9 Most Unique Cash App Card Designs for 2023

Tired of the same old debit card designs? Here we will list the Best Cash App Card Designs for you. The cash app has taken the game to the next level. You can completely customize your Cash App Card and get a cool Cash App card design for yourself.

Cash App allows users to upload their own photos, signature, or simple name for their Cash App Card. You can opt to have simple cards too, Select a simple Black Cash App Card or White Cash App card.

Looking for some cool debit card Cash App designs? We will explain how you can apply for your own cool Cash App Card design as well as the steps involved in creating and designing your personal Cash App Card.

Let’s dive in…

What are Custom Cash App Cards?

You have the opportunity to show off your artwork on a debit card that is provided to you by Cash App. They are fully customizable, and you can have a unique Cash App card design as you like.

Cash App Card is a debit card that is linked to your Cash App. This card can be used to buy things from shopping malls or you can use Cash App card for online shopping. Cash App card is free to get if you do not want to customize it.

We are all tired of old-school Credit Cards and Debit Cards showing the dull and boring logo of the company. When Cash App first launched its debit card people were expecting the same.

Yet Cash App took everyone by surprise. They have given the option to people to choose from cool cash app designs.

Square came up with a different idea for their Cash App Card design. They let people create their own cute Cash App Card designs from scratch and guess what, people loved it. Now everyone wants to make his own unique debit card Cash App Card designs.

Can You add Any design to your Cash App Card?

Cash App allows you the freedom of choice. If you want to create your own Cash App Card design you are free to select from three elements.

  1. You can choose the photo
  2. Signature
  3. Image

You will have to follow the guidelines set by the company while creating your own cool Cash App designs. You should keep in mind that your image must not violate the copyrights of someone. You are not allowed to use the logos of other companies, or trademarks.

Do not use the following if they don’t belong to you

  1. Logos
  2. Trademarks
  3. Slogans
  4. Images
  5. Brands

Cool & Cute Cash App Card Designs:

if you want to have a simple cash app card design you can opt for one of the following.

1- Black Cash App Card

This is the original Cash App design. It is Black and it’s cool. If you like simplicity with a touch of Cool you should be opting for Black Cash App Card.


2- Cash App Card White

These are basic Cash App Card colors. People like Black and White Cards because they are simple. You can switch between a black card and a white card, but this might cost you some extra bucks.


3- Cash App Glow in The Dark Card

To get Glow-in-dark Card you will have to pay $5. It is a cool Cash App card design. Many love it for its glowing feature. You will not have any difficulty finding a Cash App Glow-in-dark card when the lights are out.


4- Cash App x HBA Card

Inspired by Hood By Air fashion and luxury Brand. Cash App x HBA is a limited edition Cash App Card design. As it is limited you will be paying $35 to get your hands on this card. Full of EMB-style payment chips, This card surely tops the Cool Cash App Card designs.

If you do mind paying the high cost, you can choose from the basic and original cool cash app card designs, like black and white.

HBA cash app card designs

Cool Cash App Designs

Cash App undoubtedly is among the most popular payment apps in the US. People use the Cash app at utility stores, Websites, and online shops every day.

Cash App also gives its users the option to use its VISA-powered Cash App Card or Cash Card. Here are some awesome Cash App Designs.


How Can I order a Cash App Card?

Cash App is a very popular P2P payment gateway. If you have a Cash App account you can also enjoy other awesome Cash App features. Such as A cool Cash App Card designed by yourself for yourself.

A cash App card is basically a VISA debit card. You can add money to your Cash App Card from any store that is supported by Cash App.

Cash App only gives it Cash Card to verified users. If you are not a verified user, you must learn How to verify your Cash App account to use the full features of Cash App. One of those features is eligibility for Cash App Card.

Let’s assume you are a verified Cash App user. Here is how you will apply for your Cash App Card

Step 1- Launch Cash App

You will have to launch Cash App on your smartphone device. Then log in to your App using your email or the phone number which is linked to Cash App. You can download the latest version of the Cash App from here.

Step 2- Select Cash Card Tab

Once you have logged in, you will see the home screen of the Cash App. Here you will have to look for the Cash Card Tab. It is located at the bottom of the home screen. Tap on “Cash Card”.

Step 3- Choose “Get Free Cash Card”

You will see the option to “Get a free Cash Card“. Tap on it.

Step 4- Selection of Base Design

Here comes the customization of your Card, Cash app allows you to get a cool cash app card design. There are four basic colors to chose from

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Glow in dark
  4. Cash App x HBA

Chose these colors for free, if you chose a special color you will have to pay $5 fee.

Once done click “Continue“.

Step 5- Add your $Cashtag

$Cashtag is very popular on Cash App too. It is a unique name for every user. You can have the cool unique $Cashtag for your Cash App account, which can be used to transfer funds on Cash App.

Cash App Also allows its users to print $Cashtags on their Cash Card. Check 99+ unique $Cashtags to add to your Cash App Card design. It is optional, if you don’t feel like adding $Cashtag to your cute Cash App Card design, you skip it.

Step-6 Customize your Card

You can draw anything on your Unique debit card Cash App Card design. Cash App Card’s bottom right section is for this purpose. People like to draw initials or signatures there.

Be creative, draw doodles, or graffiti the card with something unique. We have some really cool and funny Cash App card designs to show you. Click “Continue” when done.

Step 7- Enter Personal Details

Once you have finished the creative process. Cash App will require you to enter your personal details. You will have to provide your mailing address so that the card with its unique design can be mailed to you.

Cute Cash App Card

Here are some cute Cash App Card designs that you can get inspiration from

How to redesign Your Cash App Card?

If you want to redesign your Cash App Card like colors, pictures, or initials, just follow these steps

  1. Launch Cash App
  2. Sign in to your Cash App Account
  3. Tap on Cash Card
  4. Select New Design Card

This will again cost you $5.

Now you draw a whole new image, you can completely change your signature or the color. That is all up to you. You will get the new design through the mail.  You will have to report your current card as LOST, so you will be allowed to design a new card.

Your old card will be blocked and can not be used any further.

If your report a damaged card, you will be given the exact replica of your old design. Twitter is full of Cash App Card designs. You can search for Cool Cash App Card designs, Unique Cash App Card designs, Cute Cash Card designs, or unique debit card Cash App card designs to get inspiration.

Twitter Personalized Cash App Card Designs

How long does it take to Get Cash App Card?

It will usually take 7-10 business days for your personalized Cash App Card to reach you.

How to Activate your Cash App Card?

Follow these steps to activate your new Custom Cash App Card

  1. Tap “Cash Card” Tab
  2. Tap the image of your Cash Card
  3. Tap on “Activate Card”
  4. Give permission to Cash App to access your Smartphone camera.
  5. Scan the QR code.

If you don’t have a QR code

  1. Tap the Cash Card tab on your Cash App
  2. Click on the image of your Cash Card
  3. Tap Activate
  4. Select “Use CVV”
  5. Enter the CVV and Expiry Date


The cash app has given its customers the freedom to design their own Cash Card. People are using this feature and creating awesome designs. You can also create a cool Cash App card design.

I would love to see your custom Cash Card design. Please share the photo of your Card and we will add it to our website.