9 Most Used Apps For Personal Finance- 2023 Guide

Before we talk about Apps for personal finance, let’s talk a little bit about money. We make money and then it slips right out of our hands. It always seems that we have less money than we need.

I think the main issue is that most of us are not good at money management. Even we get a pay raise we are still living hand to mouth. If we can manage the money that we make, I am sure we will be living a better life.

In this article, I will list the 9 most used apps for personal finance that actually work. I will try to write all the details that will help you choose the best app for your personal finance goals.

Let’s dive in…

How Apps for Personal Finance work?

Before we talk about the Apps, it is better to understand how these apps work. These apps help you track your spending, saving, or investing. App for personal finance is first connected to your financial institution.

Once connected to your bank, these apps will record all of your money transactions and the reasons for which you have used the money will also be recorded. Some of these apps divide your spending into different categories like Transport, Food, Investing, etc. So that you can understand how much of your money is used by each category.

Apps for personal finance are a great way to save money. You can fix a budget for each category and you will be notified by the app when you have reached that threshold.

9 Most Used Apps for Personal finance

8 out of 10 Americans live from paycheck to paycheck. These personal finance apps will help you improve your money management and you will be able to better understand your spending habits.

These are the apps that you can look into for personal finance.

9- Clarity Money

Apps for personal finance

Just as the name of the app indicates, you will be shown all of your information clearly in the form of a pie chart. This is one of the best App for personal finance.

The use of pie charts is a great way to present information about your money. You will have to connect this app to your bank account first and then it will record all of your transactions.

Clarity App for personal finance will also show you the subscriptions that you have but are not using those services. This will help you to find out where your money is being used without your knowledge.

Clarity will also show you the particular areas where you have overspent your money. So that you can control it. Step up your saving goals and save every month.

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8- Mobills

Apps for personal finance

If we talk about the apps for personal finance and we do not mention Mobills, it would be unfair.

Great app with a very easy-to-use interface. You can track all of your expenses through this app for personal finance. You will have to connect it to your bank account and then it will show you the money spending behaviors in easy to read interface.

You can create a budget in Mobills and it will keep informing you about your money spending habits so that you stay up to date about your budget goals.

Mobills create categories to make it easy for you to understand how much is spending in a particular area.

This app for personal finance presents the data in easy-to-read charts, you can also add your due bills in Mobills are it will keep notifying you about your due payments.

It has both free and premium versions.

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7-Every Dollar

Apps for personal finance

Do you want to spend money on things that matter, Every Dollar is a great app for personal finance that gives every dollar, that you spend, a purpose in the budget.

It follows a zero-based budget approach. You can connect all of your accounts with Every Dollar and track your spending, split expenses between multiple budget items and also keep an eye on how much you have got left to spend before reaching your budget threshold.

This app can be used on mobile devices as well as on the PC. You can also contact money management experts available on the Every Dollar App and get advice on how to better create your budget.

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6- Acorns

Apps for personal finance

Another great app for personal finance. It is a kinda investment assistant for you. This app is great if you are inclined towards investing your money.

What this app for personal finance does is that it takes the spare change from the purchases that you have made and invests it into different portfolios automatically.

You can create your own personalized budgets and monitor them as well as keep investing your money. Acorns gained a lot of popularity since its launch and now they offer much more.

You can open an IRA account with Acorns and start participating in investing actively. You will have all of your financial data in one app making it easier for you to analyze how your money is being spent, saved, or invested.

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5- Spendee

Apps for personal finance

You will have to connect Spendee to your bank account first just like any other app for personal finance and start managing your money.

It also allows you to open shared accounts with your family and friends. So you can manage shared expenses. Spendee also allows you to manually enter the money that you have spent like cash.

Designed specifically for tracking the data about cryptocurrency. You will get reminders about bills that you have to pay and you can also create categories manually if you want.

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4- Prism

Apps for personal finance

Link everything to one account, instead of using multiple apps link your accounts, bills, and payments to Prism. Then it’s all done, this app for personal finance will not let you miss any payment or bill.

It has a great user interface and it makes tracking your money spending and due bills much easier. You can also schedule your future payments and bills.

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3- Quicken

Apps for personal finance

You can get a credit card from Quicken to make things much easier. This allows you to track all of your pending payments and bills.

This app is not free, but the money that you will be spending is worth it. This app for personal finance offers a 30-day full money-back guarantee. So if it is not your cup of tea, you can get all of your money is back.

Quicken is completely safe and it keeps your transaction data encrypted. This app allows you to track your payments, budgeting, and investment.

Quicken allows its users to earn points when they spend money through Quicken and these points can be used to get rewards.

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Apps for personal finance

Short form for You Need A Budget, helps you take care of a messy budget. They claim that on average new budgeters save $600 in the first two months with YNAB.

You will be able to sync your Bank account with YNAB, this helps you to get all of your financial information in one place. You can track the real-time changes in your budget as you spend money.

This app for personal finance gives you a great tool to pay off your debt. A loan planner by YNAB calculates interest on your loans. Just like other apps for personal finance you can create multiple categories in the app to make it easy for tracking your expenses.

YNAB will provide you with detailed budget reports. Your data in YNAB is safe and they claim that your data is and will never be sold. So there are no Ads in the app.

You can subscribe to YNAB and either choose monthly or yearly subscription packages.

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1- Mint

Apps for personal finance

Your income-Expense manager. No doubt that is the best app for personal finance. You can manage your personal finance in one place with Mint.

Once you have linked your account with Mint, It will pull all the data and categorize it, and shows you how you are spending money. You can track your expenses, transactions, monthly budgets, account balances, subscriptions, expenses, and taxes.

You will be given free bill reminders by the app.

You can also access your credit score within the app.  With MintInsights you can now get reports about your spending and investments. You can get a quick view of your finances, credit score, and bills.

Mint also provides budgeting tips to its users. You can avoid late fees with Mint’s monthly bill reminders. Mint now supports Cryptocurrencies too. Check your financial portfolio by connecting this app to your accounts like Binance, PayPal, Robinhood, etc.

You can also apply for a home mortgage with Mint at Rocket Mortgage which is their partner. Get money-saving offers on credit cards and investment savings.

The great thing about Mint is that it is completely free to use.  So what are you waiting for, Download it now.


There are many apps for personal finance, most of them are good and contain almost all the features that you need to manage your finances. The difference is in small features that make one app better than the other.

These were the 9 most popular apps for personal finance and are used by millions. Let me know in the comments below that which one is your favorite and why do you think it is better.

Your comments are always helpful for the readers. So don’t stop sharing them.