3 Netspend Free ATM to Use in 2023

I don’t like paying a fee to someone to withdraw something that belongs to me. That’s is why I always look for Netspend free ATM to withdraw my Cash.

I am sure a lot of people think that it is frustrating to pay an ATM fee on each cash withdrawal. Well if you are a Netspend user you can now choose to use Netspend Free ATM to get Cash.

In this article, I will explain everything you want to know about Netspend, its withdrawal fee, and its limits.

Let’s dive in…

What is Netspend?

If you are not able to open a checking bank account or you just don’t like it. You might have a bad credit history or you just don’t like standing in line outside the bank.

Nerspend comes to the rescue, It is a financial platform that provides prepaid debit cards to people who don’t have any bank accounts.

You can use this card to buy things online, in-store, and over the phone. A Netspend card can also be used to withdraw cash at ATM but is there any Netspend Free ATM?

3 Netspend Free ATM to withdraw Cash

If you use a Netspend card you will be charged a fee for the withdrawal of cash, both over the counter and at an ATM. However, you can use these three ATMs to withdraw cash for free.

1- MoneyPass ATM

MoneyPass makes it cheaper, you can use your Netspend card to withdraw cash at ATM for free. You can locate the nearest MoneyPass ATM using the locator app on your cell phone or you can simply visit the official website of MoneyPass.

2- Metabank ATM

Metabank is actually linked to your Netspend card, your accounts are managed at Metabank so it provides another Netspend Free ATM nationwide. You can withdraw cash at any Metabank ATM surcharge-free.

3- VISA Plus Alliance ATMs

This is a network of companies that came together to provide access to surcharge-free ATMs to Netspend customers. Their ATMs are available at Costco, CVS, Bilo, GetGo, Target, and select Walgreens locations.

Netspend Fre ATM

How can I use Cash Back Technique to save money?

Couldn’t find Netspend free ATM? well there is another great way to withdraw cash using Netspend.

There are certain stores that offer cashback for your purchases. You can opt to get cash in hand without paying a single penny. No ATM fee at all. These stores will limit the amount that you can withdraw.

Always ask about the limits first to know if the amount that you want to withdraw comes under that set limit.

Walmart and CVS are two common places where you can go and withdraw cash from Netspend for free. (Note: Not all Walmart and CVS allow this).

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What are Netspend withdrawal charges?

If you are using Netspend within the U.S your cash withdrawal is subjected to $2.5 + the operator fee per transaction. Whereas if you are using your Netspend card internationally, Netspend will charge $4.5 per withdrawal plus the operator charges.

It is always better to use Netspend Free ATM if available. Look for the Meta Bank, MoneyPass, or Visa alliance ATM for free Netspend withdrawals.

What is the Netspend Free ATM withdrawal limit?

Netspend allows you over-the-counter cash withdrawal of up to $4999.99 per 24 hour period. However Netspend free ATM withdrawals are limited to $325 per withdrawal and $940 per day.

Places to withdraw money with Netspend

There are multiple places where you can choose to withdraw money using Netspend. If you can not find Netspend free ATM nearby, try these places

1- The Bank

You can go to the nearest bank to withdraw money over the counter. If you go to any bank other than Meta Bank you might have to pay some fee for the withdrawal.

2- Walmart

You can go to the nearest Walmart to withdraw money using Netspend. You will be paying a fee of $3.75 for the withdrawal per transaction.

3- Any ATM

You can go to any ATM that supports Master Card to withdraw money using your Netspend debit card. You will have to pay the fee on ATM withdrawals.

Netspend Free ATM withdrawal


Steps to withdraw money with Netspend at Walmart

Looking for a Netspend free ATM can be a hassle sometimes, instead go to your local Walmart to withdraw money using your Netspend card. You will need your government ID and your Netspend card.

  1. Select “Cash Withdrawal” at Walmart Money Center.
  2. Swipe your Netspend card
  3. Enter you PIN
  4. Enter the amount that you want to withdraw.
  5. Receive cash.

Walmart often has an in-store ATM that you can also use to withdraw cash. Depending on the ATM provider you will be charged the fee.

How to withdraw a large amount of money using Netspend?

Netspend has set limits on how much can you withdraw from your debit card. You are not allowed to withdraw more than $940 per day. If you want to withdraw more than that you should consider transferring the money to a checking bank account.

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How can you recharge your Netspend account?

A Netspend card is basically a prepaid card, which means you will have to charge it. It is not linked to a bank account that will support your transactions, you will have to add cash to your Netspend card to use it. Here are a few ways that you can use to add money to your Netspend card.

1- Designated Reload Points

There are designated reload points across the nation for you to reload your Netspend card, just take the cash and get it added to your Netspend card.

2- Ask your friends

You can always turn to your friends and family in your hour of need. Netspend allows its users to transfer money to each other using the Netspend App. If they have money in their Netspend account they can transfer it instantly to your account.

3- Direct deposits

You can receive money to your Netspend account through direct deposits. Your employer can deposit your paycheck directly to your Netspend account.

4- Bank Account

You can also link your Netspend account to a bank account if you have any. This will help you add money to your Netspend card anytime.

5- Mobile Checks

A great feature to use on Netspend. You can directly deposit a paper check to your Netspend account. All you have to do is take a picture of the check and it will be added to your account.

Netspend atm fee


Netspend Free ATM can be used to withdraw money without any surcharge. You can save the withdrawal fee. Netspend makes it easier for its customers to add and withdraw funds to their accounts.

These are the ATMs that are free for Netspend, Meta Bank, Visa Plus Alliance, and MoneyPass.

You can have a Netspend account even if you don’t have a bank account. You can use the Netspend card to pay for online shopping, you can also buy things at stores and withdraw money for free using a Netspend debit card.

If you are smart you can send money to your friends and ask them to withdraw it for you, this will save you some money :p

I hope this article was helpful and you got all the information about Netspend Free ATM. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions. Your comments are always helpful.



Frequently Asked Questions


How to locate Netspend free ATM?

You can use the ATM locator to find the Netspend free ATM near you.

How do I avoid ATM fees with Netspend?

You can avoid ATM fees with Netspend by going for a Cash Back option. Merchants will offer you Cash Back for your purchases and you can opt to get Cash in hand too. This way you don’t have to pay any ATM fee to withdraw money.

What bank is associated with Netspend?

Your Netspend account is managed by MetaBank. The Netspend card is also issued by Bancorp Bank, MetaBank.

Is Allpoint free for Netspend?

Netspend has partnered with Allpoint to bring surcharge-free withdrawals to its customers.

How to find Netspend free ATM near me?

You can use the ATM locator app on your mobile device to locate Netspend free ATMs around you.