Atm Locations For Netspend- A Complete Guide

Netspend has authorized Atm Locations For Netspend from where you can add money to your Netspend account. These retail shops will charge a small fee to reload your Netspend card.

Netspend is a financial platform that provides online accounts to people who can not have a standard savings or checking account because of bad credit.

You get a Netspend prepaid debit card that you can use to shop online and make purchases in the stores. As this is a debit card so you are required to add money to your Netspend card, you can either transfer money through a direct deposit or go to Atm Locations For Netspend card to recharge your Netspend account.

In this article, I will list all the Atm Locations For Netspend Card and the fee that they charge for a reload.

Let’s dive in…

Methods to Reload Your Netspend Card

Netspend makes it easy for consumers to move cashless, you can use this awesome piece of plastic to make online purchases, withdraw money from ATMs for free, transfer funds to your friends and family and get your paycheck directly to your Netspend account.

Using all features of Netspend requires money, of course, these are the methods to add money to your Netspend card.

  1. Atm Locations For Netspend Card
  2. Direct Deposit to Netspend Account
  3. Mobile Check deposit
  4. Netspend Transfer
  5. Bank Transfer
  6. PayPal Transfers
  7. Money Order

Let’s talk about all of these options.

1- Atm Locations For Netspend

You can add money to your Netspend account from any Atm Locations For Netspendcard, all you need to do is hand over the cash to the cashier and he will add money to your Netspend card.

You might be charged a small fee for this service. Following are the reload locations for Netspend card.

Reload Location Reload Fee
7-Eleven $3.95
Advance America $2.00
Albertsons $3.95
Check ‘n Go No fee
Chevron $3.95
Circle K $3.95
Currency Exchange $2.00
CVS Pharmacy $3.95
Dollar General $3.95
Family Dollar $3.95
Flying J $3.95
Food City $3.95
Kroger $3.95
Office Depot $3.95
Rite Aid $3.95
Shell $3.95
Speedway $3.95
Walgreens $3.95
Walmart $3.74
Winn-Dixie $3.95


How to Add Money at Atm Locations For Netspend?

You can get a Rapid Reload to your Netspend card from any of the above-listed locations. All you have to do is take your Netspend card and cash with you. Follow these simple steps to get your Netspend Card reloaded.

  1. Approach the cashier at the counter of the Atm Locations For Netspend.
  2. Ask for the fee that will be charged for the reload
  3. Hand over your Netspend card
  4. Give the cash that you want to add to your Netspend card.

keep in mind that different Atm Locations For Netspend cards have different fees, so it is better to inquire about the fee first. This is a quick method and you will get your money added to the card instantly.

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Things that You Need to Reload Netspend Card

Netspend has made it easy for people to add money, if it wasn’t for that people would have preferred other payment methods. You can easily add money to your Netspend account at any of the Atm Locations For Netspend mentioned above.

All you need to have is hard cash and your Netspend card. Sometimes the cashier might ask you for your ID and some additional questions to make sure that you are the owner of the card.

2- Direct Deposit to Netspend Card

This is another method that you can use, this method is not as convenient as adding money to a Netspend account from a reload location. Yet it is the method used by many.

Netspend allows its users to receive their paychecks directly to their Netspend account. You can receive your paycheck after you have activated your Netspend account.

You will have to set up your direct deposit account with the employer so that you can receive your paycheck up to two days earlier with Netspend.

3- Mobile Check Deposit

Another alternative to adding money from Atm Locations For Netspend card. You have the option to add money to your Netspend card through mobile check deposits.

This method is not quick but it helps you to add larger amounts to your Netspend card.

Follow these steps to reload your Netspend card with a mobile check deposit

  1. Launch Netspend App
  2. Take a picture of your mobile check with the app
  3. Submit your check

Netspend will take some time to verify your check and then the money will be transferred to your Netspend account.

4- Netspend Transfer

If you are too tired to go to the Atm Locations For Netspend or if you are unable to locate any reload point nearby, you can use another quick method to add money to your Netspend account.

You can request your friends or family members who are using Netspend to reload your Netspend card and you can give them the hard cash. This method is free, and you do not have to pay a fee as you pay on reload locations. Money transfers from Netspend to Netspend are completely free.

5- Bank Transfers

You can also add money to your Netspend card by transferring funds from a bank account, but for this, you will have to first ask whether your bank participated with Netspend or not.

Also, some banks may charge you a transfer fee.

6- PayPal Recharge

You can also use, PayPal to add money to your Netspend account, instead of going to the Atm Locations For Netspend card, all you have to do is add your Netspend account number and routing number to PayPal. This transfer is also instant and you will get money to your Netspend account instantly.

You will have to give PayPal fee for transferring funds.

7- Money Order

You can make Money Order directly to the Netspend card via Western Union. The fees can be different and will not be determined until the date when the transfer is completed. This means that Wire transfer is available only on certain Netspend cards. Check your account to confirm whether the feature is available to you.


Atm Locations For Netspend are easily accessible and can be used to add money to your account. These locations are available throughout the U.S.

I hope this article was helpful, please share your favorite Netspend reload location in the comments.