3 Best Methods to Check My Cash App Balance

It is always wise to keep an eye on your Cash App Balance, Here I am going to list The 3 Best Methods that I use to Check My Cash App Balance. People always search over the internet for “How to Check Cash App balance?” It is easy, Just open your Cash App on your smartphone, Log in and you will see your balance displayed on the Dashboard.

If you don’t see it there, then you can simply call the Customer support center at 1-800-969-1940 and ask them to tell you your Cash App Balance.

Here I will explain how can you check the balance on Cash App Card and Cash App.

You can simply see the Cash App balance by tapping on the “$” in your Cash App. You will be shown the money that you have in your Cash App Account.

If you don’t have a good internet connection your Cash App balance might not appear on the Dashboard of your App. In that case, just call 1-800-969-1940 and Check your Cash App card balance.

So there are basically 3 easiest ways to check your balance on Cash App. Do you want to know which methods work best?

Let’s Dive in…

Why Should you Check Cash App Balance?

Cash App is so popular among the masses that it has reached over 30 million active monthly users. People love Cash App for its instant only payment and other good services that it provides. Cash App allows you to transfer money instantly from one account to another.

You can monitor your transactions through Cash App, you can keep a record of your daily transactions. It allows you to buy things from online platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc.

Cash App also has its own physical Debit Card that can be customized, you should get your customized Cash App card too. So from time to time, people would like to think “Let’s Check my Cash App balance” or how much balance do I have left on My Cash App Card?

Now with Cash App Card, you can buy things from different retail stores, it can be used everywhere as long as the vendor accepts VISA payments. So if you are buying things randomly and using your Cash App Card, you might not know how much balance is there on your Cash App card.

So you would like to check your Cash App Card balance from time to time, just so that you don’t fall short on money. But if you do, Cash App can give you an instant loan to cover your expenses. Learn how can you borrow money from Cash App.

Cash App balance

Is there a Cash App Balance Number?

Cash App balance Number is usually referred to as the phone number of the Cash App Helpline. So if you want to know how to check Cash App balance through the number, simply dial 1-800-969-1940 from your cell phone.

The customer support Officer will ask you for some minor details and then tell you the Cash App balance in your account. They might also send you an SMS to the phone number that is connected to your Cash App account with the updated Cash App Card balance.

This is how you can use Cash App Balance Number to get information.

What is Cash App Card? How Can I get it?

Cash App Card is VISA powered Debit Card that is issued to Cash App users. It is a debit card that you can use just like any other card issued by your Bank.

Cash App Card is also known as Cash Card, it became popular among customers when Cash App has announced the ability to custom design your Cash Card. You have the option to choose from different colors, you can have your own signatures as well as a logo on your Cash Card.

Cash Card is linked to your Cash App, you can use it to purchase things both online and from the stores. Whenever you are going to use Cash Card the balance will be deducted. So you should regularly Check Cash App Card balance.

If you want to get your Cash App card, you have to be a verified Cash App user. If you are not a verified user, trust me you are missing a lot of cool cash app features. Get your Cash App account verified without a card in 3 steps.

If you are thinking “How to check my Cash App balance?”

here’s how you can do it

How to Check Cash App Card Balance?

If I want to check my Cash App balance I will:

  1. Open Cash App
  2. Log inĀ 
  3. Then click on the dollar sign “$
  4. Cash App will show me the balance that I have.
  5. So to check my Cash App Card balance I will simply go to the dashboard of Cash App and tap on the “$” sign.
  6. This balance is also the Cash App Card balance.
  7. Cash App balance can also be seen on the top of the home screen
  8. To check your Cash App Card balance you can also call Help Line.
  9. They will send you the detail of your Cash App balance.

Now it is pretty clear that Cash Card is linked to Cash App account. So when you Check your Cash App balance, you are ultimately checking your Cash App Card balance too.

If your Cash App wallet has a low balance, Cash Card balance will also be low. This means you will have to reload your Cash App Card, do you know how can you add balance to your Cash App Card, here is a complete guide about that, don’t miss it.

Cash App card balance

How to Check my Cash App balance without a Cell Phone?

Of course, you can, If you don’t have access to your smartphone, and you want to check your Cash App Balance. You must be confused about “How can I Check My Cash App balance?” Or How to Check my Cash App Card balance without calling the Cash App balance number?

It is easy you can also check your Cash App Balance from the official Cash App website. All you have to do is go to the website. Log in to your account using the Email ID that is linked to your Cash App account, enter the password.

You will see your account balance right on the main screen of the website.

Can I Check my Balance on Cash App Card through Helpline?

If that’s what you want to do, yes you can check your Cash App Card balance by simply calling the helpline, remember the standard call charges may apply. Also if you have trouble seeing your balance on Cash App home screen you should also contact the customer support center for troubleshooting.

You can do that by going to the Cash App official website, then log in to your account and locate Customer Support, enter the problem that you are facing and submit the request.

You can also do the same through your Cash App, Just tap on the profile on the home screen. Then click on Cash support, You can either write the issue or search in the list.

Remember that you will have to provide the details of your account to the customer support center if you want to know your Cash App balance.

Can I Check my Cash App balance through Android?

Whether you are an Android user or an iOS user, You can use the Cash App and enjoy all the perks and options. You can check your Cash App card balance by simply logging in to your account and tapping the “$”.

You can always call the Cash App toll-free number from your Android phone or any phone as the matter of fact. Verify that you own the account and they will check your account balance and inform you.

I Don’t Have Cash App Card. What to do?

If you have a Cash Card, you should skip this part. If you are a new user and want to apply for a Cash Card, you can get one free of charge by simply following the steps below.

You have to verify your account first to get the Cash App Card, if you don’t know how to be a verified Cash App user, here is a detailed guide that will take you through every step of the process.

For now, let’s assume you are a verified user, here is how you can apply for a Cash Card

  1. Log in to your Cash App account.
  2. You will see the “Card” icon, tap on it.
  3. You will see the option of “Order”.
  4. Tap on it to start the process of Card customization.
  5. You will then have to select the color, you can choose Black or White as a base color.
  6. Cash App will then ask you if you want your $Cashtag to be printed on the Card?
  7. You will then be required to enter your mailing address.
  8. Make sure that you enter the correct address because your Cash Card will be sent to this address, if the address is wrong your card will be returned and you will have to repeat the same process again.
  9. Enter you ID
  10. Enter your Name, SSN and D.O.B.
  11. Click on continue for the process to finish

order Cash app Card

and voila, you have applied for your brand new Cash App Card. It might take up to 10 Business days for your card to arrive at your door. So be patient.

The day comes, you get your hands on your brand new Cash Card with a cool design. Now you have to activate it and set the PIN. You can add this card to Google Pay or Apple Pay for online purchases.

Your Cash Card balance will be the same as your Cash App wallet. So don’t forget to check your balance on your Cash App card while shopping online.

Cash Card balance Limitations

Cash App Card has also limitations. You can not exceed the balance spending limit by the Cash App. A nonverified Cash App user can send $250 a week and receive $500. So it is the same with the Cash Card. You can only spend $250 through your Cash App Card if you are not verified. So always keep any on Cash App Card balance and spending limits.

However, if you are a verified Cash App user, you will have a huge advantage. You are allowed to send $7500 a week, which is also your Cash App Card Balance. You can use your Cash app card at any store until it reaches the limit of $7500.

If your Cash App is linked to Credit Card you will be charged 3% transaction charges. It is better to link your debit card with Cash App.


For everyone who was asking “How to Check my Cash App balance?” This whole article is for you. You can go ahead and check your cash app balance using any of the three methods that I have mentioned.

You can also check balance on Cash App Card using the same methods, you can call the Customer Support Center, you can tap the “$” on your App, or can check Cash App card balance on the website.

I hope this article was helpful and a good read. Let me know if you are facing any trouble and your favorite method of checking Cash App balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check my Cash App Card balance without the App?

Yes, you can check the Cash App Card balance using the Customer Helpline at 1-800-969-1940 and you can also Check your Cash App balance by visiting the official Cash App website.

Can I check my Cash App balance at ATM?

You can use a Cash App card at any ATM, you can withdraw money but you can not check the Cash App balance at the ATM. You can check Cash App Balance in-App or through the website.

Is my Cash App balance on my Cash Card?

Yes, The Cash App balance that you have in your Cash App Wallet is the same as your Cash App Card. So you can use Cash Card as long as you have a balance in your Cash App. Remember that Your Cash App balance is on your Cash Card

Why is my Cash App balance negative?

If there aren’t enough funds in your Cash App to cover the late charge or the added tip, your balance could go into the negative.