-5 rat trap and now helping millions to achieve financial goals.

This blog contains tons of advice for personal finance and it is all based on her first-hand experience of living paycheck to paycheck every month. Paula creates a connection to her customer as she knows how it feels to be trapped by financial issues.

“You can afford anything, but Not everything”, is the deep-rooted Idea behind this blog about personal finance. If you don’t want to spend the rest of your life in a cubicle, if you want financial freedom, If you want to travel then Paula will love to help you.

You can get access to some of the content on this blog for free, you can read articles about personal finance in the blog sections and there is a free e-book by Paula about financial freedom.

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Paula’s blog about personal finance has been highlighted countless times in renowned sources like CNBC, Forbes, The New York Times, Money, The Washington Post, and many others, so there is no doubt about the authenticity of Advice for personal finance from Paula.

You can learn about Personal Finance, Real Estate, Investing, Entrepreneurship, financial independence, Self Improvement, and lifestyle on this blog.

Another thing that makes Afford Anything one of the best blogs about personal finance is the community that this platform has. You can join different private communities and connect with like-minded people. These communities are referred to as “Villages”.

So, if you are a fan of reading, join the Reading Village, If you are into fitness, join fitness village. You can also join the Facebook group Afford Anything.

You will get valuable tips on money management on this blog about personal finance. There are tons of great features, go ahead and try them yourself.

3- Wallet Hacks

Blogs About Personal Finance

Jim Wang is the founder of another one of the top blogs about personal finance. What is so great about this blog is that you won’t be pushed to buy services or products, it is packed with information and advice for personal finance only.

This blog about personal finance was founded in 2015. Jim Wang was not educated about finance, he doesn’t have any certification in finance, all he does is share his own personal experience.

You will get tons of tips on personal finance. You will be taught methods to save more, earn more and invest in a better way.

Jim believes that the financial gurus intentionally keep things so complicated that normal folks like you and me don’t understand how money works. If we don’t understand we definitely won’t be able to manage it.

Everything that you will learn on Wallet Hacks will be simple and easy to implement. This blog contains posts about building personalized money systems that work for you, traveling, investing, saving money, paying down debts, building a business, and much more.

Joe has written for many blogs about personal finance, The content has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, The New York Times, Washington Post, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, and many others.

Everything you read in this blog about personal finance, tips, and advice is valuable, This blog should be on your must-follow blogs for tips about personal finance.

4- Four Pillar Freedom

Blogs About Personal Finance

Usually, blogs about personal finance do not highlight the philosophy behind money management. However, FPC or Four Pillar Finance does. This blog starts addressing the issue from the core. These are the four philosophies that govern this blog about personal finance.

  • Pillar 1- Philosophy
  • Pillar 2- Psychology
  • Pillar 3- Work Ethic
  • Pillar 4- Grow Wealth

A blog owned by Zach helps its readers to grow wealth by asking the most fundamental question “WHY”. The guy was a data scientist and then he quit the job and started his journey to financial freedom.

If you are interested in blogging then this is the best blog for personal finance for you. You will get valuable tips on personal finance and blogging.

Zach has helped hundreds of students in creating their personal blogs from scratch and establishing a great source of income for themselves. You can read about how to create an online business, and how to run profitable websites.

5- Get Rich Slowly

Blogs About Personal Finance

One of the oldest blogs about personal finance, my personal favorite. This blog contains thousands of articles about personal finance. You can learn to manage your money and get rich, but slowly, through this blog.

Launched in 2006 by J.D Roth, this blog contains advice for personal finance for beginners as well as experts. If you are in debt and you crave financial freedom then this blog contains tips on that.

Learn about investing, spending wisely, and saving. This blog about personal finance contains money tools that you can use to improve your finances, you can subscribe to use money tools, from savings accounts to credit cards, from apps to books to insurance policies.

Named the web’s most-inspiring money blog by Money magazine in the May 2008 issue. Get Rich Slow has its fair share of being featured in Time, The New York Times, Washington Post, and many others.

Get free e-books, learn about early retirement tips, financial freedom, money management, investing, the stock market, and much more. This should your one of the go-to blogs about personal finance.

6- Mr. Money Moustache

Blogs About Personal Finance

Alright, guys, This blog is quite different than the ones mentioned above. undoubtedly one of the best blogs about personal finance. Mr. Money Moustache is run by a guy who retired at the age of 30.

He did it not by investing in something or earning a passive income. This was achieved only through a regular job. Interesting, isn’t it?

Well, you can read this blog and follow it for tips on personal finance if you are not into working too hard and doing multiple tasks every day. This blog teaches you to use the money that you are already earning wisely.

You will learn more about how to save money than earn it. Great advice for personal finance for the people who are doing jobs and want to retire early. You don’t need to earn more if you want to follow the advice of Mr. Moustache. All you need is to save more.

This blog contains articles about personal finance, hacks on controlling your expenses, cutting down the extra cost, living an easy and simpler life.  Check this blog out if you are doing a job and unable to save money.

To mention the authenticity of the information that you will be getting, Mr. Moustache has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, CBC News, Yahoo, CNN Money, The Huffington Post, CBC, The Economist, AARP, Business Insider, and many others.

It is definitely a great blog to follow for personal finance.

7- A Wealth of Common Sense

Blogs About Personal Finance

Earning money and generating wealth should be easy, But unfortunately, it is not. It has been made complicated. There are few platforms that are trying to make things simple enough so that the general public like you and me can understand. A Wealth Of Common Sense is one of the blogs about personal finance that have achieved this goal.

Ben Carlson is the CEO of this blog, It focuses on tips on personal finance, investments, wealth management, financial markets, and investor psychology. Ben has been managing the portfolios of organizations and individuals for quite some time now.

You can get great tips on personal finance on this blog, The main purpose of this website is to make things simpler. Ben thinks that if you can’t explain it easily to a person with no background then you don’t get it yourself.

Ben is the author of four books on finance, he has written many articles about personal finance. You can access free podcasts on A Wealth of Common Sense.

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The most famous podcast by Ben is Animal Spirits and is mentioned in the list of Best Business Podcasts by Fortune.

You can invest with Ben and enjoy his services to generate wealth and get better control over your finances.

All of the information that you will be getting on this personal finance blog is authentic as Ben is Director of Institutional Asset Management at Ritholtz Wealth Management.

This blog has been mentioned in New York Times, Grow, Wall Street Journal, Irish Times, Bloomberg, and countless other sites.

If you are interested in investing and want to hire professionals to manage your portfolio, you should consider this blog about personal finance.

8- Physician on Fire

Blogs About Personal Finance

Last but not the least, Physician on Fire is another one of the great blogs about personal finance. The guy who owns this blog is a physician and he has created this blog with one aim in his mind, to help his fellow physician and patients to retire early.

This blog contains great articles about personal finance. There are three main aspects that you will get help with through this blog.

There are tons of tips on personal finance on this blog, you can learn about investing and money management. You can also Contact Mr. Leif Dahleen who is the owner of this blog. Mr. Lief has gained his financial freedom and has retired early now he gives advice on personal finance to other people

The site has a triple aim to leave visitors enlightened, educated, and entertained.


There are many blogs on personal finance, You can scroll through countless pages and get no good advice on personal finance on these blogs. However, these blogs are awesome. They are top resources of information to gain financial freedom.

I hope that this information was helpful and you will be able to get great tips on personal finance on these blogs. Let me know in the comment below about the blogs that you use to get financial advice.

Your thoughts and comments are always helpful to me and to other readers. Feel free to share this article with the people you want to help.